What is a continental bed?

Considering a new bed, you may have been thinking: What is a continental bed?

You can get the answer on this page. A continental bed differs significantly from the ordinary box mattresses because it has three layers. This is precisely what makes it of the most popular and best beds. Stay tuned for answers to what makes a continental bed is.

A continental bed originated in the USA, where the bed and its particular construction first became popular. A continental bed consists of three mattresses:

  • Top mattress
  • In the middle a spring mattress
  • Bottom a box mattress

So what does continental bed mean? It's these three mattresses that together make up the bed's unique structure.

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The three layers of a continental bed
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When you sleep in a continental bed, your body is supported by as many as three layered mattresses. You will sleep like a king or queen in your new continental bed. And the bed looks great in your bedroom!

What you need to be especially when buying a continental bed is that all three mattresses now also are of good quality.

Unfortunately, there are so much on the bottom layer that it does not support at all. You should buy the bed from a trustworthy dealer, where you get good quality for value for money.

Fortunately, that doesn't mean you can't find a good but cheap continental bed. There are many providers on the market for beds, if you buy online. Here, the prices are really low. Buy your new bed online at the retailer Better Nights. You get free delivery and a 100-day trial.

🛌 What is a continental bed?

Here's a short and concise answer to your question about, what is a continental bed:

This type of bed differs from, for example, an ordinary box mattress by the construction of the bed itself.

In fact, a continental bed consists of three layers: the bottom is a box mattress, then a spring mattress and finally a top mattress to complete the comfort and support your body to the maximum.

The three layers improve the sleep experience and it is guaranteed the main reason why a continental bed has become more popular in recent years. popular and can be found in many Danish homes.

Besides the comfort itself, the bed looks really nice and you certainly don't have to hide it under a bedspread. You can add a that really completes the look and makes you want to take a nice nap right away.

The bed gets a certain height

The three layers also mean that a continental bed is higher than other beds. What you need to know before you buy it.

A higher bed gives you the feeling of being "out of bed" instead of "out of bed". It actually means a lot more than you you might have thought.  

Several people have found that they sleep better when they get a little higher, and it's a little easier to get out of bed in the morning.

With a nice new bed, you can finally wake up full of energy! Remember that at Better Nights can get interest-free financing on your new bed.

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Continental bed - what is it?

Continental beds consist of the previously mentioned three mattresses. And here you need to pay close attention to the springs and not least mattress choice.

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Good springs are the alpha omega for your comfort and for the life of your bed. As an answer to the question of what is a continental bed, we can also answer that it is a bed that has an incredibly long durability compared to other beds.

And again therefore it can pay off to invest a bit more in the bed, as this money is really well spent.

Hopefully, you now have the answer to your question - what is a continental bed. Now we'll move on to your choice of mattress.

Sense Lux Continental bed from Better Nights

This delicious bed from Better Nights ensures you the wonderful sleeping experience you've always dreamed of! Here you get 7 comfort zones in the mattress. Most have only 5 comfort zones.

In addition, you get good quality in all three mattresses of the bed. You can choose both the firmness and the material of the top mattress, so you are sure to get a bed that suits you and your body perfectly.

The mattress has a comfort layer of hybrid foam. It is the most elastic foam produced in Denmark and it gives the whole bed a characteristic blend of breathability, support and durability that you will enjoy well off when you sleep.

The whole bed is made in Denmark, which guarantees you good quality and the best materials. Remember there is a price guarantee at Better Nights and a 100-day trial on your new bed.

Springs and mattress in your new bed

Always check the springs in all three layers before buying. The best springs you can get are the so-called bag springs. Here all the springs are inside each bag, which extends their life and resilience, and prevents from tangling.

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When it comes to the firmness of your mattress, it depends on both your weight and body shape.

When you need to find the right firmness for your mattress, it is especially the spring mattress and focus on.

Many end up choosing a too soft mattress, resulting in many aching shoulders and neck pain. Although a soft bed feels nice for the first 5 or 10 minutes, it is not the same as your body feeling good for a whole night, 7 or 9 hours.

The mattress is essential for your comfort when sleeping. Choose the right firmness.

How to choose the right firmness of mattress

Therefore, the mattress must be be too hard rather than too soft. Fortunately, there is a relatively simple formula that you can follow when buying a bed online.

  •  If you weigh less than 75 kg: pocket springs and medium firmness
  • If you weigh between 75 and 95 kg: pocket springs and firmness
  • If you weigh more than 95 kg: Multipocket springs and a firm firmness

If you are in doubt about your choice of mattress, it is always a good idea to ask the retailer before buying. After all, they are experts in their field and are only interested in selling you the best bed.