Paw Patrol is a popular series filled with cute dogs and other animals. Many children of all ages enjoy watching the cute cartoon, which is why Paw Patrol toys are also in high demand among children. This includes the little figurines, teddy bears and DVDs of the popular series.

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Here is the cute dog Skye from Paw Patrol. She can be bought as a teddy bear at Gucca - click here to see more.

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Paw Patrol toys

Many children want Paw Patrol toys as they love the fun series with the popular dog patrol. It's healthy and safe for children to enjoy the joy of recognition, which is why Paw Patrol toys are sure to be a hit. That's why we've collected a range of Paw Patrol toys from different retailers. Look through the list and see if you can find just the Paw Patrol toy you're after. At the bottom of the article you will find an overview of the characters in the Paw Patrol series.

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Marshall with ambulance

Marshall is ready to save other animals and people. Here he appears with a nice red rescue car, where there is plenty of opportunity for play. The cute Dalmatian is always up for a game!

Pillow with Paw Patrol picture

A soft cushion quickly adds a little decoration and cosiness to your child's room. This one has a nice picture of the boy Ryder, who is the leader of the patrol. Around him are the cute puppies.

Chase - Super soft Paw Patrol teddy bear

If your child loves the Chase character, here he is in a smart jungle costume. The teddy bear is soft and cuddly. The teddy measures 20 cm.

Rubble at work

The cute and diligent dog Rubble is here in his working clothes, ready for the day's tasks. The cute Paw Patrol teddy bear is perfect for the little Paw Patrol fan. The teddy measures 20 cm in height and is the perfect companion to sleep or play with.

Build your own Paw Patrol fire truck

Now you can build your own fire truck so the patrol is ready to rescue the other characters. This Paw Patrol toy will be a particular hit with the child who loves to build and construct. The toy is suitable for children over 3 years.

Rocky from Paw Patrol in jungle clothes

Rocky is dressed for jungle and ready to play. A familiar character from Paw Patrol, the cute teddy is sure to excite any child who loves the film. The teddy measures 20 cm.

Paw Patrol toys | Lookout tower with slide, lift, lights and sounds

Paw Patrol DVDs

If your child or grandchild loves Paw Pawpatrol, he or she is sure to watch it again and again. Buy Paw Patrol DVDs here.

Folding chair with Paw Patrol motif

In this chair you can relax in the company of the cute dogs from Paw Patrol. The chair is not very high and is perfect for children. It has a padded seat that makes it comfortable and soft to sit in. The chair is easy to fold when not in use. The chair has pictures of the two dogs Skye and Everest.

Inflatable armchair with Skye and Everest

A lovely soft chair adorned with the motif of Skye and Everest from the popular dog patrol. The armchair is easy to inflate and then it's ready for relaxation.

Paw Patrol junior bed 70 x 140 cm

Does your child love Paw Patrol so much that he or she wants to sleep with the cute dogs? Then this junior bed is just the thing. It's made from sturdy MDF boards and features beautiful images of the popular dogs. Please note that the bed comes without a mattress.

Table and chairs for the children's room

A very nice set of tables and chairs that fits nicely in the children's room. Here is the opportunity to cozy up with a game of cards, to draw, or other activity. Both table and chair have nice pictures of Paw Patrol.

Characters from Paw Patrol


The lively boy Ryder, is the only human and also the leader of the Paw Patrol group. He loves working with his canine friends.


The handsome German shepherd, is the born leader and often takes charge of the patrol. If you don't already know, Chase has to look after cats and birds - he's allergic.

Rocky - the dog who advocates recycling

Rocky is a sweet mixed breed dog. He works with recycling, which is something he values highly. He is a grey dog wearing a green costume.


The friendly English bulldog who likes to skateboard and deal with construction. The dog is brown and white, and has a bulldogs friendly expression.


Skye loves to fly in helicopters, and is almost always seen wearing his aviator goggles.


Everest is the newest member of the Paw Patrol. She loves snow and fun, and loves to snowboard if the chance presents itself.


Zuma is a brown dog who loves to surf the water and play with his friends. Of course, he is always ready to help all his friends if they are in need.

Source: Paw Patrol official website