Book an appointment for a consultation and get the baby package for 0 kr.

At Elternuniverset you get a baby package for 0 kroner when you book an advisor to help you with the difficult choice of car as the family grows. The baby pack includes: sun visors, bib (in organic cotton), thermos and 1 month membership for 0 kr. at Mofibo, Fairytekk and Maneno.

Unique discount codes for books

With the unique discount code "startpakke" you can buy two popular books for mothers with 20% discount + free shipping throughout Denmark.
Politically Incorrect Advice to Mothers - A great, humorous book with lots of fun little tips for the new mum! Buy the book at a discount here.  
Better pregnancy and birth with acupressure - Lots of tips for points on the body that make for a faster, less painful and uncomplicated birth. Buy the book at a discount here. 

The Wish Box from Wish Kids


A free baby package from ønskebørn for parents-to-be or new parents. The Wish Box is a novelty from Wish Kids and contains delicious things for baby.

Skoringen - NEW

The Skoring baby package has a value of 500 kr.!

To receive the package, simply fill in the order form and pay 50 kr. You will be notified as soon as the package can be picked up at your local Skoringen store.

The delicious baby pack contains:

1 stroller bag that can fit on the stroller handlebar
1 nice, soft bib
1 impression set to create memories with
1 practical magnetic foot gauge
1 fine bidering
1 leaflet with advice on children's shoes and feet



Fairytale - audio books and e-books for children offers an adventurous world of audio and e-books for children. As a member you have unlimited access to hundreds of the best children's books.

Fairytell has worked hard to create a universe that is fun, safe and educational for children.

Membership costs DKK 59 per month, but right now Fairytell is offering the first 14 days free with sign-up. There is no obligation on the membership.

Mofibo - 14 days free!

Explore a huge selection of titles in all genres. Read or listen unlimited on your smartphone and tablet, wherever you are in the world. The first 14 days are free.


For example, listen to the popular books by health care provider Hellen Lyng Hansen.


At Mofibo, they have something for everyone and you get unlimited access to it all.

Name It Baby Pack

The Name It baby pack comes in a nice box with ribbon and card. In the free pack there is a super soft and nice set of clothes for baby in nice cotton.

The set is suitable for both boys and girls. The baby pack can be collected either 30 days before the due date or 30 days after the birth. - Free photo book

Design your personal photo book. Get a small photo book for free, or get 80 kr discount on one of the other photo books with the discount code: MINFOTOBOG

Online photo service - Get 75 kr for the purchase of a photo book

Get 75 kr towards the purchase of a photo book when you sign up for the Online Photo Service newsletter.

A photo book is a great way to immortalise the best photos of your child/children!

With the 75 kr discount, you get here a photo book at an incredible price. Order now a (nearly) free photo book Online Photo Service.


You can also get 20% discount on developing photos with the discount code: PRINTPHOTO

SF Kids Play - 1 free month

Get a free month at Sf Kids Play.

After that it costs only 49 kr per month. No commitment period!

Meet Gurli Gris, Byggemand Bob, Brandmand Sam and other well-known, Danish-speaking characters.

Free Pyjama Pants / Drynites night pants (size 3 - 15 years)

You can order a completely free sample of DryNite's pyjama pants / night pants. This can be a great help when bedwetting at night.

They are available in 3 sizes: 3-5 years, 4-7 years and 8-15 years.

Baby Starter Pack Pharmacy

In some pharmacies it is possible to get different samples (baby wash, cream, ointment, etc.). All you need to do is go to your nearest pharmacy and ask if they have any free samples.

Baby Package Children's Accident Fund

The Children's Accident Fund Baby Pack is a package of various items to increase your child's safety.

For babies 6 - 9 months! 

The baby pack includes a reflector for your pram, leaflet with information on preventing accidents from the Danish Safety Agency, Baby Sun Lotion from Derma and leaflet with advice on staying in the sun, Puzzle with advice on the CE mark, a selection of Tænk tests and reviews of children's products from the Consumer Council, Sunscreen for your car and advice on safety in your car from Volkswagen, First aid kit and leaflet on first aid from Falck, Free child accident insurance up to 6 months from Codan insurance, Our Children magazine.

You can order this baby pack online.

Baby Starter Pack Matas

When you join the Matas Baby Club you can get a free baby package from them. All you need to do is go to your local Matas and show your membership number, which will be sent to you after you sign up for the Matas Baby Club.
You can get the baby pack as soon as you want. The contents of Matas starter packs vary depending on which sponsors contribute products to it. However, it is always a good free baby pack.

Baby Starter Pack Babysam

Babysam also offers a really nice baby package, or a so-called babybox.

In the baby starter pack you will find a pair of Pampers nappies, washcloths, a bib, 1 HiPP baby food in a glass, 1 HiPP brochure on baby nutrition 0-12 months, 1 HiPP spoon, a breastfeeding insert, a nappy bucket with a refill, Lactacyd Skin Care 50 ml, as well as the following magazines: Our Children or Our Children SPECIAL, Magazine MOR - we tell it like it is!

You order the baby pack online and can then pick it up at your local Babysam.

Baby cutlery for 0 crowns!

Get cutlery at for 0 kr when you order something else at the same time. There is no order size requirement! At Sundleg you will find a large selection of sustainable and organic toys and baby equipment.


Baby Starter Pack Rema1000

Rema1000 was the first to make a free baby package for new parents, and it's really nice baby packages!
You get a whole pack of Rema1000 New Born Diapers, a pack of wipes, a pack of foam washcloths, a nice little teddy bear, a pacifier and then there's an extra surprise.

You order the starter pack online and can then pick it up at your local Rema1000 store.

Baby Starter Pack Føtex

In Føtex they have also chosen to make a baby package, and it is quite a nice one, with lots of things that you need as a new parent. In the baby pack there are wipes, 1 pacifier, baby bath from Levevis, baby lotion, baby shampoo, zinc ointment, 1 pack of diapers and 1 white bodysuit in organic cotton.

You get the Føtex starter pack by signing up online on their website, and can then pick up the starter pack and welcome gift at any Føtex.

Content may vary.

Baby Starter Pack Lidl

In Lidl they offer a nice free baby package for new parents.


The baby pack includes: wipes, nappies, wet wipes and baby soap and cream. It all comes in a cute penguin box.


You can get the Lidl starter pack by ordering it online on their website, and then picking up their baby packs in one of the Lidl stores.


NOTE: Please note that the contents of the packages may vary.