It's healthy for children to get out and play, and they love playing outside. For this, the best outdoor toys can bring great joy and hours of play. Here we have selected a number of the best outdoor toys 3 years, as 3 year olds are the perfect age to play outside in the garden or on a playground. With a selection of the best outdoor toys 3 years, children can play and have fun outside.

See the best outdoor toys 3 years below!

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Large excavator for the sandpit

A large and beautiful excavator that is perfect to dig with sand in the sandbox. The excavator has a good size, so it can really be used to shovel sand with the large grab. It is among the best outdoor toys for children to play with in the sandbox.

A cool electric car

Electric cars for children have quickly become very popular as outdoor toys. Electric cars are fun because kids can get around on their own. Children of 3 years old can get a lot of pleasure from a cool electric car, which is why it is a good choice for the best outdoor toy for 3 years old. Kids look super cool when they race off in their little electric car. There are many different electric cars to choose from, including BMW, Ferrai and other brands. The electric cars are great to race around in, in the garden on a hot summer day!

Bouncy castle with water park

A big bouncy castle like this has to be one of the best outdoor toys 3 years! There's plenty of opportunity for play and movement, and even a small water park as seen in this version. The bouncy castle is sold at 10-4 Construction market, where you can also see many more variants. This one has a fun slide and a small pool with water gun. On a hot summer day, the kids can spend all day playing on the bouncy castle.

Wheelbarrow for children

Children love to do what their parents do. A nice child-sized wheelbarrow is therefore something a 3 year old will love to walk around with at home in the garden. This wheelbarrow is red, but also available in other colours. Costing just £175, it can provide lots of fun and gardening for the kids. Perfect outdoor toy 3 years.

Colour for sand in the sandbox

Now playing with sand in the sandbox can be even more fun. With this fun set, you can colour in the sand. It's quick and easy to colour the sand, and the paint contains no toxic substances. A fun outdoor toy for 3 year olds, or any other age. Most children love to play in the sandbox, and this set will make it even more fun.

Garden tools for children

These fine garden tools from Vilac are perfect as outdoor toys for 3 year olds. They allow children to do the same as parents, which is always a hit. Included in the set are a hoe, a shovel, a rake and a pair of gardening gloves. Then it's just a matter of getting on with the gardening.

Big red truck with yellow load

A great toy truck that is really good outdoor toy 3 years. It is made for outdoor use. The truck has large, solid wheels and a tilting load. It runs well on both grass and sand. Great outdoor toy for 3 year olds or other ages.

Cosy picnic table in plastic

Very cute little table for children. Here the children can sit and play or eat a meal. The table is made of plastic and is blue and green. It is easy to wipe and the table does not weigh very much. So it's easy to move around if, for example, the grass needs mowing or the children want to sit somewhere else.

Small sandbox for 599 kr.

A sandbox is probably among the most popular outdoor toys. A sandbox can be used by children of virtually all ages, as it offers a wide range of play opportunities. Fortunately, a good wooden sandbox doesn't have to cost a fortune. This model from Sundleg   is even sustainable and made in really good quality. In the sandbox, children can play all day long, making sand cakes and sand castles. It's a good idea to place the sandbox in a shaded area, or alternatively under a parasol, so children don't sit too long in the bright sun.

Large pedal tractor - fun outdoor toy 3 years!

This beautiful pedal tractor will be a hit as an outdoor toy for children. On the tractor, children can drive around by pedalling, a bit like on a tricycle. This tractor is approved for children from 3 years old, so it is perfect as an outdoor toy 3 years. It's not a cheap outdoor toy for kids with the price of £1,449, but in return you get a great quality outdoor toy that will last for years of play and fun. The tractor is made in France and from the brand Falk, which only makes high quality products.

Need sand for the sandbox?


