Will it be a boy or a girl? Find out the baby's gender with the Chinese calendar

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If you think it's too long to find out more about who's in your belly, you can find the answer on the Chinese calendar. Here you can find out if it's a boy or a girl, based on the month the woman was conceived and her age.


Can the Chinese calendar be trusted?

You may be wondering how accurate the Chinese calendar is, and whether it can be relied upon. Reportedly, the Chinese calendar can predict the sex of a child with up to 90 % certainty. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to still keep your critical sense. Don't base your baby's entire wardrobe solely on the Chinese calendar. But use it as a fun way to try and predict who's hiding in the womb.

You use the Chinese calendar by knowing which month the baby was conceived, as well as the woman's age at conception.

Blue = boy

Pink = girl


Source: thelaboroflove.com


Is it a boy or a girl?

Today, almost all parents know the sex of their child before they give birth. This is thanks to ultrasound technology, which can tell the sex of a baby with great accuracy from the 14th week of pregnancy. If a scan doesn't tell you the sex, you can test some of the old myths. Some of the myths may be more true than others, but if nothing else, you can use them to pass the time in a fun way 🙂

Natural testing

If you are very curious, you can try the so-called night test to find out the sex of the baby. You need to pee in a cup and pour in baking soda. If it comes out, you're expecting a boy, but if nothing happens, you're expecting a girl.

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Wedding ring test

Pull a string through your ring and hold it in front of your stomach. The ring will now start to move. If it swings in circles, you are expecting a boy. If it swings back and forth, it will be a girl.

Time of conception

If the baby was conceived close to the time of ovulation, it will be a boy. Otherwise it will be a girl.


Something just happens when you become pregnant or a mother. Listen to your inner mother. It's really strong. Is there a boy or a girl in the womb?
If you know of any other funny myths, feel free to share them in the comments section. Remember to write whether the myths seem to be true or not. 🙂


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