Adult bedding for children

Many children sleep with an adult duvet when they are 4-6 years old or older. Some children simply go straight from baby duvets to adult duvets, which is why you need adult duvets for children.

An adult duvet usually measures 140 * 200 cm. There isn't a huge selection of adult bedding for children, but here we've put together a selection of nice and cosy adult bedding for children. You can see a large selection of

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Beautiful adult bedding for children in a beautiful pattern

This adult bedding for children can be purchased at Kids-World. It is very nice with a blue flower pattern. The bedding is lovely and soft, and the price includes both duvet and pillow covers. Buy here.




Bed set in pink with forest theme

Lovely bedding in adult size, but with a pattern that children will love. There's a forest on it, so there's lots of nice things for the kids to look at. There are animals, plants, and other fun things. The bed set is available for purchase here.




Beautiful bedding with small trolls

Cute bedding for kids that can fit both boys and girls. The price includes both duvet covers and pillowcases. You can see more about it here.


Adult bedding for kids - great patterns, shapes and colours

The reason why many children like different bedding than us adults is that they love fun characters and colours. This makes it easy for them to recognise their own duvet, and they might just enjoy looking at the pictures and bright colours on their bedding.

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It's nice for little ones to have a duvet that they like to look at themselves. Besides, we adults also think it's nice when children have cosy bedding, and of course children with adult duvets shouldn't be deprived of that.

Junior duvet or adult duvet?

Once your baby has outgrown your baby duvet, you're faced with the choice of moving from a baby duvet straight to an adult duvet, or investing in a junior duvet, which can only be used temporarily. Which choice you make will probably depend on how big your child is, both in terms of size and weight. If you're changing your baby's duvet as early as 1-2 years old, a junior duvet might be the best choice, as an adult duvet can quickly become too heavy for such a small child. Especially if the child is still in his or her cot, an adult duvet will take up too much space. If, on the other hand, your child is in a junior bed that measures 160 or 200 cm in length, then an adult duvet is a good option.


Where to buy bedding for children?

You can buy bedding for children online or in physical stores. However, you'll almost always find the biggest selection online, where you can also browse around and find just what you want, and maybe even at a good price. Many people choose to buy bed linen at Jysk, where there is also always cheap bed linen for adults, babies and children. On this page we refer to online stores that have a good selection of cheap adult bedding for children. So the kids can sleep in nice bedding that is cosy for them to look at, even if they sleep with an adult duvet.

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