Don't feel rested when the alarm goes off in the morning? Are you often tired and stiff after a night's sleep?

Then it might be your bed that needs replacing.

We believe everyone should be able to afford a new bed. That's why we only send you to Danish retailers with insane prices. Don't delay your purchase any longer - make more profit now!

You can get an instalment loan from Better Nights (New bed for almost 1.400 kr. per month!)

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Crazy deals right now

Maria spared back pain

"In my old bed, I often woke up with pain in my lower back and shoulders. But after I bought a new bed from Better Nights, my body feels completely different when I wake up. I can now go to work fresh every day!"

Cheap elevation bed

Do you often find it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position? Or do you like to read on your mobile, a book or watch TV before going to sleep?

Then you should immediately click on and look at the wild offers Bedtime have on elevation beds right now (the best beds go first).

Need help choosing a bed?

So don't hesitate to contact us in the comments section, or write directly to the experts here.

  • Go for padded springs

    Padded springs in the mattress are preferable. This prevents them from twisting and warping, or becoming entangled and causing unevenness in the mattress.

  • Check if there are at least 5 comfort zones

    ... and the more the merrier. The more comfort zones there are in the mattress, the better it can adapt to your body and weight. That means much more comfort, whether you're sleeping or doing layered exercises.

  • Steer clear of the cheapest beds

    Did you know that we spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed?! The bed is a stupid place to save a few thousand crowns. Instead, go for quality beds on offer.

  • The best bed for you (and your partner, if applicable)

    We're all different, so if you're sleeping with your boyfriend or spouse, it's a good idea to have each of your sides adjusted to your individual weight and preferences. This is possible at the best retailers.