Wardrobes with sliding doors on measure

Made-to-measure sliding doors are your way to the wardrobe of your dreams.

Take a look here to find out more about how to find the best made-to-measure wardrobes with sliding doors. Get beautiful cabinet doors that are customised to your home! It can all be ordered quickly and easily online. All you need to figure out is what your wardrobe with sliding doors will look like and how you want your wardrobe decorated.

Could you use a cupboard with really lots of storage space?

Do you need a cupboard that doesn't look like a big block, but fits nicely into the room?

Then you're on the right page. Here we'll go through everything you need to know when it comes to investing in your new sliding doors. Read on and find out what you definitely shouldn't do too!

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Wardrobes with sliding doors on measure

If you choose to fit your wardrobes with made-to-measure sliding doors, you will achieve a number of benefits in your home.

  • Avoid sliding doors that vibrate/bounce when installed 
  • Discover how easy the doors run with good aluminium frames
  • Get rid of sliding doors that become worn and crooked over time
  • Get 30 days return policy at Decoslide! - even when you buy custom-made sliding doors

Do you think it is both difficult and expensive to have your wardrobes made to measure? Then think again - it's quite easy and you don't need to be a craftsman or a computer expert to quickly and easily Click your new cabinets home.

The option to buy made-to-measure wardrobes with sliding doors is particularly useful if you live in a home with either high or low ceilings.

In the past, the ceiling had to be adapted to the sliding door, but that's no longer the case. Now you can buy wardrobes with sliding doors made to measure, so they fit perfectly in your bedroom or wherever in your home you want to use your sliding doors.

Read on to find out how to order your new made-to-measure sliding doors quickly and easily with the help of the experts at Decoslide.

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Cabinet with sliding doors in the bedroom

Could you use more storage space in your bedroom?

Get plenty of space for your clothes and other belongings with a made-to-measure wardrobe with sliding doors that fits your bedroom exactly.

The great thing about a cupboard with sliding doors is that you can arrange it exactly as you want. With the wide range of wardrobe fittings, you'll never be short of space for shoes again, or those jackets you really wanted on a hanger.

Good to know before buying your new made-to-measure wardrobes with sliding doors

Made-to-measure wardrobes with sliding doors are available in several qualities and price ranges. The key here is to look carefully and not just use price as a parameter for which wardrobes with sliding doors you choose.

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Check if the frame is plastic, steel or aluminium

In the sliding door market, you can find some very cheap made-to-measure sliding door wardrobes relatively quickly, and you might even be able to get them for just under £2,000. But here you need to pay attention to whether the frame is made of steel or plastic.

Plastic is the cheapest material and will produce some sliding doors that don't sit stable. The same is true with steel. It can be a good choice if price is a super important parameter for you.
But if you really want quality for your money, go for sliding doors with an aluminium frame. It's much stronger and more durable.

Specifically, a steel frame will mean that the sliding doors are stable and cannot "vibrate" in their frame.

See sliding doors with aluminium frame here

NOTE - Important knowledge before you buy!

Imagine you give your sliding door a little push inwards. With a semi-good steel or plastic frame, the gate will vibrate for several seconds after. If, on the other hand, the sliding door is in a quality aluminium frame, then the door will stand firm even if you hit it.

Cheap sliding shutters on measure

Fortunately, today it is possible to invest in super quality sliding doors for the money. And that's entirely because you can buy them online.

When you buy your wardrobe online at Decoslidethey will be sent to you directly from their warehouse. Even if you buy wardrobes with sliding doors made to measure to your exact specifications.

The good price is because you simply save the costly middleman that occurs when you buy your sliding doors in a physical store. Made-to-measure sliding shutters are both easy and cheap to buy online.

If you don't need to buy made-to-measure sliding doors, you can also buy them in standard sizes. Many people can choose this option.

For less than DKK 3,500 you can get a super quality solution. 

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Don't worry - there are people behind the screen

Does it sound a bit dangerous to buy something as important as your new custom-made sliding doors in an online shop? You don't have to worry about that.

  • Firstly you have a unique 30-day full return policy. So you can always return the sliding doors you've chosen, if it turns out that it wasn't exactly you after all.
  • Secondly there are nice and friendly people behind the screen ready to help you through your choice of custom or standard sliding doors. Just pick up the phone and call, or write to Decoslide in their contact form. And you'll get a reply soon.

Click on Decoslide and fire away with any questions you may have.

  • Thirdly you will experience a very fast delivery when buying online. If you choose sliding doors in standard sizes, you will have them at your address within 48 hours! If you need made-to-measure wardrobes with sliding doors, you can expect to have them at home within a week.

How to furnish according to your style and needs

With a made-to-measure wardrobe with sliding doors, there's no more clumsy, overcrowded wardrobes where there's never quite enough space on either shelf or clothes rail anyway.

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You can design your new large wardrobe exactly the way you want.

