When does baby play with toys

Baby plays throughout his childhood, but of course there is a big difference in how play is, and the question of when baby plays with toys, therefore depends largely on what toys you have in mind. In the very first weeks, the most important thing is really parental closeness. But after a few weeks, baby can already start playing with rattles, hanging toys, music and similar fun things.

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In fact, you could say that the very young baby is not playing, but spending its time finding out what life is all about. They learn one little thing at a time, and take those lessons with them. There are three fundamental things that toys should help teach your tiny baby. The first thing baby needs to learn is gravity. Things fall down, not up. Next is horizontal and vertical. The last thing in this play and learning phase is the so-called pendulum, which means that when baby pushes something, it comes back again.

Toys that help your child learn more in the first months: Uroer, bite toys, rattles and colourful toys for the playground

The very small baby is not very mobile, and therefore the first toy will be what he can reach. Baby will carefully examine one object at a time, and will need lots of concentration to grasp, move something from one hand to the other, shake an object and move an object.

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As a parent, you can support your child's learning and play by providing toys and objects in different colours, different materials and different shapes. In this way, he will strengthen the different senses.

In the first weeks of your baby's life, play and toys should not be too overstimulating. If you choose to put him on an activity blanket, it's a good idea not to have too many toys on it, and preferably nothing that's flashing or noisy. You can throw 3-4 toys on the activity mat, but as I said, make sure it's not too overwhelming for baby.