The genius of a Voksi bag is that it can be used in all kinds of weather. It is a multifunctional travel bag that can be used as a sleeping bag, duvet and play mat.

With a wax bag, you no longer need to wrap your baby in all kinds of woollen suits and heavy outerwear. Baby stays nice and warm in the bag with just a hat, a pair of mittens and the usual clothes.

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Scroll down to see more about the different wax bags and find the one that suits you and your baby best. With a stroller wax bag, you'll have more time to spend with your baby, because napping is a breeze.

You can use your wax bag for much of the year. Depending on the temperature, it can be used from September to May!

If you want to use it all year round, it is possible to buy summer duvets.

A grow bag makes life much easier for you when you have a little one who needs to be changed many times a day.

There are different models within the Voksi range based on size, type and design. For the Voksi Classic models, you can purchase a carrier plate so you can use the carrycot as a lift at the start.

Some Voksi bags are closed with a zip and others with a tie. Some bags can even be extended so your child can use it for a longer period of time. This is brilliant and means that you can use the Voksi bag for both a pram and a pushchair. See more versions here.

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Read more below and get inspired by the different types of carrycots within the Voksi range. It's definitely worth reading about the different sizes, types and designs so you can find the Voksi bag that best suits your needs.

Voksi Classic - the most popular adult bag

Very useful wax bag that makes it a breeze to put baby in the pram for naps.

The Voksi Classic lacing system makes it easy to tuck your baby in, with the duvet and pillow working as one.

As this Voksi bag is delivered with a winter duvet, it will have an outer filling of wool and an inner material of Oektex cotton. The inside measures 80 x 50 cm. The Voksi Classic is available in several colours, with this model being called Classic Black Sand Dot.

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The wrap is the right choice when only the best will do for your baby!

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Please note that the Voksi carrycot and Voksi summer duvet must be purchased for the Voksi Classic model, as only the winter duvet is included!

Voksi Classic + (the baby carrier with a LITTLE extra luxury)

Voksi Classic + is recommended from 0-3 years. This model is a new and improved version of the Voksi Classic.

Here you can choose from even more colours, so you can find the one that best suits you and your baby's style.

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If you're tired of hours of napping, a grow bag is the answer. Baby feels pressured and enclosed, and sleeps faster and better in a grow bag.

It can also be used as a play mat, as it has a soft and insulating base. With a carrycot, you can use the Voksi Classic + as a lift right up to the child reaching 9 kg.

Measurements of this Voksi bag are 80 x 50 cm. and the filling is of 100% wool in delicious quality and which is extra insulating. At the same time, wool can transport excess heat away from the baby, making it a great material to keep the baby warm. Voksi Classic + is available in many different colours.

Voksi Classic + Mini

The perfect grow bag for you to use in a stroller or pram. Your child will be kept nice and warm and sleep nice and long in this lovely bag.

Every time you put your baby in the pushchair, you can be sure that your baby won't get too cold or sweaty. The bag perfectly tempers the baby via wax bag technologies developed over several years.

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Voksi Classic + Mini is recommended from 0-3 years. This model is made specifically for smaller prams, pushchairs and buggies. This means that it has the same features as the Voksi Classic +, but with a smaller sleeping area. The carrycot can also be used as a play mat or lift by using the optional carrycot. The outer fabric is made of 100% cotton and the duvet itself is made of the finest wool which provides eminent insulation for the baby.

Voksi Active

Voksi Active is recommended from 0-5 years. This model has a length of 125 cm with an extension. The carrycot is wind and water resistant. In addition, it can be opened completely, so the Voksi bag can be used both as a duvet or play mat. It is non-slip on the back, so it stays firmly in place in the stroller. There is 100% wool filling in the bottom and down/feathers in the top. The outer material itself is made of nylon/polyester. Super stylish Voksi Active in the colour Sky Blue.

