How to sleep well in the heat

While we can enjoy the summer days with beach trips, ice cream and holidays, the nights can be hard to get through. Here's advice on how to sleep well at night, despite the hot weather.

Many people find it hard to sleep well when it's hot at night. One reason is that the body prefers to feel a little cool when night falls. At the same time, we want to sleep under our duvet as we are used to, but it simply gets too hot and it can be difficult to replace the duvet with a thin sheet.

At night, the body tries to go into a kind of hibernation, and at the same time get rid of the heat. And this can be difficult if the room is very hot.

Summer is behind our bodies

The Danish summer weather can come almost overnight. Therefore, we have almost no time to get used to the heat and the new conditions. We therefore need to spend time adjusting our sleeping climate in terms of nightwear, duvet and whether to leave the window open or closed.

Everyone is different

While it's common for most of us to want to sleep in a slightly cool room, we're all still different. So even if your partner sleeps fine with the window open, you might not.

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You may also wake up and have to pee at night because you drink more fluids during the day due to the heat. So there are many factors involved in sleeping well in the summer.

An open window can also be annoying in the form of birdsong at too early an hour, or perhaps traffic noise. So it's important to try things out, especially if you share a bedroom with your partner.

Children also need to regulate their temperature at night, so it's important to try out what works best.

Here are some tips to help you sleep well during the hot summer.

Avoid the sun warming up the bedroom during the day

This is especially important if you have a south-facing bedroom. Then it's a good idea to block out the sun with curtains, and preferably blackout curtains.

Open windows are usually a good idea too, but on really hot days you can actually risk the air outside being even hotter. Then you can wait to open when the sun is no longer out.

If you do not want to invest a lot of money in new curtains, you can hang these smart blackout curtains with suction cups during the summer. They cost less than DKK 400.

Sleep in less clothes

It may seem obvious, but if you haven't already thought about it, try sleeping in smaller clothes or nightwear in thinner fabrics.

Take a bath an hour before bedtime

It's not easy to sleep if you feel sweaty and hot. A bath can help.

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One theory is that a hot bath actually lowers your body temperature afterwards, making you feel cooler. But for most people, a cool bath will probably feel best. Avoid the bath just before you go to bed, though, as it can make sleeping worse.

Use a good summer duvet or sheet

Most change to a summer duvetwhen the temperature rises. But if you're still sweating, consider using a sheet instead.

Otherwise, you might consider investing in a duvet with kapok fibres, which are supposed to be very effective at conducting heat away from the body, compared to down.

It is also possible to get pillows with cooling effect. However, it varies whether people actually experience an effect from these.

Buy Kapok duvets for children and adults here

Change top mattress

A good top mattress is really important when it comes to conducting heat away from the body. If your top mattress is very worn, or made of memory foam, it can retain heat at worst. A new top mattress doesn't have to cost the earth, and it's cheaper than replacing the whole bed anyway. Go for a top mattress in latex or perhaps kapok fibre. Find the right top mattress here.

A latex mattress topper is the best at conducting heat away from the body.

Avoid computers and electronics in the bedroom

Electronics dust and heat when turned on. It's best to avoid it altogether in the bedroom, but if you have no other place for it it should be completely switched off at night.

It is also a good idea to avoid drying clothes in the bedroom as much as possible. The humidity can make the heat feel even more intense.

Put your sheets in the fridge

If you can't stand the heat at all, try putting your sheet in the fridge before you go to bed. It will warm up overnight, of course, but the cold sheet might help you to fall asleep.

Freezing elements at hands and feet

When we get overheated, it's all about cooling the blood. This is best done where the large blood vessels are located on the outside, such as at the wrists and feet.

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Take some freezer items, wrap them in towels and put them by your hands and feet. It will definitely help you get your body temperature down. The bigger/more freezing elements you take, the longer they will stay cold.

Cooling creams

Some people benefit from using cooling creams with aloe vera and menthol. These ingredients are often in creams or gels for the feet. You can try rubbing it on your legs and arms before going to bed. Avoid too much cream, though, as you risk feeling the duvet and nightwear sticking to you in an uncomfortable way.

Check your child during the night

Many children kick off the duvet during the night. Therefore, they risk getting cold quickly if they are tucked in very little clothing and the window is open.

That's why it's a good idea to check their body temperature before you go to bed yourself. Just like us adults, they need to have their duvet and nightwear adjusted according to how warm it is.