Cargo bikes have become very popular among families with children. A cargo bike has plenty of space for both children and shopping bags, and it's a super easy and economical way to get around. Although cargo bikes take up a lot more space than a regular bike, you see a lot of them in big cities and more and more people want a cargo bike.

If you're considering a cargo bike, read on to find out what to look out for and which cargo bikes are available. This will make it easier to find the best cargo bike for children. Here we've listed cargo bikes that are all good bets to be the best cargo bike for kids

Christania Bikes cargo bike with space for children

At Coop you can buy this beautiful and classic cargo bike with room for two children in the barn, plus a backpack or some goods. The bike is without electricity, which also keeps the price at a really reasonable level. The bike costs €14,199.

Incl. 7 gears, children's bench, belly harness and kaleche, in case it rains or is very windy and cold. A really good cargo bike for kids where you get a lot for your money!

Electric cargo bike with space for children

If you're into the electric cargo bike, this Mustang is a good bet. The price at Coop is 17.499 kr.

With two kids, yourself and maybe some luggage on board, getting up the hill can get really tough. You'll overcome this problem with an electric cargo bike, as the small electric motor on the back helps you get going at full speed. This model is a good bet for the best cargo bike for children, as it has an electric motor and a good, spacious load.

You can go 25-30 km on a charge. There are harnesses in the cargo bike, so children sit comfortably and safely. The motor switches off automatically when you go more than 25 km/h. A cargo bike of reasonable quality! Read more about it here.

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Winther Cargo Bike

This cargo bike from Winther is clearly one of the most popular cargo bikes. It can be purchased at Fri Bikeshop, among others, and is available both online and in store. Winther generally makes bikes and cycling equipment of super good quality, so it's definitely worth a look. Find out more about it via the button below.

Thule bike trailer for two children

A good bike trailer for two children is a good alternative to the cargo bike. Here you get the advantage of being able to take the trailer off the bike. This way you have both your normal bicycle and the possibility to transport two children by bicycle anyway.

This bike trailer from Thule also has a luggage compartment with space for bags or pouches. The bike trailer can also be used as a stroller, which is handy if you need to do some shopping on the way home.

Winther Dolphin bicycle trailer

The Winther bike trailer is clearly one of the best options when it comes to transporting your child around by bike. The trailer is of superb quality and has plenty of space. It can also be used as a stroller.

This trailer has a height of 70 cm. This is higher than many other trailers on the market. Despite this, the trailer is one of the narrowest, taking up only 80 cm in width, making it easy to get around in traffic. It can therefore seem less clumsy than a cargo bike. If you're bringing groceries home, there's plenty of room in the 60-litre luggage compartment.

Baby seat for bike trailer

If you're bringing a baby in the Dolphin trailer, you can add a baby seat for optimum comfort. You can buy the baby seat here. 

Bobike bicycle seat - another alternative to the cargo bike

A bike seat is perhaps the easiest way to get your child around on the bike. Of course, it has the limitation that it only fits one child, but on the other hand you can use your bike as normal. The two leading bike seats are this one from Bobike and then the one from Yepp. You can buy both at a good price online, for example here.

Bobbike bike seat for mounting on the back of the bike. 679 kr. Go to store

On a bike you have a completely different freedom than in a car.

What you need to know before buying a cargo bike for children

A cargo bike is, as the name suggests, a bike with a front cargo area that can accommodate children. Typically, a cargo bike can fit two children, but it is actually possible to get cargo bikes that can fit as many as 6 children (!). A cargo bike for kids is an easy way to get around.

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In recent years, cargo bikes have become extremely popular, especially among families with children in cities. Even the Crown Prince takes his 4 children around on a cargo bike.

The most well-known cargo bike is probably the Christania bike. Its concept and design is so popular that it has been exported and is now a well-known and popular bike in several countries.

What is your need?

Of course, before you buy the best cargo bike for kids, you need to consider what your needs are. Do you need to carry two children or enough room for a third child plus shopping bags?

