The Oball toy brand has become a classic in baby toys. Oball is made in a simple but colourful design. The toys help to both entertain and stimulate the senses of younger children. Oball is designed so that it is easy for the child to hold on to the toy and thereby practise the grasping complex. The range includes classic balls, cars, teething toys, rattles and bath toys.

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We show you a wide range of Oball toys for the little ones, so you can find the perfect gift. It could be a maternity gift, a birthday gift, an advent gift, a Christmas gift or a "just because" gift for a little one in your family or circle of friends.

Table of contents

Table of contents

We have made a table of contents so that it can easily give you an overview of the different categories we have put together with Oball toys. Here you can find inspiration for maternity gifts, birthday gifts and Christmas gifts. Click on the items below to read more about the brilliant toys.

Classic Oball toys

Oball Cars

Oball Toys and Rattles

Oball Swim Toys

Oball Plaster Box

Oball Baby Carriage Chain

That's why Oball is a great toy for the youngest children!

The Oball toy brand is made of a material that is easy for young children to hold and grasp. The toy can be pressed, stepped on and thrown without breaking. The classic balls can even be curled up and will always find their way back to their original shape. Oball helps to stimulate the child's senses of sight, hearing and fine motor skills. At the same time, the toy is brilliant for practicing throwing and grasping skills, so that the child can eventually master distance measurement and run comprehension. Stimulating and sensory toys are always an obvious gift idea, as the child can use the toy at an early age.

Classic Oball toys

Here is the classic Oball just with small built-in balls, so it can also be used as a rattle. The ball is super easy for the child to hold because of the design and is also very easy to play and throw. It is available in green, orange and pink.

This Rainstick is a large version of the classic Oball. This model has a rattle in the middle, but with holes so the little balls can roll through. It is easy to grip and fun to roll when the little balls rattle along.

Wobble Bobble gives the child a lot of sensory experiences. When something touches the sides of the ball, it will shake and tumble along the floor in different directions. It's a great activity ball for both play and motor skills because of the colourful design, the textures on the surface itself and the silly sounds when the ball shakes. It uses 3xAAA batteries.

Oball bouncing ball with crossbar that makes funny sounds and can bounce when the ball is shaken. The ball is easy for the child to hold due to the classic Oball design and also helps to strengthen the child's motor skills. The ball measures 16 cm in diameter.

Anyway Stacker is a colourful stacking toy with 5 wavy stacking rings. Fine motor skills, creativity and logic are all put to the test as there are several different stacking options.

Oball cars

Oball car with built-in rattle in the wheels. The car has a diameter of 10 cm. and is available in these two colours. The car is easy to drive around, hold and fun to shake with the little balls built into the wheels.

Nice and colorful dump truck that has a load that can be tipped. The truck is easy to drive and has the same fun grid on the load as the original Oball balls, which is super easy for the child to grip.

Go Grippers Speedway track that can lift the cars up and start the race all over again. The cars have good speed down the ramp and can really invite hours of fun entertainment. The track has a nice colourful design and helps to strengthen the child's motor skills. One car is included in the set.

Oball teething toys and rattles

This Grip & Play rattle with suction cup is just to have standing on the table and thus can not move when the child moves and pushes it. Super nice and colourful design with sound from the many built-in balls. Good for motor training and visual simulation.

Super nice rattle in new version and here with the colours green and blue. The rattle has small coloured balls in the middle. It is therefore both nice for baby to look at and easy to hold.

This Roller with rattle can be crawled or ridden with. It is easy to hold and has a built-in rattle that makes it extra fun to run around with. It measures 61 cm in length and the ball measures 15 cm in diameter.

The keys are made of soft material that the little ones can use for sore gums. The product is 100% phthalate free and dishwasher safe. The keys are in nice colours and ideal for when the child needs to practice holding on to things.

Oball bath toys

Tuppy Scoop Friends help make bath time a little more fun. The big blue whale can be filled with water and then the water will come out of little holes in the bottom. The turtle has a wheel that the child can turn around. The starfish and octopus can float. The motifs have nice colours and cute details.

This floating toy will only make bath time more fun for your little one. The ball has many nice colours and is easy for the child to hold on to because of the large holes. A great bath toy for little ones and easy to dry afterwards.

Submarine for the bath to make it just a little more fun to get in the shower. The submarine can be pulled up so that it can sail around the bath itself. Super fun toy in nice colours that also helps to strengthen the child's motor skills.

A bathing duck that can be used both in the bath or the pool. It is easy for the child to hold and floats on the water. Simple bath toy in Oball design. The duck is available in Blue, Yellow and Red.

Oball Plaster Box

In this puzzle box there are 4 animal shapes that have to be put into the matching holes in the ball. The ball is easy for the child to hold and play with. Nice colours and simple design for the little ones.

Oball Baby Carriage Chain

Baby carriage chain in a fine and colourful design. It is easy to attach to either a pram or pushchair. It is possible to add the classic Oball toy using the matching hanging rings which can also be purchased separately. They are available in many colours and designs.