Strong girl names

If your little girl is a real fighter or just strong and healthy, then she deserves a strong girl's name. On this page we have found beautiful and strong girl's names that all have a meaning and a strength in them. You may already know some of them, but I bet there are also names you haven't heard before.

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Birla: means little bear

Bodil: Means fight

Disa: Means goddess

Erika: Eternal and mighty ruler

Frigg: Queen of Asgaard and goddess of the earth according to. Norse mythology

Gunn: Fight

Nanna: Bold and courageous

Siff: Was Thor's wife and a strong woman in Norse mythology

Signe: The victorious

Sun: drove the solar car across the sky according to. Norse mythology

Thora: Means shield / protector

Viktoria: comes from the English "victory" meaning victory

Why choose a strong name?

There may be many reasons why you think your child should have a strong name. Maybe your baby had a rough start in life, but has fought her way to where she is today. Or maybe your little darling is just showing strength and you think a strong name suits her.

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What is a strong girl's name?

For example, many people associate wing names with strong names, as the Vikings have a reputation as strong people who did what they had to do to fight others and survive.

However, they can also be aesthetic names with ancient meaning, such as Victoria, which comes from the English word victory, meaning victory.

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Are there strong boy names?

Yes, there are strong boys' names too, and I'm sure there are a few more than for girls, since men have historically fought more wars, been honoured for their victories, etc.

What is the best name for my baby?

The key is to pay attention when you say the name out loud and call your baby the name you are considering. Don't be afraid to try the name out for a few days. Then you're guaranteed to feel if the gut instinct is there.