Whether you're using the bike for special occasions, like a nice Sunday ride, or using it as a means of transport in everyday life, also has a big impact on which model is the best cargo bike for kids.

Finally, of course, you need to consider how much money you want to spend on the cargo bike.

  • How many children should the bike be able to hold?
  • Is the bicycle to be used as a means of transport in everyday life?
  • How much money do you want to spend on a cargo bike?

How to carry small children in the cargo bike

Children who can sit up themselves can of course sit up in the cargo bike, where they must be securely fastened. A harness can be included in the price, and is usually available as an optional extra. Remember to check this before buying so you know the real price.

Of course, children must also wear bicycle helmets in the cargo bike. You can buy approved, safe bicycle helmets at Fahrradpartner. Go to cycling partner.

Baby seat for cargo bike

If the children cannot sit on their own, you can choose to transport them by putting a lift in the cargo bike. On some cargo bikes it is possible to fit a cargo bike baby seat, or baby insert as some call it, down in the cargo. That way your child will be safe and comfortable, even if he's not that big.

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Others choose to buy a used car seat and use it as a kind of baby seat for the cargo bike.

Ask your dealer about the options for installing a baby seat in the cargo bike.

Which cargo bike is best for children?

When buying a cargo bike for children, the first thing to do is to test for safety. The bike should have approved brakes and the load should include harnesses for the children, or the option to purchase these.

Y-belts are most commonly used as they are easy to buckle and fit snugly and securely. In the best cargo bike for children, the children should sit well and safely.

Secondly, the bike itself should not be too heavy. When you, your child or children, and a few shopping bags or the changing bag are also added, the cargo bike becomes even heavier. You need good leg strength when riding a cargo bike, so do yourself a favour and choose a cargo bike that doesn't weigh too much. A reasonable weight for a cargo bike is around 30 kg.

  • Safety must be top priority
  • The bike should not be too heavy (about 30 kg.)
  • There must be enough space
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Finally, check with yourself whether there is enough space on the cargo bike. If you're only going to take your kids for the occasional fun ride, you might not need the biggest cargo bike for kids you can find.

If you need to transport your children to and from nursery or crèche, and do the shopping on the way home - then you'll probably be happy with a cargo bike with plenty of space.

Cheap cargo bike for kids

Fortunately, if price is a factor, it is possible to get a cheap cargo bike. If you scroll down further, you will find two examples of a cheap cargo bike; namely the husky cargo bike, which is a good bet for the best cargo bike for children.

A cheap cargo bike doesn't have to be a bad cargo bike. The bike most people know as the original cargo bike is probably the Christania bike, which was developed in close cooperation with the residents of the Copenhagen sanctuary, Christania. Since then, the brand has been exported and is now a well-known concept.

Since then, there have been a number of successors that are cheaper but still good cargo bikes.

Why you should cycle with your children

The bike is a great alternative to the car and there are many good reasons to choose the iron horse when you need to transport yourself and your child, or children, from A to B. On a bike, you get free exercise while your children get plenty of fresh air and experiences.

When you cycle instead of driving, you emit no CO2, which is good for the environment. That's another reason to pedal with good conscience.

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Especially in big cities, cycling is often the fastest way to get around, because you don't have to queue. In addition, you can easily take the back roads, rather than being forced to stay on the main roads.

  • Free exercise
  • Plenty of fresh air
  • No Co2 emissions
  • No queue

Make everyday life easier

In most families, everyday life is a minor logistical challenge. There are pick-ups and drop-offs from nursery, kindergarten and school, and you may have only one car or none at all. This is where the bike comes in as the golden solution.

One can drop off the children by bike and the other can pick them up by car. That way you don't have to pack a pushchair in the car, plus it's quicker on the bike.

If you choose a cargo bike, there's plenty of opportunity to talk together about the things you see while cycling. In the cargo bike, the children sit in front of the driver and you can easily talk together.