When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, there are many things to consider. It certainly needs to sound right to you. In this article, you can find inspiration among the names of the Norse gods and learn their meanings at the same time. This can give you a whole different basis for the name you choose - maybe it just sounds perfect or maybe you fall for the meaning of the name. Many of the Norse god names are starting to come back, some have been known for years. But there are several that you don't really hear, at least not very often.

Here you will find inspiration for both boys' and girls' names


  • Freya - Freya was the goddess of love and fertility, while she is the goddess of love, unhappy love and childbirth.
  • Frigg - Frigg was Odin's wife and queen of Asgard. She was the goddess of the earth, and of things and people growing. Frigg knew everything, like Odin, but she kept most things to herself. She was the most noble of all the guides and had her own hall, Fansale.
  • Gefion - Gefion was the goddess of virginity, as well as being a maid to Frigg, Odin's wife.
  • Hel - Goddess of death and ruler of the underworld.
  • Ran - Ran was a sea goddess and ruler of a kingdom of death at the bottom of the sea. This realm of death is for those who die at sea.
  • Beef - Rind was the goddess of fertility and soil, in addition to frost.
  • History - Saga was one of Odin's mistresses.
  • Sif - Sif was Thor's wife. She was incredibly beautiful, with hair made of pure gold. Sif and Thor lived together in the largest house in the world, a farm called Bilskirner with 540 rooms.
  • Skadi - Skadi was a giant and a mountain goddess. She was also the goddess of hunting and skiing.
  • Sol - Sun was the goddess who drives the sun chariot across the sky every day, pulled by her two horses.
  • Ydun - Ydun always went around with a basket filled with the most delicious apples. If you ate of these apples, you stayed young. Ydun was the goddess of youth, fertility and love.
  • Our - Ours was the goddess of love. She was very wise and inquisitive.
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  • Balder - Balder was the Norse god of light; god of spring, purity, beauty and justice.
  • Frej - Frey was the god of fertility, vegetation and love.
  • Hermod - Hermod was the messenger of the gods.
  • Høder - Shepherds were the blind god who judged people by their inner, rather than their outer, selves. Høder means 'warrior'.
  • Loki/Loke - Loki is half god and half giant.
  • Njord - Njord was the god of everything that grew, i.e. grain and plants, and the god of fishing and seafaring. Njord was also the one who ruled the weather. Njord was married to Skadi.
  • Odin - Odin was the king of the gods, the father of all men and of many gods. He gave his one eye in pledge for wisdom. He mastered earth, fire and water, was god of war and victory.
  • Thor/Tor - Thor was the strongest god and was the god of thunder. He was married to Sif, and rode across the sky with his chariot and his hammer.
  • Tyr - Taurus was the god of war and justice.
  • Vidar - Vidar's name means 'the far-ruling', and was a silent and withdrawn god.

If you choose one of the names from Norse mythology - a name from one of the gods - you also get a story. A tale of ancient times, of superstition, mythology and fables. Later, it can be fun to sit together and read stories with the child's name in them. It often makes a story a bit more fun for the child. There are several different books, both for children and adults, about these Norse gods. These tales are exciting for most children as they include the stories of Fenris the Wolf, the Midgard Serpent and many more.

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