(April Fool's Day) Now parents no longer have to smell baby's diaper to check if there's a prize. With the new electronic diaper, you can be notified via app when the diaper needs changing.

The electronic diaper is designed to make life easier for both baby and parents. The inside of the nappy can be changed in the same way as normal nappies, while the outside is electronic. This part of the diaper has built-in bluetooth, so the diaper can be connected to smartphone and operated via app. Push notifications come from the app, which vary depending on whether it's #1 or #2 baby has delivered. The app will continuously provide alerts if the diaper is not changed.

"We've been waiting with bated breath for the launch of the electronic diaper. We're sure it will make life easier for babies and parents alike" says Rolf Hansen, owner of Startpakke.com, where you will soon be able to buy the electronic diaper. The price of the diaper will be around 2,000 DKK.

The electronic diaper measures baby's vitamin intake

However, the diaper can do more than just detect if it is full. It also has a chip that can measure which vitamins baby has absorbed from food. A smart way to keep track of whether your child is getting what they need. Likewise, the chip can alert the app directly if there are any cases of gas in the stomach, which can be painful and uncomfortable for baby.

Can make a big difference in the country's nurseries

With the great efficiency gains, and many savings in the country's institutions, the electronic diaper has the potential to change daily life in daycare and nurseries. If it becomes standard, red bottoms and wet nappies will be a thing of the past. Staff will also no longer have to wonder where the smell is coming from, but can instead simply get the answer directly on their phone.

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The plan is that the electronic diaper comes online at Startpakke.com during the spring.