When can baby sit in a high chair?

Most parents ask themselves, when can baby sit in a high chair? It's nice to know if it's healthy for your baby to sit in the high chair while eating porridge, even though he may not be sitting quite steady on his own.

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When can baby sit in a high chair?

Baby may sit in a high chair when he or she can sit stably on his or her own. It is not recommended to support the baby too much with cushions and so on if the back is not strong enough to hold the baby up.

  • Baby can sit in a high chair as soon as she can sit stably.

High chair without braces - when?

When baby is sitting up and can use the high chair, baby sits with a brace or baby seat to start with. This gives extra support to baby so he or she does not fall down or sit badly. It varies when children are ready to sit without a brace, but usually around 18 months. For some it's earlier, and again for others later.

Tripp Trapp high chair

Classic Tripp Trapp high chair.


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High chair from Tripp Trapp. The popular chair is in many homes, and many of us also had it as a high chair when we were children. It's a super stable and good high chair, and a safe choice for your child. The design of the chair is neutral, and fits in most homes. You can even choose from several different colours. The chair is very stable and cannot tip over. Both the seat and footrest can be adjusted in height, which means baby is always sitting comfortably and ergonomically correctly.

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Dimensions: 78 x 49 x 46 cm, Weight: 7 kg