Halloween is celebrated on All Hallows' Eve, 31 October. In Denmark, more and more amusement parks and shops are celebrating Halloween over a longer period in October. Children can be inspired by the beautiful yet spooky decorations, cool toys and costumes. It is especially during the autumn holidays that Danes embrace Halloween, with various events organised. However, it varies from town to town how much is made of Halloween. For example, Tivoli has a special Halloween event that has become very popular. One of the most famous Halloween customs is to carve pumpkins into beautiful and scary faces and then put candles inside. It is certainly a good and fun activity for both children and parents, which can also be done at home in the kitchen.

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Read on for inspiration for your kids' Halloween costumes. There are masks, costumes, face paint and toys for the best Halloween celebration.

Halloween costume

For Halloween, it's a good idea to dress up so you can really get into the spirit. Most children find dressing up fantastic and very exciting. If your child is dressing up for Halloween, we've gathered a bunch of ideas for all kinds of costumes. Read more below and get great inspiration for this year's Halloween costumes.

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See the great decorations, costumes and toys for Halloween below

Face painting from Grim'tout

This face painting set contains 1 colour palette with 6 different colours, 2 templates with motifs, face glitter, sponge, brush, 1 leaflet with step-by-step pictures and 3 sheets with inspiring motifs. A great idea for this year's Halloween.

Papo Ghost

Nice costume as a ghost that is luminescent in the dark. Great for this year's Halloween, where the kids can become really scary ghosts.

Theatre blood for Halloween

With this theatre blood, children can make spooky and very lifelike wounds and blood drops. The theatre blood is free of parabens, harmful substances and fragrances. Perfect for Halloween costumes.

Witch hat from Mamamemo

Nice witch hat that is perfect for Halloween. The hat is made of 100% polyester and is one-size. It measures 33 cm in diameter and max head size is 18 cm.

Halloween make-up

This set is perfect for Halloween, as kids can get gory wounds and special effects that will look super lifelike. Everything you need for a spooky costume is here.

Bat wings

Cool bat wings that are worn with elastic bands at the arms. Super fine details with wings hand painted on Organza. Perfect for Halloween so kids can look like a dangerous bat.

Animal mask in felt from Souza

Beautiful mask in black with elastic, which can be used for Halloween costumes. With this mask children can look like a bat which is perfect for the spooky Halloween party.

Devils costume

Cool costume for 3-4 year olds who can dress up as a devil for Halloween. There's both a hood and tail so your child can look like a real little devil. The costume is 100 cm in length.

Witch costume with hat

Nice witch costume where a hat is included and which will fit perfectly for this year's Halloween. There are several types, but this costume is suitable for 4-6 year olds.

Book - Spooky Parties

In this book you can get inspiration for costumes and parties with a lot of thrills. There are tips for costumes, decorations, food and decorations for Halloween this year.

Witch hand puppet from Fiesta Crafts

This hand puppet has fine details and is perfect for a real Halloween atmosphere. Great for puppet theatre, but also for regular play or storytelling.

Zombie costume

Cool and very scary zombie costume that is perfect for this year's Halloween. This is a great opportunity for the kids to have some fun but scary hours together in a great costume. Remember the face paint so the costume can be completed. The costume is available in several sizes.

Toy Scissors

A lifelike axe that might suit this year's Halloween party. The axe measures 53 x 25 cm. It could be a fun idea for the big costume or if the kids just need a simple prop for Halloween.

Frankenstein costume

Creepy Frankenstein costume for the perfect Halloween party. The costume consists of a suit and headgear. It measures 140 cm in length, but is available in several sizes. Super scary but cool costume for the kids.

Gloves with bat design

Cool black gloves with white print of bats. The gloves measure 35 cm and are perfect for the right Halloween costume.

Colourful hairspray

Cool hairspray that can be easily washed out again. Here are different colours to choose from and is super ideal for this year's Halloween, if the costume lacks a little colourful radiance.

Devil´s fork

Nice prop for the children's costume as a devil for Halloween. It measures 90 cm. and is ideal for this year's Halloween. Add some face paint and the kids are ready for a spooky day.