The fantastic tumbling furniture from bObles has become a sure hit in the homes of many families with children. The tumbling furniture is multifunctional and is shaped in a simple geometric design that resembles sculptural animals. The furniture has both a seating and creative play function. They can be used alone or combined with some of the other bObles, so there is plenty of opportunity to tumble and be challenged with the different models. The tumbling furniture has become part of the home decor, livening up the atmosphere with its beautiful shapes and colours. All the tumble furniture is made of EVA foam that is free of hazardous toxins and phalates.

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We show you a wide selection of the amazing tumble furniture to inspire you. The furniture is available in different price ranges and is therefore a great gift idea for either a christening, birthday or Christmas.


The story of bObles

When architect Bolette Blædel was on maternity leave with her first child, she sought Danish-design furniture that appealed specifically to children's active play and movement. Together with her sister Louise Blædel, who is a trained designer, they came up with the idea of a series of multifunctional and motor-sensory stimulating furniture for children. The first bObles thumb furniture was launched in 2006 and has since gone on to gain international recognition and be honoured with several design awards. However, the mission to create furniture that motivates children to move remains the same.

Which bObles is best?

Each of the different bObles tumblers has its own function, but is suitable for children of all ages. Many of the pieces can be combined, so there are even more opportunities to tumble and play. The range is wide and the furniture's design and colour choices have been further developed so that there is something for everyone. You can't say which bObles is best, as it depends on what kind of tumbling toys you are looking for for your child. But there are of course some pieces of furniture that are more popular than others, such as the elephant, the crocodile, the chicken and the tumble board. Check out the wide selection we've listed below and get inspired for a great gift.

Check out the fun and super stylish tumbling furniture from bObles below. Many of them can be combined, so there are even more possibilities to tumble and play with the great foam furniture.

bObles Elephant

The fine elephant is both decorative as children's furniture and super fun as a tumble chair. Younger children can lie across the elephant's back to exercise their back and stomach muscles. Older children can use the elephant to jump off. It can also be turned around to become a swing. Older children can practise their balance by standing on the swinging elephant. Fun and imaginative play are invited. It is also possible to combine the elephant with other bObles to give your child even more play opportunities. The elephant measures 32 x 55 x 24 cm and is available in more colours than those shown.

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bObles Tumble Floor

Super nice foam flooring that is both soft and insulating. Young children can lie down and play on it and older children can sit and read or play. In the play floor itself there are small foam circles that can be removed and used as an obstacle course where the child must jump from "stone" to "stone". 4 interchangeable balance circles with extra height are included to make the play extra challenging. The floor measures 1.4 x 100 x 100 cm. with each foam brick measuring 50 x 50 cm. The tumble floor is available in several colours.

Grey bObles

The pig is a new and improved version than the previous model, as it is now elongated and shaped like a foam roll. Here, children of all ages can use the pig to roll on their tummy to strengthen back and neck muscles. It can be used under the back for abdominal bends. The pig can also be placed under the bObles crocodile so it can tilt high. There are many possibilities. It measures 15 x 40 cm and is available in several colours.

bObles Chicken

The chicken has a round top and a flat bottom. Young children can practice their backs and tummies here. With a firm base for the exercises, the chicken should lie with the round top side up, but it is just as good as a tilting tool for back and tummy exercises when the round side is facing down. Older children can practise their balance by using the chicken as a seesaw, as an elevation for their chair to sit on or as a stool. There are many possibilities and the chicken can also be combined with other bObles. It measures 11 cm in height, 26 cm in length, 24 cm in width and is available in several colours.

bObles Swing

Super fun swing consisting of a large foam board that has two straps on each side to hang up. When the child sits on the swing, the foam plate will form a curved shape so that the child sits safely and comfortably. The swing is suitable for both young and old children and you decide how wild the swing ride will be or how much you want to spin around. The straps can be adjusted to suit the height of the child. It measures 4 cm in height, 49 cm in length and 59 cm in width. A ceiling hook is not included to hang the swing. Available in several colours.

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bObles Fish

This is the small model within the fish and it can be used for many purposes such as chair or table. It can also be used to strengthen the child's back and neck muscles by the child using it to lie on their stomach. Can easily be combined with the other thumb furniture. The small model measures 30 cm in diameter and 12 cm in height, while the large model measures 24 cm in height. The fish is available in several colours.

bObles Tumlesten

These fun tumblestones have a straight bottom and a curved top. This means they can be placed as an obstacle for the child to walk or crawl over. For older children, the tumble stones can be placed at larger intervals so that they have to jump from stone to stone. You can also turn them over and really challenge your balance. The large boulders have a diameter of 15 cm and the small ones have a diameter of 11 cm. The height is 7.5 cm and 5.5 cm respectively. The tumbling stones can easily be combined with other bObles, the only limit is your imagination. They are available in several colours.

bObles Larva

The caterpillar has been updated to be larger, longer and have wider faces. This gives children new opportunities to tumble. This model was created for bOble's 10th birthday. The caterpillar can be used for lying on the stomach, as a rocker, for balancing on both standing and kneeling and for relaxing on. It is super fun and can of course be combined with other models. It measures 71 cm in length, 14 cm in height and 32 cm in width. Available in several colours.

bObles Dino

With the dino there are many possibilities where the child can crawl, walk, slide etc. The dino comes with a plate that can be used when the child has to slide or climb up the slope. The plate is made of strong acrylic and can easily be taken off and put on. Dino can of course be combined with the other tumble furniture. It measures 34 x 70 x 24 cm and is available in several colours.

bObles Hedgehog

Fun hedgehog shaped like a cylinger with flat ends and prongs on the side. The child can lie on top of it and roll back and forth. The hedgehog has a recess at one end where there is a music box that rattles when the furniture is moved. You can also replace the music box with a plug if you don't want music while tumbling. There are many possibilities for play and other tumble furniture can of course be combined. The hedgehog measures 19 cm in diameter and 32 cm in length. It is available in several colours.

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bObles Donut

With the smart donut, there are lots of fun tumbling exercises for children of all ages. The little ones can lie on it and the older ones can use it to jump on. You can also use the donut as a jumping animal if you place it on end or as part of an obstacle course. There are many possibilities and can also work with a donut swing. Must be purchased separately. This donut measures 45-50 cm in diameter and has a height of 25 cm. It can handle a maximum weight of 100 kg. The donut is available in several sizes and colours.

bObles Crocodile

The crocodile is shaped like a staircase, which is great for strengthening the balance of both children who crawl and those who have just learned to walk. You can also use the crocodile as a balance rocker if you turn it on its back. However, if you also add the bObles Chicken and place it under the crocodile, it can also be used as a balance board. The crocodile measures 60 x 18 x 24 cm and is available in several colours.

bObles Tumbling Board

This fun tumbling board has small wheels underneath. Children of all ages can lie on their tummies and be wheeled away. All exercises done on the stomach help to strengthen the back and neck muscles. It is possible to combine other bObles so that there is both a variety of play and different levels of difficulty in the exercises themselves. For younger children, for example, you can place the ant-swallow on the board to provide back support. The wheels are quiet and do not leave marks on the floor. The board measures 6 x 25 x 55 cm and is available in several colours.

bObles Turtle

The turtle is shaped with a flat bottom and a curved top. Younger children can be challenged by crawling over it. A bigger challenge is to put several turtles or other bObles in line, so that it becomes an obstacle course. You can also flip the turtle over to become a seesaw to challenge the balance of young and old alike. Another way to challenge balance is to put two turtles together to make a flat ball. The turtle has a diameter of 37 cm and a height of 12 cm. There are several colours to choose from.