Hama - a Christmas with beading

In recent years, Hama beads have been a hit with both young and old. Here you can get inspired to make a lot of nice Christmas motifs while we wait.

Hama beads are a fun creative time for kids and come in different sizes to suit the age of the child. The beads can also be used as nice gifts for others. It is especially obvious to put beads on a day when it is cold and wet.

Here we have gathered an overview of inspiration for patterns, the types of beads and at the end we tell a little more about the beads, good tricks etc.

Christmas friends - make beautiful Christmas patterns with beads

In this book you get many patterns, all in the theme of Christmas. Among other things you can make Santa's reindeer, cute pigs and all the otheryr, which usually adorn Christmas. The patterns allow you to decorate your home for Christmas. Laying beaded plates gives you and maybe your children/grandchildren a great opportunity to cozy up together. The book is written by Anja Takacs.


Author Anja Takacs has also written several books on bead patterns, including "Bead Animals" and "Bead Friends". Find these at Saxo

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Lots of bead patterns - including Santa and snowman

Patterns for Hama Midi beads.

Here's a booklet that offers hours of fun and games. There are both Christmas patterns, but also other patterns that will be fun to make for both young and old. The booklet costs DKK 49.95.

Hama beads for adults - 11 kr.

Nice beads, which are here shown in the smallest variant - Hama mini beads. The beads are available in many different colours, and cost DKK 11 for 2,000 beads. You can really make some great patterns with the adult bead plates. In the company of an adult, Hama mini beads are also suitable for slightly older children (over 7 years).

Hama beadboard for adults

These fine bead plates fit Hama mini beads, which are especially suitable for adults or older children over 7 years. The bead plates help to make beautiful patterns. When you have finished making a bead board, you can iron it to preserve it for a long time. You can see a guide to ironing your Hama beading boards right here.

Hama midi beads: storage box

A beautiful box with many beads, divided by colour into small, manageable compartments. When you buy the box it is filled with beads, but after you have used them the box can still be used as a handy storage for your beads.

Hama maxi beads

Maxi beads are the largest beads, and therefore most suitable for children. They come in many beautiful colours and it is possible to make fine patterns with them. The beads are the largest Hama beads and have a diameter of 10 mm.

Hama maxi beads bead plate: a butterfly

Decorate your home with beadboard. For example, this butterfly looks great hanging from a string. See many more Hama Beads beadboards and patterns on Rito.

Why Hama Beads are popular with both adults and children

Hama beads have become very popular among adults and children alike. Laying bead patterns and bead plates provides ample opportunity to use imagination and creativity. At the same time, it challenges fine motor skills, which can be a fun and welcome challenge for both children and young people. Many adults consider beading as a hobby on a par with knitting, crocheting or drawing. It's fun to tinker with and at the same time you can make some nice Christmas decorations, Easter decorations or similar to hang up around the home.

Children over 5 years old can lie on their own, which can be a fun activity to do with friends. It has been a popular activity in after-school clubs and leisure centres for many years, as concentrating on laying the beads is fun and healthy for children in many ways. If the beads need ironing, then this is another fun challenge that the children can join in with.

See instructions for ironing your bead plates here

It is with good reason that the beads are for both large and small, as the beads are made in three different sizes

The Hama maxi beads are recommended from 3 years and measure 10 mm. They are easier for little fingers to grasp and a bead plate fills up faster, so little ones don't lose interest too quickly.

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The Hama midi beads are recommended from 5 years and measure 5 mm. This is the bead you will typically remember from your own childhood. It is also the bead most often used when talking about beads on various blogs etc. You can often find Hama midi beads in various supermarkets, toy shops, etc.

The Hama mini beads are recommended from 10 years and measure only 2.5 mm. These small beads require a little more dexterity and patience. They are not as widely available in stores as the other two sizes, but if you have the time and patience, you can create beautiful results with these beads.

Hama beads are a nice hobby for both children and adults, and are therefore also ideal to make together. It's a great way to spend time indoors, especially if it's raining or very cold outside.

  • When you lay beadboard, you use your imagination and creativity
  • Children and adults enjoy putting beads together
  • You can make beautiful Christmas decorations to hang on the Christmas tree

Idea for the children who produce many bead plates:

The small bead plates can also easily be decorated on the outside of a gift, either together with the gift tag or as a gift tag. If you glue paper on one side, the bead board can be turned into a to and from tag. This is sure to bring joy to the grandparents, who can then hang the little bead board as a decoration in the home or on the Christmas tree.