Here's how to choose the best Christmas gift for a girl. We've listed a bunch of great toys and more to inspire you to find just the Christmas gift for a girl you're looking for.

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Christmas is the children's party

It's no secret that children's expectations of Christmas Eve are now quite high. That's why Christmas is known as "The Children's Festival", and of course that means lots of good Christmas presents for children.

Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Girls - BEST Christmas Gift for Girl!

Doll folding cart

A doll's pushchair is a great Christmas gift for a girl. This model is from the brand Molly, and is very robust in its design. It therefore has a good durability. The seat can be folded up and down, a harness for the dolls, and a shopping basket under the stroller. Set at 299,95 kr.

Toolbox from Brio

Nice toolbox from Brio with a lot of accessories. So there is plenty of opportunity for the little craftsman to repair, hammer and screw. Children love to imitate what adults do, so there's plenty of opportunity for play with this great toolbox (from 3 years).

Barbie dolls and accessories

For many years, Barbie has been one of the most popular toys for girls, especially as Christmas and birthday presents. At Gucca you will find many different Barbie dolls, and a host of accessories. All of which help to create lots of opportunities for role play.

Christmas gift for girl: A dollhouse brings much joy

Now that you are looking for the best Christmas gift for a girl, you should consider a dollhouse. Children, perhaps especially girls, have played with dollhouses for generations - and for good reason. A doll's house is a great gift idea that allows for hours of play. As well as being ideal for role play, the dolls house is a great gift idea for Christmas or a birthday, as the girl can keep wanting more accessories. Hours can be spent decorating the different rooms and living out the dolls' everyday lives.

Why a doll's house is a good Christmas present for a girl

  • Ideal for role play
  • The girl may want more accessories eventually
  • Possibility to decorate the dollhouse again and again.

If you are considering a doll's house as a Christmas present for a girl, here are three examples of beautiful doll's houses. You can buy lots of accessories for all the dollhouses mentioned.

Djeco dollhouse - modern design

If you're looking for a dolls' house with a modern look, this one from Djeco is a good choice. It's made in France and has large glass facades for plenty of light. It's a super nice Christmas gift for a girl. You can buy a lot of accessories for Djeco dollhouses.

Frozen toys: Christmas gifts for girls with Anna and Elsa

Disney's blockbuster Frozen premiered in the US in 2013 and has since spread to the rest of the world. Many children are so fond of the two main characters, Anna and Elsa, that they also want Frozen-themed toys for Christmas or birthday. There really are a lot of different toys featuring Frost. We've chosen to show you some of the best, and link to retailers where you can find many more toys featuring the famous characters from Frost. If your child (also) loves Frost, then Frost toys will definitely be a good Christmas gift idea for girls.

Frost night lamp and flashlight in one

Many children really like a night light to light up the dark. A night light with Anna and Elsa is a great Christmas gift idea for a girl. It's both fun and exciting, as well as a practical Christmas gift that will delight both child and parent.

Frost wooden toy box

This toy storage box is another great and practical Christmas gift. Use the box to create less clutter in your room. It's quite spacious and has room for quite a few toys. The box is decorated with beautiful pictures of Anna and Elsa. Measurements: 62.23 L x 39.37 W x 33.66 H cm

Frost shelf - decorates the room

A nice shelf for the children's room, with plenty of space for good books. The shelf features beautiful images of the characters from Frost. A great Christmas gift for a girl, which also creates more order in the room.

Babyborn doll: The Christmas gift for the girl who loves dolls

Babyborn is a plastic doll that is particularly suitable for slightly older girls. The doll can move its arms, legs and head. There are many accessories to buy for the Babyborn doll, which has certainly helped to make it so popular over the years. The doll is a great Christmas gift for a girl, as she may want more accessories for it on an ongoing basis.

Babyborn doll

The cute babyborn doll has a total of 8 features. The doll says when it's thirsty and needs comforting when it cries. The package comes with a lot of accessories.

  •  Pot
  • Plate
  • Ske
  • Friendship Bracelet
  • Bag chain
  • Feeding Bottle
  • Ble
  • Sut
  • Porridge
  • Birth certificate

Each doll has its own birth certificate, and is a completely unique doll. Babyborn makes doll play a little more fun because of the many features it has.

