Children love to play outside and will therefore benefit from outdoor toys. Here we have gathered the best outdoor toys 2 years old, as 2 year olds are the perfect age to play outside. In nurseries and kindergartens, children play outside almost all year round. With a lot of the best outdoor toys, there really are a lot of options for kids.

See the best outdoor toys 2 years below!

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What you need to know about outdoor toys

When buying outdoor toys, it doesn't matter which one you choose. First of all, the toy must be suitable for outdoor use. This means that it is strong in materials and dirt and grime can't settle in too many places, so the toy doesn't work. In addition, it should be able to withstand a good amount of water and moisture, as both are (unfortunately) unavoidable in the Danish summer. Outdoor toys are often stored in boxes or sheds in winter, where conditions are not necessarily dry. So choose toys with a good shelf life. Last but not least, it should of course be fun to play with outside, and lend itself to fun outdoor games.

When talking about outdoor toys for 2 year olds, it is also important to check if the toy contains small parts that could pose a choking hazard to the child. Children under 3 can still put toys in their mouths. When children play outside, adults cannot keep them under constant supervision, which is why it is good to buy outdoor toys for 2 year olds that do not pose any unnecessary danger.

The best outdoor toys 2 years - checklist

Here we have briefly summarized what you should check when looking for the best outdoor toys 2 years

  • Toys must be able to withstand wind and weather
  • It does not contain small parts that are dangerous for the little ones
  • Outdoor toys 2 years should be up to fun games in nature

The 2 year olds are at a wonderful age where even a fallen leaf can cause great excitement. So it doesn't take much for a 2-year-old to have fun outside, whether it's in the playground or at home in the garden. The toys we have selected are very much in line with the imagination, which the 2 year old is really good at using. At the same time, it is also an age when it starts to be fun to play with others. That's why we've also included some outdoor toys that are suitable for several children to play together. It could be a sibling or playmate who joins in the fun.

If you don't have a garden, your child can still get great enjoyment from outdoor toys. Just make sure it's the right size to take to the playground, the beach or somewhere else.


A fun and beautiful excavator that is perfect for playing in the sandbox. The digger is a good size, so it can really be used to move sand around. It is among the best outdoor toys for fun play in the sandpit.

Bucket and shovel

A set like this with a bucket and shovel is the perfect outdoor toy for 2 years. It can really give your child a lot of time to spend. The set is ideal for use in the sandpit, but can also be used elsewhere in the garden. The fun game of putting things in the bucket is a great outdoor activity for a 2 year old. The bucket can be filled with leaves, soil or anything else. Both fun and inexpensive outdoor toys for 2 year olds!


Crayons are almost a must among outdoor toys for children of almost all ages. Simple and inexpensive outdoor toys, but hours of fun. Playing with chalk can be done whether you have your own garden or not. Drawing with street crayons challenges creativity, as there is a bit more room to unfold than on an ordinary piece of paper. This outdoor toy can easily be played with by several people.

Electric car

Electric cars for children have become a very popular outdoor toy in recent years. Electric cars are fun because kids can get around on their own. Plus, they look super cool speeding along in their little BMW or whatever brand you end up with. There really are lots of electric cars to choose from. If you choose an electric car as an outdoor toy for a 2 year old, you need to be nearby when it's being used. The cars are usually only approved for use from the age of 3 due to small parts, among other things. Electric cars are perfect for racing around the garden on a hot summer's day!

Large pedal tractor

This pedal tractor will be a hit as an outdoor toy for children. On the tractor, children can get around by pedalling, a bit like on a tricycle. This tractor is approved for children from 3 years old, but can be used as an outdoor toy 2 years with adult supervision. Many 2 year olds will quickly learn the technique of pedalling to get around. It is not a cheap outdoor toy for children with the price of 1,449 DKK, but in return you get a piece of quality toy that can last for many years of play and fun. The tractor is from the Falk brand, which only makes high-quality products.

