Stroller rain covers are a practical extra for your stroller that you'll quickly come to love. Prams can usually cope with a bit of rain, but if it rains a lot the pram gets damp and that's obviously not a good thing.

When choosing a rain cover for your stroller, find one that fits the size of your stroller and is easy to take off and on. Fortunately, this is pretty easy to figure out, so what you probably need to consider most is the colours of the rain cover and, not least, the price.

Cheap rain cover for pram

If you are looking for a cheap rain cover for your stroller, we recommend you to look at Coop, where prices are generally very good. Here you may also be lucky to find a rain cover on offer. If you're looking for a larger selection, you can check out Babygear, which always has many products to choose from, from many of the well-known brands too.

Cheap rain cover from Babytrold

The Babytrold brand is known for making great products for children that can be bought at a good price. This is a good but cheap rain cover for 199,95 at Coop, Reflectors are attached for extra visibility, which is especially handy on a dark rainy day.

Rain cover from Sebra - with fly net

A nice rain cover from the brand Sebra. The hole can be closed off with a fly net to prevent small animals from getting into the baby's room. This is also smart if the stroller is stored outside. The rain cover can be stored in a small bag and is therefore easy to always have with you on your travels. The rain cover costs DKK 399.95 at Babygear.

Colourful rain cover from Smallstuff

If you want to add some colour to a rainy day, this rain cover from Smallstuff is a great choice. It's purple with yellow flowers on it, and looks festive on the pram. By the way, if you're into colour, we recommend you take a look at other Smallstuff rain covers, as there are lots of great ones to choose from. See more here.

A rain cover for your pushchair can be handy to have, as you can never be sure what the weather will be like when you're out and about. In Danish weather, it's almost indispensable.

If you are shopping for a pushchair, you should consider buying a rain cover, as it is not only rainproof but also protects against wind and acts as a mosquito net. There are rain covers that are made to fit the pram and are put over it and pressed on with buttons.

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Keep the rain out with a rain cover for your pram

With a pram rain cover, you get good quality and don't have to worry about a wet pram. Rain covers are made of nylon or polymer, which ensures that your pram is kept dry and provides climate control down in the pram, as no one wants the pram to get hot for your child from the cover. The rain cover can be quickly pulled over the pram when you feel the rain is coming. The rain cover can also be folded up again just as quickly when not in use. Most raincovers have a carrying case for storage.

Available in several colours and transparent, the rain cover is PVC-free and made of breathable material. There is usually a 2-year warranty on the stroller rain cover in case it becomes defective. Rain covers are available with a mosquito net window to prevent mosquitoes from getting to baby or with a reflective edge to allow the pram to be seen in the dark. The rain cover can be wiped clean and is recommended to be hand washed by soaking in cold water. The individual product will indicate this on the washing instructions.

Depending on whether the rain cover has been treated properly, it can easily last for many years.

One of the big advantages of a rain cover is that the stroller stays nice longer. However, you should be aware that if it's sunny and you leave the stroller outside with a rain cover on, it can get hot.

You can buy rain covers for your pram at Baby Dan ApS, a Danish company that puts quality and safety first.

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