Summer is coming and the sun's rays are getting stronger. Sunwear, or UV clothing, for children has become more popular over recent years as it effectively protects children from the sun. The great thing about UV clothing is that children don't have to slather on sunscreen where it protects them.

Here you'll find a selection of the best sunwear for kids, as well as where to buy it cheaply.

What are sunwear and UV clothing?

Sunwear with UV protection is woven in a special way so that it effectively protects the child from the sun's rays. It is woven in such a way that the sun's harmful rays do not penetrate the garment. This is particularly useful at the beach, where the UV index gets very high. If you're travelling south for your holiday, the sunwear will also come in very handy, as the UV index closer to the equator is incredibly high.

Why use UV swimwear for children?

Children's skin is both thinner and lighter than adult skin. They are therefore very exposed to the sun's dangerous rays. Sunwear and underwear are therefore useful as extra protection, in addition to sunscreen and a sun hat. Read more about children and sun protection here.

At the bottom of the text you can read about practical beach shoes for children! Remember to bring beach toys too - get inspired here.

Buy sunwear for children cheap

Nowadays, children's sunwear and UV swimwear can be bought in the vast majority of children's shops, both online and in physical stores. However, you will often find a slightly larger selection if you look online, and there are often more colours and models to choose from. For example, take a look at FactorFobiwhich specialises in sun protection for children in the form of sunwear and UV clothing. Another option is the large online baby shop Babygearwho are usually sharp on low prices.

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Sunsuit for toddlers

This sunsuit is practical for active toddlers who love to run around and play. Kids don't always want to stay in the same area in the shade, especially when you're at the beach. This suit covers the entire arms and legs, providing very effective protection from the sun. If necessary, supplement with a solhatand your child is ready for a day at the beach! The swimsuit is seen at Babygear

Short-sleeved swimsuit for children - with uv protection

Very practical suit, suitable for both beach and swimming pool. The suit has short sleeves and short legs, so it can be worn even if it is hot. It goes up slightly at the neck, which protects the exposed skin of the neck very effectively. The suit is quick-drying to keep the baby warm. The wetsuit is from the Splash brand, which is known for producing top-quality swimwear for children. Buy and read more here

Sun T-shirt with uv protection

This t-shirt is the perfect complement to the swim trunks. It effectively protects against the sun on hot beach days. It is easy for the child to put on and take off when needed. Children get sunburned faster than adults, due to their thin and delicate skin. This t-shirt provides protection for the goose. Buy and read more here.

Hummel swimsuit

Hummel makes great swimwear for both kids and adults. Here is a super good and useful swimsuit for kids, which also protects against the sun's rays, as it has UV protection. The suit is perfect for a long day at the beach, but can also be worn in a swimming pool. It has a nice pattern for girls. The neckline is slightly raised to protect the neck from the sun's rays. It opens at the front with a zip, so it is quite easy to put on and take off. Buy a size bigger than usual as it can feel too tight. Set at Kids-World

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See more from Hummel here and here.

Pants with uv protection from Pop Up shop

All swimwear from Pop up shop is with Uv protection. The brand is known for their great prints and patterns that look cool and are fun for kids to look at. Shown here are a pair of comfortable swim trunks. Unlike other swim pants, these are long and therefore cover the whole leg. They're a good choice if it's a bit chilly, or if you're going to be by the water for a whole day and therefore want optimum protection from the sun's rays. They can be combined with tops from Popup shop - see it all here

Bikini from Freds World

Cute bikini from the brand Freds World. Children's clothes from this brand are usually organic and care has been taken to avoid unpleasant chemicals in the clothes. You can therefore look for this brand if you shop environmentally conscious. The bikini here has sun protection. It comes in great colours, and is adorned with pretty ruffles that will delight any beach-loving girl. See the bikini here.

Red swim shorts from Freds World

Super cute red swim shorts that can be used for both boys and girls. They have sun protection so the child is not exposed to too much of the sun's strong rays. The shorts have a good fit and are slightly snug, which means they won't fall off easily, even if your child likes to play wildly. See more and buy here.

Many children don't like to be slathered in sunscreen, which is why sunwear for children is a good idea.On the beach, it can be hard for parents to remember to slather every time junior has been in the water. UV swimwear protects your child from the sun at all times, even in the water.

Many parents are happy to give their children sunwear, or UV clothing as it is also called. The clothes are woven in a special way that prevents the sun's rays from penetrating in the same way.

The best sunwear for children

Sunwear for children is especially used on the beach. It can be difficult to keep children in the shade under the parasol. In addition, the sun's rays are extra strong on the beach because the water reflects.

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When choosing a UV swimsuit, choose one that covers more of the body than a traditional swimsuit does. It protects best.

Swim sandals - perfect for beach use

Beach shoes protect children's feet from sharp stones and hot water at the beach. They can also be used in the swimming pool, where they prevent accidents from falling on the slippery floor.

For use on the beach as beach shoes

If they are to be used as beach shoes, it may be advisable to buy some with a sturdier sole than the so-called bathing socks. A good sole is resistant on a beach where there are not only sharp stones - but unfortunately you can also be unlucky to encounter broken glass, cigarette butts or a hidden grill that makes the sand scorching hot. A comfortable beach shoe with a thick sole can protect your child's foot effectively. See many beach shoes here

Adidas Perfomance swim shoes

Popular swim shoes that are ideal for the beach. They sit really well on the child's feet, but without restricting the child's movement. The swim shoes are made of a quick-drying material. The sole is incredibly flexible and goes up slightly around the snout. The swim shoes cost 199 kr. right here.

Swim socks - for both beach and swimming pool

Choosing a pair of bathing socks gives your child's foot more freedom, and they are also very easy to put on and take off. However, there is a greater risk of them falling off. Here you need to look for a model that fits the child's foot well and is the right size. These socks are among the

Bathing shoes from Mikk-Line - the cheap solution (89 kr.)

These swim shoes are a take on the traditional ones, and are best suited for children aged around 4 years and up. They can be difficult for the little ones to walk in, and can actually make them more insecure than if they had bare feet. They are very practical to wear to and from the pool in the swimming pool, but can also be used on a beach. They are designed to get wet, and won't feel uncomfortable to walk in even if water gets on them. They are a cheap option compared to other swim shoes, as this pair only costs 89 kr. right here.