According to a study published on, most babies are born at night between 01 and 07. The time when most babies are born is at 04 in the morning.

The figures say something about spontaneous births. That is, births that are not induced or are planned caesarean sections. A planned Caesarean section will always take place during the daytime, within the normal working hours of doctors. Natural births, however, usually take place at night.

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Why are babies born between 01 and 07?

There may be several reasons why babies choose to say hello to the world at night. Biologically, it makes sense for children to come at night. Our ancestors lived in conditions that made night time a better time to have babies in many ways. For one thing, it gave women more protection to go into labour at night, when the family was together. And it gave more time after birth for breastfeeding, which makes the baby stronger and more viable. Today, there are no dangers lurking in the form of wild animals, but in many ways our bodies are still designed accordingly.

Another reason could be that the contractions come at night because the body relaxes. No one yet knows exactly what is crucial when a natural birth starts.

We can use the information for

As well as perhaps explaining part of why your baby was born at night, the information can be used to plan midwives' working hours, as well as preparing the high-degree for the upcoming birth.

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