Sophie Giraffe toys - Popular toys for baby

Sophie the Giraffe is an incredibly popular toy for the very young. I can almost say that a Sophie Giraffe will be a huge success with your baby. This applies first and foremost to the original Sophie Giraffe, but several of the other Sophie Giraffe toys are also really great baby equipment. Some of the best examples are some of the Sophie Giraf teething rings you have get, as well as their rattle (which is also a teething ring) and their bath giraffe. In this post you can read a bit about the different products you can buy from Danish retailers. More than 20 million copies of the original Giraf have been sold, and Denmark has taken a good chunk of that in the last few years. Babies love the giraffe, and it's perfect for the kind of play a baby has in the first few months of life.

It certainly doesn't matter to have several copies of the popular toy, as it is one of those toys that you can easily keep in several places. For example, there could be one in the pram and one at the dining table so he/she has something to play with just before it's time for a meal. It also makes Sofie Giraffe a really nice choice to give as a gift for a christening, for example. You don't have to worry about whether they already have one. You can easily use several of them.

The original Sophie Giraffe

The giraffe will quickly become a baby's pet, and a toy that baby will want to take everywhere. The normal size for the Sophie Giraffe teether is 18 cm high, but it is also possible to buy it in a slightly larger size of 21 cm. You can usually buy this biddy and great baby toy for around 200 kr. The biddy animal is 100% made of natural rubber which is extracted from the Hevea tree, and then dyed with non-toxic vegetable dye. It is therefore completely chemical-free, and is CE approved.

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There are several reasons why Sophie has become so popular. For a baby, it's incredibly easy to grab. Baby can easily grasp the long neck or legs, while the soft round ears are comfortable for a baby to chew on. Baby can spend hours chewing Sophie, because it's great for the gums. The look of the giraffe is also perfect for a baby. The spots quickly attract attention and stimulate the sense of sight.

From 2-3 months old until about one year, Sophie will be one of the best toys, and already from 3 months of age stimulate all baby's 5 senses!

We recommend this toy be bought from new! Sophie should not be kept under water, but only wiped with a wet cloth.

If you think 20 million other people can't be wrong and you want to buy a Sophie Giraffe too, you can find it here.

Sophie Giraffe teething ring

A couple of other really great products with the popular giraffe are their teething rings. There are a few different versions, but they all have in common that they are made of 100% natural rubber and completely free of BPA and phthalates. Sophie la Giraffe (which is the original French name) has won a lot of awards and their teething rings are also a huge hit. A great first toy for baby already from the to 0 months old.

In addition to the one shown on the left, you can also get one made of silicone, which has a cooling effect for sore gums when the first teeth are coming in. It might be a good idea to have some teething rings around at that age!

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Sophie teddy bear and other toys

Not only is it now possible to get a version of the famous giraffe made of natural rubber, but you can also buy a plush teddy bear version. Among other things, you can get it in a package that includes both the original Sophie la Girafe and a teddy bear for just around €350. This is a great gift idea if you're giving a present to a little baby or some pregnant parents in your circle.