Lego Technic is a series from Lego that is aimed at older children and adults. Here you get the opportunity to really challenge yourself, while having hours of fun. The products from Lego Technic are available in several price ranges and levels of difficulty. Here you have to look at what age they are recommended for.

See selection of exciting machines, racing cars etc. below

Cheap Lego Technic for kids & adults

If you've already decided you want something from Lego Technic, you'll obviously want to get it at the cheapest price. Here, it is recommended to look online, as there can be a lot of money to save - and even a larger selection. The cheapest prices and best deals on Lego Technic can be found at - see their webshop here.

Road crew - build two vehicles

This Lego Technic pack comes with 365 bricks to build two great roadwork vehicles. Sets cost 200 kr. at, where there is a large selection of cheap Lego Technic as well as many other great and fun products from Lego.

Cool fire truck for Lego Technic

This beautiful fire engine will provide hours of fun for children aged 9-16, but probably also for many adults who are interested in engineering. Once assembled, the fire truck has many cool features and functions. These include lwarning lights, headlamps and functioning steering and suspension. The car has good strong tyres with rims that look very realistic. The fire truck here is seen at Lirumlarumleg for 349.95 kr.

Assemble your own racing car with engine

Another cool car from the popular Lego Technic. This racing car has its own traction motor, making it a fun and exciting challenge for the car-loving child - or car-loving adult. The racing car has large wheels and a very authentic look. If the car needs even more technical features, it can be combined with other parts to make it even more fun. The car costs 179.95 here.

Large truck with many details - ultimate challenge to build this truck

This truck from Lego Technic has really many details that make it both fun and challenging to assemble. In the assembled truck you will find cab, detailed dashboard and steering wheel, sun visor, adjustable seats, bunk bed, and under the hood you're a delicious 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons and rotary cooling fan. There are many hours of entertainment with the truck. A great occupation for the technically minded pre-teen or teenager. The box says from 11 years, but then the child will probably need the help of an adult along the way as there are many details to put in place.

Very nice Porche! The great collectible from Lego Technic

This set is probably best to invest in if you have already tried your hand at Lego Technic and know that assembling technical models is for you. In this set, you get a whole 2,704 which are used to assemble the Porsche, which is also a real collector's item. This set from Lego Technic is not for the little ones, but is recommended for children aged 16 and over. The porch from Lego Technic is seen for around 2.800 kr. just here.

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See more about the Porch and its technical capabilities in the video below.

LEGO Technic - Live your engineering dreams

Have you always dreamed of becoming an engineer? You now have the opportunity to build control systems, crane arms, advanced gearboxes or piston engines that are usually the preserve of mechanics and engineers. LEGO Technic is an exciting universe of realistic, detailed and authentic models of machines and iconic vessels. The concept was released in 1977 as 'Expert Builder' due to its advanced designs, but was renamed 'LEGO Technic' in 1984.

The models have many amazing and detailed features. You can explore the exclusive and super fast racing cars, stunt bikes, rescue fire truck, pioneer car, helicopter, container transport or the multifunctional LEGO Power Functions Motors to make your building projects run and function as real-life constructions.

For children of all ages

LEGO Technic offers a great building and playing experience whether you are a child or a toddler. The products are aimed at children from around 9 years old. LEGO Technic or LEGO Teknik, as the series is called in English, varies in difficulty and can be built in all sorts of different ways. However, one thing is certain - all the models are detailed down to the smallest detail, so you get the most advanced and well-functioning equipment. Will you be transporting large amounts of cargo with LEGO Technic Container Transport, which includes an articulated truck with trailer that can be hitched by two large containers and a sturdy reachstacker, or will you be going on board a giant research ship with a large command bridge, crane, runway, a submarine and a helicopter? Then LEGO Technic is for you.

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How LEGO Technic works

LEGO Technic is the most advanced series from LEGO. There are many different elements and models. You get advanced models with complex moving elements, such as machines with wheels or working front blades. The great thing about LEGO Technic is that all the constructions can be converted into new cool models, so only your imagination can limit the possibilities. You're guaranteed lots of fun, challenging and creative hours with LEGO Technic.