Club Matas wants to pamper mothers-to-be with great products. At Matas, you can therefore pick up a Mamma pack consisting of 3 delicious pregnancy-friendly products when you sign up for Club Matas Mamma on their website. You will then receive a confirmation email, after which you can go to your local Matas store and pick up your Mamma pack.

             If you wish to order the free Mamma pack from Matas, the link will be found further down the page.

We have described what the Mamma pack from Matas contains, so you can satisfy your curiosity. Below we have briefly written our assessment of the Mamma pack from Matas.

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Matas Micellar Water

Matas Micellar Water is an all-in-one facial cleanser for dry/severe skin without perfume, but with allantoin and vitamin E. It both cleanses and removes makeup while soothing and moisturizing the skin. The facial cleanser is Swan-labelled and also free from parabens and phthalates. Matas Facial Cleanser can be used daily and in the Mamma pack you get a full 250 ml.

Matas Foot Balm

Matas Foot Balm is fragrance-free, but with shea butter and glycerin to soften and moisturize. Matas Foot Balm is therefore ideal for dry skin. The foot cream can be used daily and in the Mamma pack you get 150 ml. of foot balm so you can really pamper your feet during pregnancy.

The Mamma package from Club Matas can be ordered via the link below and will be available for pick-up at your local Matas store once you have received a confirmation email.

Our assessment of the Mamma package from Club Matas

Club Matas focuses on pampering mothers-to-be with delicious products during pregnancy. They have therefore chosen to put together the Club Matas Mamma welcome gift for you as a pregnant mother-to-be, instead of specific products for baby. The Mamma package contains products for hands, feet and face, which is a great combination for pure pampering. It is a nice and manageable gift from Club Matas that is super nice for skin care during pregnancy. Get the delicious products by signing up for Club Matas Mamma at the link above.