Questions about baby - We're googling like never before!

It's not far from thought to Google! Especially when you're a new parent and a lot of questions come up every day.

Here we've put together a fun list of some of the most Googled questions about babies. The numbers indicate how many people have made the search in the past month.


When does baby get teeth? 390
When can baby sit up? 320
When does baby crawl? 320
When does baby have a fever? 260
Why does baby yawn? 210
How much should baby sleep? 170
When can baby sit? 170
When does baby sleep through the night? 140
How is the baby lying in the belly? 140
Baby stools how often? 90
When does baby change eye colour? 70
What to use for baby? 70
How big is baby? 70
When can baby what? 50
Can baby eat too much? 50
How to get baby to sleep? 50
When can baby have yoghurt? 50
Why does baby cry? 40
Colic baby when? 40
How much does a baby cost? 40
When does baby discover his feet? 30
What should baby be able to do? 30


*Source: Storybase

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