There is a wide range of different wardrobe layouts with wire baskets, hangers, shelves, space for shoes and much much more.

Click through to find out how to create your dream wardrobe!

With a made-to-measure wardrobe with sliding doors, your new wardrobe will fit exactly into your home, meaning more space and more clarity in your home.

Detailed instructions for assembling the wardrobes

You don't have to be a craftsman or engineer to assemble your sliding doors. When you receive them, you will receive detailed instructions.

Forget about assembling impossible ikea cabinets - the sliding doors from Decoslide are pretty straightforward to assemble. And if you need help, it's never far away.

Simply go to the Decoslide website, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Have you purchased" under the Information section. You'll immediately be taken to a page with lots of help. Go to the website with a click here.

More applications with made-to-measure sliding doors

Sliding wardrobe doors are probably the most traditional use in the home. But actually, they can be used for much more! It's an elegant solution that can fit into any home without lying. They can be made to measure.

But if you have a fairly average ceiling height, you can order them to standard dimensions. This applies if your ceiling height is between 210 - 250 cm.
See much more about this here.

Here you can see a list of inspiration for what else you can use your new sliding doors for!

  • Hide your large sink behind sliding doors - Big machines like washing machines and dryers are not the most exciting to look at. Hide them away behind a pair of pretty white sliding doors and you won't have to look at them anymore. At the same time, the noise from your washing machine is reduced.
  • Cover up dull electrical installations with sliding shutters - then you don't have to look at them anymore. If you have children or grandchildren in the house, they won't be able to tamper with the installations when they are hidden away. Electrical installations are necessary in every home, but few people enjoy the sight of them. With sliding doors, they are still easy to access.
  • Store your desk and computer behind sliding doors - Do you have a home office in your bedroom or another room that is also used for something else? Put up a few sliding doors and your workspace is hidden away when you're not using it. Bonus is you'll have more peace and quiet in your decor, too.
  • Storage of toys in cupboard with sliding doors. Children quickly collect a huge pile of toys after birthdays and Christmas. Pack it all away in a spacious cupboard with sliding doors. It's also easier for kids to clean up after themselves when they're done playing.

Make your home look bigger with sliding doors with mirrors

Another advantage of choosing sliding doors as a solution for a stylish wardrobe is that your home will almost automatically appear much larger than it actually is. In fact, your guests might be surprised at how much space you actually have once they spot your large wardrobes.

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Buy sliding doors with mirror at a good price here

Advantages of mirror on your cabinet

One of the best things about sliding doors is that you can choose the materials you want them in. Many people choose to buy sliding doors with a mirror, especially if it's for the bedroom.

Besides its practicality in everyday life, mirrors also have another function. It makes your bedroom look much brighter and airier, and makes the room seem much bigger than it actually is.

At the same time, you can enjoy seeing yourself from head to toe in the mirror. Something you might miss now when you look in the bathroom mirror?

With your new mirrors, your outfit will always match and you'll be ready to go to work or to a party without doubting whether you look good enough!

Surprise your guests...

Your guests are sure to be surprised at how much space you actually have for storage, even without them being able to see it straight away when they walk in the door.

A wardrobe with sliding doors runs from ceiling to floor. This way, your wardrobe will appear as a smooth wall or surface that doesn't look bulky or overwhelming in the room.

The shutters run on rails mounted in the floor and ceiling. It's easy and straightforward to open the cupboard when you need something. Sliding a door aside gives you a clear view of your entire cupboard from floor to ceiling.

Made-to-measure sliding doors for your style

Sliding doors don't have to be all white. In fact, dark sliding doors in brown or black wood, for example, can look incredibly attractive.

You can choose from many different materials for your sliding doors to make them look exactly the way you want.

  • Melamine. This material is the cheapest option when it comes to the type of finish you want on your new bedroom wardrobes. Melamine is compressed wood - this means that small pieces of wood are mashed together into a mass - and then coated with a layer of plastic. It gives a nice, glossy finish that's super easy to maintain.
  • Exclusive Melamine - Texture and Gloss. A special type of melamine that has a touch more luxury than ordinary melamine. The wooden pieces are pressed even closer together, making the doors slightly heavier. This makes the durability incredibly good and they are very resistant to small warping that will almost always occur in a house over time.
  • Sliding doors with mirror. Your room will look bigger and brighter if you choose mirrors as surfaces for your new bedroom wardrobes. At the same time, you get a big, stylish mirror so you always know you're looking super good before you leave for work or an appointment with friends.
  • Glass. The glass is only slightly transparent, so you can just glimpse some of the contents behind your sliding wardrobe doors. The glass makes your wardrobe less obtrusive to look at and will be particularly suitable for smaller spaces and as wardrobe solutions in small bedrooms.

Click through to Decoslide immediately and take a closer look at the many delicious materials you can choose from. Go to this page.