Looking for a nice baby bib? Here we've taken a look at the many different bibs and bibs you can get for babies. There really are lots to choose from. We have chosen to distinguish between baby bibs and baby bibs.

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Sock for baby

A baby bib is made of fabric and is designed to soak up drool or slurping. They are very useful during teething, when babies often drool more or less constantly. They are available in almost any colour and pattern, and even with a cute text, such as "grandpa's girl".

Bib for baby

A bib is used in conjunction with a meal. The bib protects baby's clothes from food debris and other pigs. This way you can save a lot of laundry. Bibs are slightly larger than a bib, and made of a more waterproof or water-repellent material.

See the cutest bibs and bibs for babies further down in the text

Sock for baby

A baby soother is designed to soak up the drool, or perhaps saliva, that babies and children have for more or less prolonged periods. A drool sack is a great solution as you don't have to change the whole sack several times a day. You can simply change the drool bib. If you have a child who yawns or drools, it is recommended to purchase a number of drool sacks, as they sometimes need to be changed several times a day.

Here we have listed a number of the best soap sacks for children. Take a look and see if there's something for your baby.

Pippi soap sack (3 pcs. 129 kr)

Here are the popular and inexpensive Pippi drool sacks. You get a whole 3 baby drool bags for only 129 kr. They have a double layer of cotton so the drool can't get through. They close with a press stud at the neck, which has two different settings. They come in many beautiful colours and patterns. Here they are in a pink, grey and white version with cute patterns on them, including balloons. Available at Kids-World.

A single pippi drool sack (only 49,95 kr.

Nice light blue soap sack from Pippi. If you only need one, this is a cheap option as it only costs 49,95 kr. The bib is in good quality with double layer. This one has a cute pattern on it. Also available in pink and white.

Sock with text - Daddy's girl

A really cute drool bib for daddy's girl. Pippi drool sacks have become very popular as they are really cute. The drool mops are also a great gift idea - in this case for dad. The bib is in a nice plum colour, which suits the little girl nicely. The price is DKK 34.95.

Soap sack with text - Mother princess

A bib with text - this for mother's princess. The bib is very popular and many parents love the cute texts on the bib. This one is in a pretty pink for the girl.

Noa Noa soap sack

Very nice bib from Noa Noa. A drool sack for baby that is also decorative and a decorative part of baby's putfit. This fine drool sack has a cute lace lace and lace pattern. It is shown here in a pretty plum colour, but there are many more colours to choose from.

Three bibs with Winnie the Pooh (3 pcs. 199 kr.)

3 pack of cute bibs for the little Winnie the Pooh fan. Neutral in design, the bibs are great for both boys and girls. They are made of 100 % cotton, and lovely soft against baby's skin. They can be washed at 40 degrees. They have 3 press studs, so they can be adjusted in size.

Pierrot bib - cute retro look

This drool sack is really decorative and nice for baby. It has a retro look, with a modern twist. A great way to stand out a little. It's seen at Babyshop for 159 DKK, and is also available in two other colours.

Molo soap sack with horses

Molo is known for its products with beautiful patterns and images. This baby bib is no exception. It features a beautiful image of horses running. The bib has two press studs at the neck so it can be adjusted tight or loose, depending on baby's size.

Sock from Geggamaja in organic cotton

A lovely soft bib for baby, in a subdued and neutral design. It is comfortable for baby to wear as the fabric is extra soft. The bib goes down in a fine lace, which looks cute on a baby. Available in several colours.

Pierrot bib - beautiful and decorative

Keep baby's clothes nice and dry with this fine soap sack. It has a retro look as it sits on baby like a collar. Shown here in a pretty dusty pink colour. Set at Babyshop for 159 kr.

Soap sack with bow

Only 79 kr. for this cute drool bib. It's very decorative, and puts the finishing touch on a cute outfit. The drool bib is white with a black bow.

Cute drool bib in black/white pattern

The drool bib has a modern pattern in black/white. It suits both sexes perfectly and adds a fresh touch to your outfit. The baby bib is made of cotton, and is soft and comfortable against baby's skin.

Cam Cam soap sack for baby - perfect for when teeth break out

It's normal for babies to drool when their teeth erupt. It's a period that can last for longer or shorter periods of time. To prevent your clothes from getting wet and cold, it's a good idea to use a drool sack. If you love Cam Cam's beautiful patterns, this one might be for you.

Bib for baby

In the following we have taken a look at the many different bibs available for children. Bibs are used at mealtimes. Especially in the beginning, when baby has just learned to eat, it is necessary. In the beginning, baby is given porridge and mash, and other soft foods that easily stain clothes.

A bib can be really useful for keeping the laundry pile a bit under control. Here, we've chosen to highlight bibs with sleeves. This really protects your clothes from stains and pigs. Plastic bibs are easy to wipe with a cloth, so you don't have to machine wash it after every use.

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Silicone bib with bowl for leftovers

A very practical bib for baby that can definitely save you a lot of pigs and crumbs on the floor. Here the bib is shown in a nice yellow colour, but is also available in other variants. This one is seen at Babyshop for 179 kr.

Practical bib from Skihop - catches leftovers

A bib for baby that's also a cute giraffe! The bib has a pocket at the bottom, perfect for catching crumbs or food scraps that would otherwise end up on the floor. It is BPA, PVC and phalate free and measures 23 x 21.5 cm under the neck.

Done by Deer bib with sleeves

A bib with sleeves protects both tummy and arms from food debris. It's especially handy to use at first when baby is having porridge, which can end up being all over the place. Done by Deer makes great-looking, good-quality products. Set at Babyshop for 125 kr.

Done by Deer bib - closes with drawstring

Another great bib for baby from Done by Deer. These close with a drawstring so they can be easily adjusted to baby's exact size. They have a pocket at the bottom which catches food and crumbs. The pocket can be "folded out" to catch food. These are available in a 2-pack for DKK 149.95.

Nice bib for girl

Really cute and practical bib for girl from Elodie Details. It prevents food from falling on the floor because of the pocket, and the big ruffles on the side. At the same time it looks really cute. It is free of PVC and phalates. Designed for little ones from 3 months and up.

2 pack plastic bibs (129 kr.)

Two practical bibs from Baby Björn. They have a handy pocket/bowl to catch food scraps and crumbs. This protects both the floor and baby's clothes from pigs and stains. An easy way to make life with toddlers easier! The bib can be adjusted to different sizes.