Read these 8 points and find out if you've met The One and Only.

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    You miss him when you're away from him

    Is every day like Christmas when you reunite with your husband or boyfriend after a day at work? Then it's a sign that you're meant to be.

  • Your heart melts when you see him with your baby / child

    If you feel your heart grow to double size when you see your husband building with lego together with your little pooch, it's a sign that there is a deep love between you.

  • He prioritizes you

    If your husband can find a way to stay home from a night out with the boys in favour of snuggling with you on the sofa, hold on to him!

  • You share responsibilities and tasks

    If your husband takes responsibility in the home and can do the dishes on his own initiative, he is a keeper. It shows that he respects you and is ready to take responsibility for your life together.

  • You have the same dreams

    Sharing the same dream of your life together shows that you are made for each other. Of course, you don't have to want that Ferrari as much as he does, but it's a really good thing if you agree on the basics.

  • He listens to you

    Unfortunately, it's not a given that your partner will listen, comment and show interest when you tell them about your day. If your husband wants to hear about your feelings and experiences, you can be sure that he loves you.

  • You can't live without him

    Can't imagine life without hubby? Then it's probably because you belong together. ♥

  • He helps you through the hard times

    Seeking support from your husband in difficult times is the first sign that you both love and respect him.