Hummel jackets for kids, and many other great clothes and outerwear from Hummel are popular like never before. Because Hummel jackets are in high demand at retailers, we have chosen to compare Hummel jackets and look at the different Hummel jackets available for the different seasons.

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Below you will find a small guide on what to look for before buying a new Hummel jacket for your child. Go to guide.

If you are looking for a Hummel sleepsuit you can read more here.

Before you decide which Hummel jacket is best for your child, it's a good idea to look online. Here, Hummel jackets are cheap and you might be lucky to find a jacket on offer. Especially if you look a little out of season, there are great discounts and savings to be had.

Remember to read the description of the Hummel jacket before buying.

Breathability: The number indicates how easy it is for the child to get rid of the heat when he or she is wearing the flight suit. A good breathability in a sleepsuit should be around 5,000 g. That's plenty for play and movement on a cold winter's day. Sportswear for high-intensity training, by comparison, should be around 8,000g. However, it should also be mentioned that this is a complex figure and the testing method should always be taken into account.

Water column pressure: The water column pressure is measured by stretching the clothes under a tube, and then seeing how much water you can pour into the tube before they go through. Parents often go for the highest water column pressure, but in fact 3-4,000 mm is plenty to withstand the wet ground or a heavy downpour.

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Source: Institute of Technology

Hummel winter jacket in navy color

This is not a cheap Hummel jacket, but it's a winter jacket with thoughtful details that's perfect for when your child needs to be outside in the cold months. The jacket has a high water resistance of 8,000 mm, which is more than enough to keep your child dry in the rain. In addition to this, the fabric itself is also wicking resistant, which means that water "bounces off" when it hits the jacket. Along the detachable hood, the jacket has faux fur, which gives a great look.

Cute Hummel jacket in fashionable pink

The winter jacket from Hummel appears elegant and classic in its expression with the dusty pink color. The Hummel logo is not very big and is located on the chest on the ventral side. The jacket has a good length as it goes slightly down over the bottom. At the waist, this Hummel jacket an elastic band, which ensures a good fit. The jacket has a breathability of 5,000 g. and a water resistance of 5,000 mm, so it can easily keep out cold, water and wind.

Hummel jacket - Nay color

Same Hummel jacket as above, but in a nice navy colour, which is especially popular for boys. This winter jacket has a great design that is perfect for everyday outdoor play. The jacket is easy to zip and has a nice hood. There are elasticated sleeves to keep out cold wind and dirt. This type of sleeve is easy to take off over the hood, which can be difficult with jackets that have wind vents in the sleeves. The Hummel jacket is both breathable and waterproof, and is sold at Kids World.

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Hummel winter jacket in light purple

A nice Hummel jacket for winter use, seen here in a nice purple color. On the detachable hood, the jacket has faux fur, which gives a nice look. The zipper on the jacket is not in the middle, but slanted to one side. This leaves room for a large Hummel logo on the chest. The jacket has a high water resistance of 8,000 mm, which is plenty to keep your child dry in the rain. In addition to this, the fabric itself is also water-repellent, which means that water "bounces off" when it hits the jacket. A great winter jacket for outdoor play in the cold months.

  • Winter jacket from Hummel (from size 4 - 11 years)

Grey and blue jacket for the big kids

Here is a Hummel winter jacket that is specially designed for the big kids. The jacket is available at Kids-World from size 4 years up to 11 years. The jacket has nice hummel stripes in the nice colors, which is a good choice for the boys. The zipper is continuous, so the jacket is easy to put on and take off. Also, there are reflectors on for extra visibility. The jacket has a breathability of 5,000 g., and can hold a water column pressure of 5,000 mm., which keeps water out while allowing the child to breathe. Read more about what these numbers mean at the top of the post.

Jacket buying guide: find the best Hummel jacket for your child

Whether you end up choosing a Hummel jacket, or a jacket from another brand, it's a good idea to consider your child's needs before you buy. As you know, every child is different and will therefore need different jackets.

Breathability - choose a breathable jacket

Children run around outside and play, but they also sit still. It is therefore important that the jacket has good breathability so that the child can get rid of the heat. As a rule of thumb, a breathability of 5,000 g is sufficient. Don't just rely on the figure, though, as a test can be carried out in many different ways. If you choose a jacket from a good brand, such as a Hummel jacket, you can be sure that the jacket is breathable.

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Wind catch at sleeves

A windbreaker is preferable for many children, whether you're looking for a winter or summer jacket. The wind flap prevents cold air and dirt from getting inside the child. However, if you have a very warm child, you should consider whether a windbreaker is best for your child, as it also retains heat.

Water column pressure - how high should it be

Parents have high demands for water resistance, and many end up choosing the jacket with the highest number. Some Hummel jackets have a water resistance of up to 10,000 mm. Often, however, 3 - 4,000 mm will be plenty for play in even heavy rain.

Colour and design

The look of the jacket for your child will undeniably be an important factor in the choice. This is one of the reasons why hummel jackets for children are so popular, as they come in a multitude of great colours and fashionable designs. When choosing a colour, consider whether the jacket will be used again for a sibling. If so, it's worth considering a jacket in a neutral colour.

About Hummel

Founded in 1923, Hummel originated in Germany and has since evolved into the trendsetting brand we know today. Hummel is known for making sportswear, but now has a wide range of stylish outerwear for both children and adults. In particular, their outerwear such as Hummel jackets and Hummel fleece jackets have become a very popular choice among parents. The clothes have practical details and keep children warm.