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Most children love to sit at a small table and draw or do puzzles. A children's table will typically be used from the age of about 1.5 until the table becomes too small and a real desk is needed.


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Cute wooden children's table with storage space

Wooden children's table in good design. The legs of both chair and table extend slightly to the side, ensuring that the table stands stable.

This children's table is made from sustainable materials with minimal impact on the environment.

Price 1.399 kr. at Sundleg.

Buy and read more here.

Children's table from Smallstuff

This pretty table from Smallstuff will look great in any child's room.

The legs are birch wood and the top is white painted MDF. The table is easy to clean.

Vejl. price: 599 kr.

Buy it here

Smallstuff Children's chair

The chair that matches the children's table is in the same round shapes.

It's a great set. The chair costs 249 kr.

Buy it here.


Simply children's table. (250 kr.)

Classic, square children's table that is sure to bring joy to your child's room.

It is square and fits well into most interiors and styles.

Read more and buy here.


Round play table from Done by Deer

The Done by Deer style is rustic and simple, which this table fits in well. The table is round and beautiful, and 2-3 children can easily sit and play at the table.

Price 551 kr.

Read more and buy here.


 Stylish table for children from Ferm Living

If you like a rough look, this kids' table might be for you. It's simple and classic in design, and a good size for drawing and painting.

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The price is1.899 kr. You can get this children's table in 5 different colours.

See all colours here.

Stol from Ferm Living

Children's chair in nice desgin, matching the Ferm living table for children.

The price is 899 kr. See more colours and buy here.


Stable children's table from Hoppekids

White table with chairs and cushions. The table is classic in its expression and fits well in most children's rooms.

Table DKK 350, chair DKK 249, cushion DKK 70.

Choose from many colours. Buy here.


Desk and chair in one

Super smart table that doesn't take up as much space as a traditional children's table. There's room to draw, paint and read books.

The table is designed in such a way that chair and table are the same piece of furniture.


Set at 668 kr. Buy the children's table here.



Nice children's table and 2 children's chairs

Classic, beautiful children's table in neutral colours. The table is of good quality and can last for many years of play.

768 kr. Buy and read more here.


Minnie Mouse Table and Stool

If your child loves Minnie Mouse, this is probably the perfect table!


Set at 668 kr. Buy it here


Star Wars board

A table that true Star Wars fans will love...


See more here. 


Smart table with storage

This nice table for children is brilliant because they can store toys in the table. So the crayons never get lost!

Please note that the table is 20 cm high. It's perfect for inviting dolls and teddies to dinner.

The price for the table is 768 kr. Buy and read more here.

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Children's table - when?

Like everything else with children, it's different when they are big enough to sit at a small table for children. But for most children, they will be around 18 months that they are big enough to even climb up on the chair, and sit and concentrate on an activity.

This could be drawing, for example, or painting. A children's table is also an ideal place for two children to sit at the same time. It can be siblings, but also a friend who is visiting.