When can baby sleep in a pushchair?

When your little one gets tired on a walk, it's nice when he or she can take a nap in the stroller. But when can baby sleep in a pushchair? Read on to find out.

Baby can sleep in the stroller from around 6 months. It is best if the back of the pushchair can be fully reclined.

  • Baby can sleep in the stroller from around 6 months if the back can be fully reclined
  • If the back can only stand up, the child should preferably be 2-3 years old and it should be limited to a short nap or sporadic naps if possible.

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When is a stroller good to sleep in?

A stroller is different from a pram in several ways. In the following, we'll go over how the two differ in more detail and why it's best not to put your baby to sleep in a stroller from the time they're a newborn.

A pram

The stroller consists of a large box with an insulated bottom and a soft mattress inside. There's plenty of room for a duvet, pillow, cuddly toys and whatever else baby prefers. The pram is many children's favourite place to sleep. Because of the soft mattress and the space, babies can sleep in the pushchair from birth right up to the age of 3, if they can stay there at all.

A stroller

This type of stroller is characterized by the fact that it can be folded - hence the word stroller. It is therefore super easy to take on the road. It can fit in all cars where it is otherwise difficult to fit the large stroller. It's also great for travelling, as you can actually pack it up as luggage. The smallest pushchairs are umbrella strollers.

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What type of stroller?

There really are many types of pushchairs. It's a good idea to think about whether your baby will sleep in it every day, or just for naps once in a while. If it's mainly for sitting up, then you don't need to think too much about whether the back can lie flat.

Or your child may be big enough to get down and walk a bit on their own, in which case you can settle for an even smaller pushchair.

However, if your child needs a nap often, and is perhaps under 1 year old, you'll be happy with a model that can lie flat on its back. You can always find the answer to this question in the description of the stroller on the page or in the shop where you buy it.

So if your baby is over 6 months and can lie flat on their back in the pushchair, you can let your little one catch up on some beauty sleep in the pushchair with a clear conscience.