It's easy to carve a pumpkin into a beautiful lantern. It's a fun activity to do with the kids during the autumn holidays.

That's why we've created an easy guide on how to carve a beautiful Halloween pumpkin.

The pumpkin can brighten up the winter darkness, and create cosiness - or perhaps more accurately - ...

You can find inspiration for your pumpkin on Google or Pinterest - or let your child's imagination run wild.

You will need

  • A pumpkin
  • A sharp knife
  • Paper
  • Sprittusch
  • Newspapers / Wax cloth

How to do it

Start by cutting a "lid" in the pumpkin. It should be big enough to fit a hand and spoon in, and scrape out the insides. It will look nice if the lid is cut with prongs.

Remove the guts

Then remove all the guts and seeds. The children can help with this. It will be necessary to cover the table with newspapers or a waxed cloth. Ideally, this can be done outside. The inside is super sticky and full of fruit sugar. You don't have to throw the guts out - they can be used to make a lovely pumpkin soup.

Draw a face on paper or on the pumpkin itself

Now it's time to get creative. Draw the pumpkin's face either on paper, or on the pumpkin itself. The lines shouldn't be too close together - the pumpkin head will collapse.

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Cut out with a knife

Now it's time to cut out the face. Here you need an adult to control the knife, as it can easily slip on the slippery pumpkin.

Brush with atamon and water

Unfortunately, the pumpkin spoils quickly, especially if you don't have the possibility to store it outside. You can delay this process by brushing it with a mixture of atamon and water.

Put light in

Now it's time to put some light in the pumpkin, so that the beautiful face shines warmly in the dark evenings of October. If you want a more child-friendly version, you can put a string of lights in the pumpkin.

Now you can enjoy your cozy (or spooky) pumpkin that lights up on Halloween, October 31!