Clothes for baby, children and pregnant women

Read all our tips for buying clothes for babies, children and pregnant women. Lots of useful knowledge for the whole family!

Does your baby wear chemical clothes?

The market for baby clothes is booming and you can freely choose from all kinds of great brands for baby. But as parents, there's a truth that few tell. The way clothes are made can leave chemical residues in your baby's clothes. Not a nice thought, is it? Here, we've taken a look at how you can steer clear of the worst nasty chemicals when it comes time to renew your baby's wardrobe.

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Modern cloth diapers for baby - Is it a good idea?

Cloth nappies are smart because they save you and the environment a lot of waste. At the same time, you also save money because cloth diapers can be washed and reused again and again. So you don't have to buy new disposable nappies every week.

If you think cloth nappies sound awkward and maybe even a little disgusting, read on. It's a far cry from the old-fashioned cloth nappies to the new modern ones. In fact, many parents who have tried cloth nappies end up finding them far easier than traditional disposable nappies.

Here we look at both the advantages and disadvantages of the modern cloth nappies, compared to the ordinary disposable nappies.

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Sunwear for children and baby

Summer is coming and the sun's rays are getting stronger. Sunwear, or UV clothing, for children has become more popular over recent years as it effectively protects children from the sun. The great thing about UV clothing is that children don't have to slather on sunscreen where it protects them. Here you will find a [...]

Finger gloves for children

Finger gloves for children are especially handy during the transition period. Small finger gloves are not as bulky as mittens, making them great to wear in autumn and spring. They are also handy for short trips or to and from the car. Here we have taken a look at different finger gloves for children. If you're not sure [...]

Cheap rainwear for kids

Cheap maternity clothes

Maternity clothes are a very obvious place to save money, as they are by nature clothes you only wear for a limited period of time. That's why many people are looking for cheap maternity clothes that are still attractive and wearable. With cheap maternity clothes, you don't have to spend a fortune on maternity clothes that you can only [...]

Best tights for your baby & kids

Baby tights are almost a must-have in every baby's wardrobe. Baby tights are very versatile as they can be used under dresses, as an extra layer in winter or as pants for the little ones so they don't lose their socks.

Bodystocking for baby - Practical & easy

A bodystocking is super practical for the little ones, as it holds the nappy in place and doesn't fold up, leaving baby cold or sleeping on wrinkled clothes. There are a lot of different bodysuits on the market, both for everyday use and for parties, and of course in a lot of different materials. Here we take a look at where to find [...]

Which elephant hat for children? See the many types here

The elephant hat is and will be a hit for children when they go out to play in winter. The elephant hat keeps both neck and ears warm, and they're just super practical because they're so easy to take off and put on. When choosing an elephant hat for your child, you should carefully consider the material and [...]

Bathing sandals for children

Bathing sandals for children are designed to be worn on the beach, so baby doesn't hit the sharp rocks or get burnt on the hot sand. They're also hugely practical in swimming pools or by a pool, where a pair of sandals will give kids a better footing. Bathing sandals are made to be worn, on [...]

Swimwear for children

As summer approaches, it's time to get out your swimwear. If you're looking for children's swimwear to wear on holiday or at home in Denmark, we've written about the most popular and best swimwear for children of different ages on this page. If you are looking for children's swimwear, [...]

Sun hat for kids | Protect from the sun with a sun hat

A good sun hat for children is indispensable in the hot months. Children are often out playing both mornings and afternoons in institutions, and a sun hat protects their heads and necks from the sun's strong rays. On this page you can find the best sun hats for children and find out what you should consider before [...]

Sandals for children

As the warm season approaches, it's time to find sandals for kids. On this page, we've highlighted some of the best sandals for kids of all ages, with different designs and features. Of course, when buying sandals for your child, their individual needs and foot should be taken into account. [...]

Organic baby clothes and children's clothes

The range of organic children's clothes and toys is becoming increasingly popular. If you're not sure what you're getting for your money and how organic clothes and toys affect our children and the environment, here's some information for the conscious parent. On this page you will also find examples of retailers where [...]

Hummel jacket for kids | The best Hummel jackets

Hummel jackets for kids, and many other great clothes and outerwear from Hummel are popular like never before. Because Hummel jackets are in high demand at retailers, we have chosen to compare Hummel jackets and look at the different Hummel jackets available for the different seasons. Scroll down and see the comparison of [...]

Hummel children's flight suit | The delicious flight suits from Hummel

Hummel flight jackets for children are popular as never before. In addition to their stylish design for both boys and girls, they are incredibly practical and keep children nice and warm during the cold season. During the colder months, it is of course important that the little golden nuggets stay nice and warm when playing outside, [...]

Knitting kits for baby

Knit baby clothes in yarns that add a personal touch to your baby's wardrobe. Here we've chosen to highlight the cutest baby knitting kits, which can even be bought for a cheap price. Yarn has become quite cheap online, and there's a huge selection! See all the cute baby knitting kits below

Baby knitting patterns | Cuteest knitting patterns for baby

For those who can knit, baby knitting patterns are usually a big hit. Babies look incredibly cute in home knit, and it's nice to knit for babies. If you can knit for your own child, it's a no-brainer, of course, but otherwise a piece of home knitting for baby is a very personal and lovely gift [...]

Beginner shoes - Here are the best prewalkers for your child

When your child starts walking, you can't wait to find their first shoes. It's a milestone in itself that they've started walking and that they're growing so quickly. It can be wise to spend some time finding the right beginner's shoes, as [...]

Slippers children - Find the best slippers

Slippers for children can be a good investment, whether they've started to take their first steps, are still crawling or are just lying on the play mat. Baby slippers are usually soleless, as they are just there to keep your feet warm. Children's slippers are available with a hard or soft sole, with a non-slip sole or [...]

Føtex Baby Pack - Good starter pack for baby with fine products

Føtex is one of the stores offering a free baby starter pack for mothers-to-be. If you want to order a baby pack from Føtex, you need to register via the link that appears further down the page. You will then be sent an email with a confirmation, which should appear in the [...]

Lidl Baby Pack - Find free starter pack for baby

Lidl is also on the bandwagon of free baby starter packs for mums-to-be. If you want to get your hands on a starter pack for your baby from Lidl, register via the link below. You will then receive an SMS with a link, which you must click on when you [...]

Bib for baby | A nice bib for baby

Looking for a nice baby bib? Here we've taken a look at the many different bibs and bibs you can get for babies. There really are lots to choose from. We have chosen to distinguish between baby bibs and baby bibs.