When do children play with Babyborn?

The baby doll is suitable for children from 3 - 7 years according to the manufacturer. However, you can easily give the doll as a Christmas gift to a girl of 2 years old, as she will also enjoy the doll. Many 2-year-old girls are already very interested in dolls.

Lift for Babyborn doll

When it's time to put the doll to bed, this lift is perfect for Babyborn. However, it can also be used for other dolls. The lift is a great Christmas gift for girls as it enhances the possibility of role play.

Doll carriage

Is there anything better than being out for a spin? It's possible with this beautiful doll carriage that fits the Babyborn doll. It comes with a changing bag that matches the design. The cradle can be folded up and down. The handlebar is adjustable so it can be adjusted as the baby grows. The stroller itself can be turned both ways, so the doll can look forward or towards the doll's mom/dad.

One of the most fun things about playing with dolls is undressing and dressing them. Clothing for the babyborn doll is therefore a great Christmas gift idea for a girl. There are many different sets of clothes to choose from. The outfit shown is a "street" outfit that doll will be really cool in.

Beads and bead plates for children

If there's one thing that's hot with kids right now, it's beads and beadboard. The most popular beads are Hama beads and bead plates, which are super good quality and come in many colours. Laying beads on bead boards is a great game for kids. Besides being fun, it really tests fine motor skills. It's a game that requires concentration and even sitting still, which is always good to practice. Beads are a great Christmas gift for girls and for boys if they like to immerse themselves and do something creative.

The beads are available in three different sizes:

  • Hama Maxi beads (best for children)
  • Hama Midi beads
  • Hama Mini beads

Maxi beads are in most cases the best choice when choosing Christmas gifts for girls. They are a little bigger, and therefore easier to play with. Remember to always supervise your child when she plays with beads. Especially the smaller children, who can still find themselves putting them in their mouths or the like. Beads are recommended for children over 3 years old.

Hama beads - choose from many colors

If you've decided to buy Hama beads for your girl for Christmas, there are lots of colours to choose from. Maybe there is a favourite colour you can choose but otherwise just pick the colour that looks best. There are also gold and silver beads.

Ironing paper for bead plates

When you are done with a bead board, you can iron it. That way you can save the image and hang it up to decorate. For this you will need an iron, ironing board and ironing paper.

Read below how to iron the beads with baking paper.

Iron bead plates - How to

When junior has made a nice bead board and wants to perpetuate it, you can iron it quite easily. To iron a bead board, place it on the ironing board with a piece of baking paper or ironing board over it. Gently iron over all the beads - don't press too hard so you hit the bead board's own prongs.

When you have ironed one side, you can carefully remove the beads from the bead plate. The beads should come off in one piece. Now gently iron the other side. Allow the beads to cool until they have dried in. Then place it in a book or under something heavy. This will prevent the corners from bending up.

  • Do not press too hard when ironing
  • Use baking paper or tin foil (avoid tin foil - it sticks to the iron and the beads)
  • Put the beads in a press when they have cooled down and are no longer sticky

Once the beads have been pressed for a few hours, they are ready to be hung on a string. They can also be used as really nice Christmas decorations for the home or the Christmas tree.

Lego bricks

Lego has been a super popular toy for children of all ages for many years. There are no limits to what you can build with Lego bricks. It is therefore a great Christmas gift for girls, as well as boys, as children really get to use their imagination. You can buy many different kinds of packs with all kinds of shapes and forms.

Lego makes two kinds of Lego bricks: Lego Duplo and Lego blocks for older children.

Lego Duplo - Lego for the little ones

Lego duplo bricks are larger than regular bricks and therefore do not pose any choking hazard to children under 3 years. On the package, Lego Duplo is recommended for children from 2 - 5 years. However, many children can benefit from the blocks even before the age of 2.

Lego Duplo Farm

Then it's time to keep track of the animals on the farm. This set includes animals, a tractor, fences, stables and much more. There's plenty of fun for the little ones with this Duplo farm.

Minnie Mouse bow shop

Here's the Christmas gift for the girl who loves Minnie Mouse. The box is filled with blocks in pretty pink colours. The package inContains 70 different parts, and a Minnie Mouse and Andersine figure.