Wire baskets for cabinets

Make organisation easy with wire baskets for lockers. Want more order in your closet and a better overview of what you actually have? You can get smart systems with wire baskets for cupboards that give you more space. Take your wardrobe organisation up a notch with smart wire baskets for lockers.

You can buy wire baskets for the closet cheaply online, where you can also choose from a sea of different solutions. When choosing wire baskets for cupboards, it's important that you get ones that run easily on the rails and don't "chop" when you have to pull them in and out.

Of course, you also need to find the right furnishings for your wardrobe and the way you want to organise your closet.

Read on to make sense of the many solutions on the market and find the best solution at the best price.

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At the bottom you can read a short and precise guide on how to get your wardrobe in order 

Wire baskets are great for keeping track of your small items that would otherwise end up on the shelves.

With wire baskets, you can quickly pull out a basket and easily see what you have and choose exactly the garment you want.

When choosing the right wire baskets

Although you may think so, a wire basket is not just a wire basket! There are actually several different qualities on the market. Which one is right for you depends on your needs and the purpose for which the wire basket will be used.

If you're going to use it every day, in the vast majority of cases it's best to invest a little extra in your wire baskets for the cupboard so they last longer and run smoothly. Pulling the wire basket in and out should be a breeze.

When choosing wire baskets, it's not always a good deal to buy the very cheapest. You also need to think about how often you will use what you plan to store in the wire basket.

The cheap solution: cheap wire baskets for cupboards

At the online DIY store 10-4 you can buy the series Elfa. It consists of baskets in different sizes, so you can mix and match the perfect solution of wire baskets for your cabinets.

All wire baskets at 10-4 are available at a very affordable price compared to others on the market.

See the range of cheap wire baskets for cupboards here

High quality wire baskets

If you want an elegant and more stylish solution for your wardrobe, then it is recommended to take a closer look at Decoslides solutions.

Decoslide has specialised in wardrobes and wardrobe furnishings for several years. That is why you will find a really large selection of wire baskets for the wardrobe on their site.

The wire baskets from Decoslide have full expression, and are generally high quality wire baskets where thought has gone into the details. The baskets are delivered incl. Rails with ball race.

The high quality is particularly expressed in the high load-bearing capacity of the baskets. This means that you can store quite a lot in the baskets without them warping or sagging.

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The baskets can be bought in the sizes you need!

Order your new Decoslide wire baskets today and get your wardrobe in order

You can use your wire baskets for

Wire baskets for the wardrobe are your way to a well-organised wardrobe. No more cluttered piles in the closet where you can never find what you're looking for anyway.

The great thing about wire baskets is that you can see what's inside. No more rummaging around for your clothes, because you can see what's in each basket straight away.

Wire baskets for cupboards are perfect for organising your cupboard. Store your socks and underwear in a wire basket and have easy access to everything. With stylish wire baskets that run well on their rails, it's a breeze to pull out the wire basket and look at your clothes.

Wire baskets for the wardrobe are also brilliant for children's clothes or for children's rooms in general. It's easy for little ones to put their clothes in the baskets and pick them up again. At the same time, you don't have to fuss so much with arranging clothes in small sizes, as they quickly come to lie so neatly down in the basket.

Wardrobe guide: Get your wardrobe under control

You have to be out the door in 15 minutes. But what are you going to wear? You're faced with the classic dilemma: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Avoid these unpleasant situations in the future by getting your wardrobe under control. Read on to find out how to get started.

Do you know about big piles of clothes and do you sometimes have to give the lid a push to close it? Then your wardrobe needs an update. Your wardrobe should be pleasing to the eye. A sight that inspires you to try new outfits and lets you know what you've got in an easy-to-read way.

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Clean up and clean out

First of all, you need to do the hard work. That's to dump all your clothes on the floor and go through them piece by piece. I bet you have a pair of jeans you haven't been able to fit into for years, and that beautiful dress you've never really worn.

Now is the time to send your clothes for recycling, so you can make room for the clothes you actually use.

Going forward, it's a good idea to think twice before buying new wardrobe items. This will save you money and keep your wardrobe organised.

Redecorate the closet

Rethink your interior. Can it be made more manageable?
Instead of keeping socks, underpants and other small items loose on shelves, you can store them in wire baskets in your wardrobe.

Wire baskets are great for creating a more manageable setup in the closet.
The wire baskets are super easy to pull out so you can see what's inside.

Find more wardrobe inspiration here.

How many favourite clothes do you have?

I bet you have a few pieces of clothing that you put on as soon as it's clean. Try to focus on making all your clothes your favourite in the future, so you avoid a closet full of clothes you don't wear anyway.

Also try to find new combinations in your clothes so you can use what you have more than you already do. A simple wardrobe with simple but beautiful pieces is much more manageable than a huge messy closet.

Good luck with the project!