A pram cup holder may be a luxury item, but it's nevertheless really smart for mums and dads out and about with the pram. The pram cup holder has space for the drink for either parent or child. Especially if you're breastfeeding, you'll quickly discover that water should always be within reach. The cup holder is also ideal for the feeding bottle. Here we have found various practical solutions for a cup holder for the pram, all in different price ranges.

Solid cup holder for pram

This cup holder is made for baby joggers, but can be fitted to virtually any stroller. It is very sturdy and a good size. There is space for either a large drinking cup or a cup of coffee. The holder has a smart feature that makes the plastic fit tightly around the cup, thereby minimising the risk of spillage or the cup falling out. Also suitable for feeding bottles. The cup easily attaches to the stroller and stays firmly in place. Buy for 248 DKK at Babygear.

Universal cup holder for stroller or pram

The cup holder here has a rather modern look with two colours. It is a universal cup holder and therefore fits most strollers. It's easy to fit, which means it can also be quickly moved to another trolley if needed. With its price of 149 kr. right here, it is also among the cheapest solutions for a cup holder.

Smart organiser with cup holder and space for knick-knacks

This smart bag is made to fit on the handlebar of the stroller, so you have easy access to drinks, phone, soothers and whatever else you like to keep within reach. The bag even has a pocket for a tablet if baby wants to watch some cartoons while on the go. A smart touch for long trips. The bag gives the pram a little extra utility and you always have the essentials within arm's reach, but without baby being able to pick at them. Set at Babygear for 300 kr.

Stylish bag for the handlebar of the pram

This bag is not only practical, but also a stylish addition to the pram. It has space for bottles in the pockets on the side and more space for small items inside the bag itself. It can be closed so that no one can see into the bag, which is smart if you have valuable items in there. It attaches easily to the handlebars with two straps. The bag costs 424 kr. at Babygear

Cup holder pram 

Is baby due soon and are you buying the essentials? Maybe the baby has already arrived and everyday life is a flurry of nappy changes and baby crying. Life as a parent is both amazing and hard, and anything that can make everyday life easier is welcomed, which is where the pram cup holder comes in. 


Is a cup holder for the pram nønecessary?  

That's a question you'll find the answer to yourself, and pretty quickly. When you have a small child and you're going away, there's a lot of stuff to pack and it can be hard to fit it all in. That's where the pram cup holder comes in handy, because when everything has its place, everything is usually easier. When you're on the move, baby will need a drink in case of thirst, but where do you put the cup? Fortunately, many cups have lids, but the chance of baby pulling the lid off and the pram suddenly being washed is a real possibility, and especially if you don't know where to put the cup, it often ends up in the foot of the pram. But with a cup holder, it becomes a little easier. There's room for the sippy cup, it's out of reach and closer to you.  


Fæadjusting the cup holder

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There are many different cup holders, and one is guaranteed to fit your pushchair. Many attach to the handles and often with a ring that locks with a small screw, easy and simple, like putting a bell on your bike. Other cup holders are also available with a small table attached, where you can store your phone or pacifier if you wish. You can even get cup holders with an extra bag, which can be fastened around the handle with Velcro. And remember that the cup holder can be used not only for baby's things, but also for your coffee or water.