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Voksi Urban

Voksi Urban is recommended from 0-6 years. This model is both functional and of super quality. The Voksi Urban consists of two upper parts, so that the carrycot can grow with the child. Voksi Urban is both water and wind resistant, has a heat insulating ability and so it is fireproof. The carrycot measures 115x 45 cm with the extension. At the same time it has a material combination of down/feather and wool.

Design by Voksi

Design by Voksi is recommended from 0-3 years. This model has an adjustable opening at the head and is also water and wind resistant. As a smart feature, the Voksi bag has an anti-slip coating on the back so that it stays properly in the pram or stroller. Measurements of this Maternity Bag are 100 x 50 cm. and are made of 100% cotton inside and 100% down polyester outside. The Design by Voksi carrycot is available in several different designs, with this model being called Sweet Panda Rosa.

Voksi Brezze Light

Voksi Brezze Light is recommended from 0-3 years. This model is called multifunctional as it is ideal for days with changing temperatures. It has a front zipper, but can be adjusted with a drawstring at the opening around the child's head, so you can adjust according to the temperature. Made of Oektex cotton, the inside of this Voksi bag measures 80 x 50 cm. It is both possible to unzip at the foot end of the travel bag while the entire top can be zipped off. This model is called Dark Grey/Light Sand.

Voksi Move

Voksi Move is recommended from 0-1 years. This model is especially suitable for car seats in the 0-13 kg weight range and has openings in the back of the bag that make it easy to attach. There are also 2 openings in the back of the Voksi bag so that the bag can grow with the child. Voksi Move measures 42 x 82 cm. The top is lined with 70% down and 30% feathers, while the bottom is made of 100% pure wool. This means the baby will stay dry and comfortable, as wool has the ability to wick away excess moisture.

Voksi Move Light

The Voksi Move Light is recommended from 0-1 years. This model is especially for the child who is often on the move with the parents. The travel bag is suitable for both the car seat and the stroller with an opening at the back that makes it easy to adjust. It can also be used as a play mat. The wrap has learning details and is easy to get the baby into as you can open up both the top and the foot end. There is an adjustable opening at the head and a non-slip back so the travel bag fits securely in the pram or car seat. This Voksi bag measures 80 x 40 cm and the filling itself and the outside are made of cotton and the filling of downy polyester. Compared to the Voksi Move, the Voksi Move Light model is lighter in material combination as it is cotton and polyester instead of wool and down and feathers.

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Voksi Sky Light

The Voksi Sky Light is recommended from 0-6 years. This model is both multifunctional and can grow with the child, so it has a long life. The Voksi Sky Light fits both prams and pushchairs. Here it can be adapted as a sleeping bag, driving bag or play mat. This Voksi bag has super nice details and can be extended at the bottom with the extra extension piece that is included. There is a non-slip back so the travel bag sits securely in the stroller and then it has an adjustable opening around the head. The carrycot is made of 100% cotton with polyester filling. This model is called Voksi Sky Light - Light Grey, but is available in several colours.

Voksi carrycots

We've written about the different Voksi bags on the market, so you can get inspired and find the one that suits your needs. Some of the Voksi bags may vary in age and in terms of the filling chosen for the different models. Read more below and find your nearest retailer under each link

A little about Design by Voksi

Design by Voksi has long been one of the leading brands in child carriers. Voksi uses only natural materials and is a high quality craft product. The well-known wax bags are made of the finest materials such as wool, down and silk. For the Voksi Classic models, you can extend the use of the wax bag because you can replace the summer and winter duvet. It is recommended to use Voksi summer duvet with down or silk from around 15-17 degrees, of course depending on your child's natural temperature. For the cold season, it is recommended to use the winter duvet with wool. Wool is super ideal because it makes sure to transport your baby's excess heat away. Remember that it will be the summer duvet that needs to be purchased separately if you want both. For the Voksi Classic models, you can also purchase a carrier plate so that the carrycot can be used as a lift at first.