Some comments are said to pregnant women without thinking that it can be hurtful or even just annoying. Read on for 10 no-go comments.

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    Hooold da op. Are you sure it's not twins?!

    Even if a woman is pregnant, she is still an ordinary person with ordinary feelings. And most people don't like being told they're big, whether they're expecting or not.

  • Was it planned?

    Not everyone wants to explain their family planning... (or lack thereof)

  • Who is the danger?

    The absolute no-go unless you are very good friends.

  • You must not eat fish / eat strawberries / sunbathe etc.

    If you think your pregnant friend is doing something that is inappropriate for her being pregnant, phrase it as a polite question. It can quickly sound accusatory to the pregnant woman if someone sticks their nose too far out.

  • I don't think you're gaining enough weight.

    Again - comments about other people's weight and size are just inappropriate.

  • Now you will hear about my mother's / my friend's / my aunt's FAILED birth!

    Tell good birth stories, but keep the bad ones to yourself.

  • Remember to enjoy your night's sleep - it's almost over!

    Most pregnant women suffer from heartburn, pain, swollen legs and sore backs. Especially towards the end of pregnancy, most pregnant women probably sleep quite badly. And guess what - you're pregnant because you WANT to have a baby. So this comment is really just annoying.

  • Yes, I'm almost more excited than you are!

    Not the right thing to say to an expectant mother.

  • So nothing happens by a single cigarette / a single glass of red wine etc.

    Let the pregnant woman decide for herself what she is comfortable with, and respect a no.

  • (If the pregnant woman already has a child) Let's hope the next one is a boy, now that you already have a girl!

    No, no and no. When you are pregnant you want A CHILD, and there is no return policy. In fact, this comment can be incredibly hurtful to a pregnant woman.