Crayons like these are almost a must-have outdoor toy for kids of almost any age. It's a simple and inexpensive way to give kids the opportunity for hours of fun. Playing with chalk can be done whether you have your own garden or not. Drawing with street crayons challenges creativity, as there is a bit more room to unfold than on a regular piece of paper. For example, you can make bucket trains or play games. This outdoor toy 3 years can easily be played with by several people.

Rendergraver - For use in the sandbox

A large digger that is particularly fun to play with in the sandpit. The digger can really shovel the sand around, and maybe help build some nice sandcastles. However, it can also be used in other places outside than just in the sandpit. It's an outdoor toy that's sure to be in demand if you have more than one child. The Rendergraver is sold at Only4kids, where there are also many other exciting machines for the sandbox.

Foldable trampoline

Trampolines are certainly among the best outdoor toys for 3 year olds, and for many other ages. Kids love jumping and doing tricks on the trampoline. There are many different trampolines to choose from, some are large and others are small and practical. This model is not so big and therefore does not take up so much space in the garden. The trampoline can be used by the whole family because it is very stable. At the same time, it doesn't take up much space - and it even folds up so it's easy to move, or pack away in winter. With this trampoline you get a lot for your money.

Trampolines - Super popular outdoor toys for kids

There are trampolines for almost every need. You can get smaller and cheaper trampolines that don't take up much space in your garden. It is also possible to buy mini trampolines that children as young as 1-2 years can play on. Of course, there is also the option of the large professional trampolines. These cost more, but in return offer the opportunity to jump and bounce at a higher level. When choosing a trampoline, consider:

  • How much space do you have?
  • Is the trampoline for indoor or outdoor use?
  • How much can the trampoline cost?
  • Is your child a beginner, or is more practiced?

Small green slide

A small slide is a fun outdoor toy 3 years old that can provide many fun moments in the garden in spring and summer. Children aged 3 can get a lot of pleasure from this fun slide that looks like a crocodile. Children can climb up and slide down the fun green slide themselves. Because it's made of plastic, it's not very expensive and even easy to move around. It's handy if the grass needs mowing or it's winter and you need to pack it away. The slide is not very big, so it can be used indoors if you have the space.

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Yellow excavator and helmet - perfect for playing in the sandpit

This cool excavator is sure to be a hit with any child who loves big machines, such as actuators and digging cows. It's the perfect size for a 3-year-old. The child can sit on top of the excavator and control the excavator via handles. This way a lot of sand or other things can be moved around. A fun game that can be played for a long time. There is a small trolley on the back of the digger, so there is also room to move things around. The digger has a good balance and does not tip over. With the matching helmet, there is everything the child needs to play outside. Cool outdoor toy 3 years.

What you need to know about outdoor toys

How to choose the best outdoor toy 3 years

When buying outdoor toys, it doesn't matter which one you choose. First of all, it should be well suited for outdoor use. This means that it should be strong in its materials so that dirt and grime can't settle in too many places, causing the toy to malfunction. In addition, it must be able to withstand a good deal of water and moisture, as rain is inevitable in the Danish summer. If outdoor toys are stored in boxes or sheds in winter, where conditions are not necessarily dry, choose toys with good durability that can withstand moisture. Last but not least, they should of course be fun to play with outside, and lend themselves to fun outdoor games.

The best outdoor toys 3 years - checklist

A list of what to check when looking for the best outdoor toys 3 years.

  • Toys must be able to withstand wind and weather
  • The outdoor toy must fit your garden / or wherever it will be used
  • Outdoor toys 3 years should be up for fun games outside

Children aged 3 are at an age when they gradually begin to understand many things and relationships around them. This means that they know how to use gardening tools for children, for example, or how to push a wheelbarrow. Therefore, the outdoor toy you choose should naturally allow the child to play with it both alone and with adults. Also consider that the toy should fit your garden. Fortunately, if you don't have space for a playhouse, there are many good alternatives, such as a bucket and shovel, or a small sandbox.

If you don't have a garden, your child can still get great enjoyment from outdoor toys. Just make sure it's the right size to take to the playground, the beach or somewhere else.