Names with hyphen

There are many beautiful hyphenated names, also called double names, and that is why many children are given these names. However, this certainly doesn't mean that your child will be called the same as everyone else. The good thing about hyphenated names is that they are very easy to make unique. Take a look here and find great hyphenated boys' and girls' names.

What is unique about a hyphenated name?

In recent years, it has become popular to give children two first names. It's both cute and nice, and it also allows for more variety, not to mention choosing two whole names that you and the other parent like.

When you choose to have the two first names joined by a hyphen, this means that the child will be called both names. For example, if your baby is called Asta Marie, most people will just call her Asta. But if the name is Asta-Marie then it will be seen as one name. When a double name is joined by a hyphen, they work together as one name.

How do you choose the two names?

If you like the hyphen in your child's name, it's a good idea to make sure the two names go well together. It should sound a bit fluent and be easy to say.

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As a rule, it is most common to choose double names, where each name has two syllables. For example, Klara-Marie.

However, it has also become both popular and common to choose short names as second names. For example, "My". So it becomes Asta-My.

Among boys' names, however, it is often seen with two short names that together form a double name. Examples are Karl-Emil or Thor-Leif.

Most importantly, though, remember that it should be a name that suits your baby and that you parents like.

Get inspired for the right name

Read through our list below and be inspired to choose a name for your child. You may also be considering a old Danish name or one of the popular names. First, we start with ideas for names that work well in doubles:


  • My
  • Gry
  • Marie
  • Rose
  • Sofie
  • May


  • Emil
  • Nohr
  • Carl / Karl

Try to take the name you like and put one of these names behind it. Below we have some ready-made suggestions for you.

Boy names with hyphen

  • Noah-Emil
  • Theo-Emil
  • Karl-Emil
  • Clara-Sofie
  • Christian-Theodor

Girl names with hyphen

  • Ditte-Marie
  • Ida-Marie
  • Ella-Rose
  • Rosa-Maria
  • Anne-Maj

Old double names

This kind of name has been popular for many years, which is why many of the old double names are still popular today, just as the old Danish names in general are hugely popular today. The old double names have their own charm.

The old double names like Karl-Emil or Karl-Johan are still often used, while others like Poul-Erik or Niels-Christian are not seen so often.

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This is the best thing about double names

With a double name, you get twice as many options - and you can combine it however you like. Although there are many classic hyphenated names, it's not necessary to choose one of these at all. In fact, you can choose whatever you like.

Another advantage is that the child will have the opportunity to change his or her names later in life. At some point, your child may prefer to use only one of his or her two names, or both. Remember, however, that the double hyphen means that the name is considered to be one name.

Good luck with the name hunt!