Cement mixer - Outdoor toys for the sandbox

Sandbox toys are arguably among the best outdoor toys. Playing in the sandbox is and will be one for 2 year olds as well as all other ages. In the sandbox, creativity can really unfold and it's great for kids to make sand cookies for each other and the adults. This cement mixer is among the slightly more advanced sandbox toys. A 2 year old may need to be demonstrated how the cement mixer works, but will definitely be a hit.

Rendegraver - toys for sandbox

A great backhoe that's perfect for use in the sandbox. The trencher can really shovel the sand around, and maybe help build some great sandcastles. An outdoor toy that will definitely be in demand if you have several children. The Rendegraver is sold at Only4kids, where you will find many other exciting machines for the sandbox.

Garden tools for children

Children love to be part of what their parents are doing. These child-sized garden tools are therefore sure to be a hit as outdoor toys for 2 year olds. The set includes two shovels and a rake. So there's plenty of opportunity to get digging beds and weeding. The advantage of buying garden tools for children is that they are not sharp at the edges and the handles are rounded. At the same time, they are of course child-friendly in size so children can handle them easily. Garden tools are among the best outdoor toys 2 years.

Turtle wheelbarrow

This cute wheelbarrow is among the most popular outdoor toys at retailer Only4Kids. It is almost always a hit for children to load toys into a container that they can then transport around. This wheelbarrow is made of plastic, so it is not so heavy and therefore possible to wheel around with for a 2 year old. The wheelbarrow comes with a range of accessories that also go with the other outdoor toys.

Bicycle for 2 year old

This nice running bike from Puky is definitely among the best outdoor toys 2 years. Because it has 4 wheels, the bike has a really good balance, so it can't just tip over. A 2 year old child can therefore easily get on the bike and run away. It is a great outdoor toy that strengthens motor skills, coordination and balance. At the same time, the bike can be used to get around and can be taken on walks or on the way home from the nursery.

Cool pink scooter                 

Full speed ahead with this cool running scooter that is perfect as an outdoor toy 2 years. The scooter is made of wood and has many nice details. Among other things, small saddlebags and a light are painted on it. It all helps to make playing outside even more fun.

Considering a playhouse?

A playhouse is a great place for children to be themselves. A playhouse can be either wooden or plastic and both have their advantages and disadvantages. A wooden playhouse looks good and usually blends in better with the environment than a plastic one. It is also more durable and can be used for many years. If you are looking for a small and inexpensive playhouse, you should take a closer look at plastic playhouses. There is a wide range of different playhouses to choose from, in all sorts of colours and shapes. A small playhouse is probably one of the best outdoor toys, as it can be used in so many different ways. It is also a joy and a benefit for young and old alike. Before buying, you should consider whether the playhouse should be made of plastic or wood.

Plastic or wooden playhouse?

If you end up buying a wooden playhouse, you should be aware that it requires maintenance about once a year. It doesn't have to be that much, as many playhouses are made of pressure-treated wood that doesn't need as much maintenance. Still, it's a good idea to clean the house every spring so it doesn't rot or get ugly.

A plastic playhouse is easy to assemble and can even be moved inside during the winter. Again, the big advantage is that a plastic playhouse is easy to assemble and virtually maintenance-free. In addition, it appears in bright colors that are sure to please the kids.

If you are considering investing in a playhouse as an outdoor toy, you can read more about it here.

Why it's healthy for children to play outside

When children play outside, they have a real chance to express themselves. Outside, they can run around and explore nature and the world around them. Nature offers lots of wonderful sensory experiences that help children develop. With the best outdoor toys for 2 year olds, children have even more opportunities to unfold and play in larger areas.

Playing outside is also a great activity for children and doesn't require much from parents. A trip to the playground can be enough activity for children aged 2. Here children can develop their motor skills. When they swing or slide on the slide, their sense of balance develops, which gives them more confidence when it comes to outdoor play. At the same time, it gives them the opportunity to play with different outdoor toys than those they have at home. In the playground, you often meet other children, which makes outdoor play a bit more fun.

The best outdoor toys 2 years old allow children to use their bodies while allowing them to use their imagination for play. This is because at this age, children are very good at coming up with different ways to use their outdoor toys. The toys are not always used the way we adults think they should be, but it is only healthy for children to try out different things.

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