Many people prefer a plastic sandbox to a wooden one, as it is both cheaper and easier to move around. In addition, a plastic sandbox has the great advantage that it can also be used as a water basin when there is no sand in it - or perhaps a combination of the two.

See examples of good plastic sandboxes below.

Sandbox toys

For a sandbox, there should of course be sandbox toys, which make playing in the sandbox much more fun. For example, it could be a digging shoe for sandbox or any other fun sandbox toy. If you're considering a larch wood sandbox instead, you can see examples of it here.

Here's a fun and slightly different sandbox that will be a hit with kids who love both sand and water. The frame consists of compartments for water. Playing with water and sand is always a fun game for kids on a hot summer day. There are no sharp corners on this sandbox, so you can let the kids play wildly in the sandbox. It's a plastic sandbox, which are made of high quality, which is resistant to the sun's UV rays that can otherwise fade plastic quickly. The colours therefore stay bright and beautiful. It comes with protection for both under and over the sandbox.

Sandbox or water basin with Minnie Mouse

Very nice plastic sandbox that can also be filled with water during the hot summer months. The plastic sandbox has a picture of Minnie Mouse on the bottom, which is fun for children who love the cute mouse. A good sandbox in excellent quality, but still at a reasonable price of 468 kr. at Only4kids.

Plastic sandbox with Frost picture in the bottom

The popular sisters Anna and Elsa adorn this pretty plastic sandbox. Like the ones above, it can be filled with either sand or water. You can buy cheap sand for the sandbox right here.

Plastic sandbox - endless possibilities

The sandbox is one of the oldest play tools around, and something we remember from when we were little. With a plastic sandpit the possibilities are endless, bring the beach home to your garden and let your imagination run wild. A plastic sandpit can be placed in the garden, on the patio, or wherever else you think it should be placed in your home. With a plastic sandbox, it's easy to move around with it, both before and after sand has been added. In addition, a plastic sandbox is available in many different shapes and colors, many popular shapes such as an apple, a turtle, a clam, crab, flowers, and many more. These come in many great colours, so whether it's for a boy or a girl, or just to match the rest of the garden decor, there are many options to choose from.

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Why choose a plastic sandbox?

Create the best environment for your child with a plastic sandbox. A plastic sandbox is easy for your child to access from as young as 1 year old, plus there is less risk of splinters or damage by letting your child play in a plastic sandbox.

Opportunities for play

Many sandboxes come with a lid to prevent it from flooding when it rains. However, if you buy a sandbox without a lid, many plastic sandboxes are made so that if you buy two, one can act as a lid for the other. And the top can be used for much more than just a practical cover. Fill it with water on a hot summer's day and your child will have an ideal swimming pool that even the youngest will enjoy. Or fill it with water and let the sandcastle building begin, the possibilities are endless and only imagination sets the limit to what your child can get out of a plastic sandbox.