List of big sister gift or big brother gift

Mark a huge milestone in life with a big sister gift or a big brother gift. Having a sibling is both a gift, but it can also be hard on the big one who now has to share mom and dad's attention. With a gift for a big brother or sister, you'll make the transition easier and the big one will be beaming with pride. Find the perfect gift ideas here!

When you come home from the hospital with your little one, everything at home has changed. Mum and Dad will be more tired and it may be hard for siblings of all ages to adjust to having a little brother or sister who can't really play with them yet.

Prevent sibling jealousy by giving the older sibling a big sister or big brother gift. It makes them feel seen too, and it makes them a little more excited about the arrival of a new baby.

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Which gift should you choose?

It's a good idea to choose a gift that will provide hours of play, and preferably something that you as parents can join in with, even if you have a small baby.

It could be a game, a puzzle, beads or something else. Think about what your child would find fun to play with. Here you also need to think about what age he or she is.

If you don't know which gift to choose, don't worry - on this page we've collected a number of great gift suggestions for the big sibling!

A cute doll

A perfect gift for the new big sister or brother. The doll can both help your child learn how to treat a baby, and it might be a bit more fun to watch your little brother or sister when you have a baby of your own to look after.

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For lots of play with the doll, give big sister a real baby doll.

Favourite movie

With a newborn in the house, it's bound to be a little more busy for mum and dad. So it can be a nice break for the big one to sit and watch some cartoons. You can do that too, even if you're breastfeeding or bottle-feeding with baby in your arms.

So as a gift for the new big brother - or sister - you can buy a good children's cartoon that they can enjoy watching again and again.

Barbie doll

Many hours can be spent playing with barbies. At the same time, they are some nice dolls that the little one doesn't find interesting yet. Therefore, it is a good gift for the big one, so he or she can get some toys as a gift that are for big kids.

Large fire station

If you really want a special gift, this beautiful fire station is a good choice. There really is a lot to play with here. Cars can drive up and down the ramp and put out the city's fires.

It's very sturdy, so it can easily stand up to wild play if your big brother or sister isn't that old yet.

Large puzzle

Another gift that can last for hours. This large jigsaw puzzle forms a fun car track on the floor where cars can zoom around.

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A jigsaw puzzle is a great gift idea, as it encourages a little quiet play you can easily do even if the little one is sleeping sweetly.

Why give a gift to big sister or big brother?

No matter how old your first child is, when a little one, it will undeniably be a whole new situation at home.

It's pouring in with maternity guests who are about to fall in swooning over the newborn, gorgeous baby, while the big one used to be the centre of attention.

At the same time, the big sister or big brother has to get used to suddenly to be "the big one". New demands are made and baby needs to be taken into account. With a gift for the big one might make the transition a little easier.

Is a little sister or brother not gift enough?

Siblings are a gift - most people can agree on that. The probably one of the reasons you chose to have the child in the first place. a sibling.

But from the perspective of a 2-year-old or a 3-year-old, a baby might not be the most exciting thing? After all, they can't join in the play, and they take up a lot of time breastfeeding, changing nappies and rocking. That's why it's really wonderful and has a great impact on the big sibling that he or she gets a little gift.

How much should the gift cost?

The important thing is not really what the gift costs, but probably more that it's there. Most people end up giving a gift that costs 2-300 crowns. In this price range, you can find a lot of toys that would make a great gift for big brother or big sister.

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If it is a slightly older child, say 9-10 years old it may be more difficult to choose toys. At this age they don't play as much but they are still children.

Here you have to think about finding something that they think is cool and exciting. It could be a toy drone, some complicated LEGO or maybe some nice new clothes to show off at school.

Prevent sibling jealousy

Besides a gift, there are plenty of other ways you can prevent jealousy between your two children. However, it can be hard to be in when you're just become the mother or father of two, and at the same time have to accommodate the fact that your first child might feel unloved.

Although it is a natural thing, it is of course difficult. Here's some advice to think about before you give birth, so you can make sure there's no envy between your two golden nuggets:

  • Let the big one help with nappy changing and changing the little one's clothes
  • Remember that a small baby is not always so exciting for a child of 2-3 years
  • Do things alone with the big one when the opportunity presents itself
  • Read books about becoming a big sister or brother
  • Give days off to your firstborn so he or she feels included in the new family structure you all have to get used to