Get ready for spring with the best spring jacket for girls. Once winter is over, the flight suit and winter jacket are too warm, which is why a spring jacket, or transitional jacket as it's also called, comes in handy. On this page we have selected a number of jackets that will make great spring jackets for girls.

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Choose the best spring jacket for girls

This is what to look for when buying a spring jacket.

It's no secret that the weather in Denmark is very changeable. That's why a good spring jacket is a good investment. A spring jacket is also called a transitional jacket, as it is used during the transition from winter to summer. During this period there can be both cold and warm days, as well as a lot of wind and rain. That's why it's a good idea to make sure that the spring jacket you choose is both windproof and waterproof. Fortunately, the vast majority of transitional jackets are. Next, you should also consider whether the jacket should be a traditional one that you zip up the front, or an anorak that you put on by pulling it over your head. The advantage of an anorak is that it reduces the risk of drafts. At the same time, it is difficult for the child to take the jacket off or lose it during play. Most of all, you should probably consider whether you think an anorak looks smart, or whether you're more into the traditional kind of jacket.

Checklist when choosing spring jacket for girl

  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Traditional jacket or anorak?
  • Practical if there is room for a sweater under the jacket
  • Does the jacket have the desired colours?
  • Is the fit good for your child?

Due to the changing weather in spring, many are happy to opt for a thin jacket that still has room for a jacket underneath. This way, the child can stay warm on the chilly days with a fleece, or wool sweater under the spring jacket. You can see a great selection of sweaters at Kids-World. If you can't find the jacket in the colours you want, you should visit several retailers before making your decision. Many stores have the same spring jacket for girls, but in several different colours. At the same time, you may be lucky to find the jacket cheaper elsewhere. You can look for girls' spring jackets at Kids-World, Molly&My or Babygear (always free shipping).

The most popular girl spring jackets

Here we have chosen to highlight the most popular girls spring jackets. Many parents end up buying a spring jacket from one of the following brands, as the jackets have good durability, quality and great design.

Wheat spring jacket for girl

Every year, a Wheat spring jacket is a big hit. Jackets and other outerwear from the brand are popular with toddler parents, as it's really durable and looks great. Virtually all clothing and outerwear from Wheat is kept in fashionable pastel colours. The delicate colours suit both boys and girls. Often Wheat jackets are available in pink, grey, blue and green. The jackets are well suited for the Danish weather as they are filled with practical details.

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This beautiful summer jacket for girls from Wheat is in a pink shade. The jacket has an adjustable elasticated waist to fit the child snugly.

The jacket is a good choice as a transition jacket, spring jacket or summer jacket, as it is both windproof and waterproof. At the same time, it is very breathable, so the child will not get too warm in the jacket. This model has been seen at Kids-World - see more here.

Hummel girl spring jacket

Spring jackets from Hummel are another popular jacket for children. Hummel makes both sportswear and everyday clothing for both adults and children. Common to the clothing is that it is super practical and at the same time modern and stylish in look. This spring jacket is reversible and suitable for both everyday and parties. It's a perfect summer jacket that cools down a bit and takes the wind. This model does not have a hood, but instead a comfortable ribbing at the neck. It closes with buttons. See more about the jacket here.

Mini a ture spring jacket (anorak)

The popular jackets from Mini a Ture resemble Wheat in their design. The colours are also kept in the delicate shades of pastel. Here we have highlighted a Miniature anorak spring jacket, which is put on by draping it over the head. A smart design that many children and parents are happy with.

Reima girl spring jacket

Reima is known for their outerwear for children. Their jackets, raincoats, hats and mittens, as well as spring jackets and summer jackets, are extremely popular with parents. They last well and are packed with practical details. Their clothes are well suited for both nursery, kindergarten and school children. Among the clothes from Reima, you can choose from many different and fashionable colours.

Lovely spring jacket from Molo

The clothes from Molo are known for their beautiful prints and patterns. This stylish spring jacket is no exception. It's adorned with beautiful flowers on a white background, giving it a feminine and summery look. In addition to the jacket's special look, it is also of good quality with many practical details. Above the zipper there is a wind flap, which helps to keep drafts from the chest. The sleeves have ribbing to keep the jacket in place. This jacket is perfect as a transitional jacket in both autumn and spring. At the same time, it can easily be worn on chilly evenings.

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Transitional jacket / thin winter jacket from Colorkids

This jacket is slightly lined, which makes it perfect for the first days of spring when the winter jacket has become too warm. The jacket is available in three great colours; purple, blue and pink/red. Shown here is the purple version. Color kids makes practical and good children's clothes at a reasonable price. The sleeves have elasticated edges. The hood is detachable with press studs and the transition jacket is both wind and waterproof. Please note that this jacket is not a summer jacket, due to the light padding.

Spring jacket / summer jacket from Småfolk (reversible)

Nice jacket from Småfolk that can be used both as summer jacket and spring jacket. The unique thing about this jacket is that it is reversible. On one side it is solid pink, while the other side has beautiful illustrations of fruits and food, which the child will surely find funny. The jacket is breathable, water resistant, windproof which means your child will stay warm and dry at all times. The hood is removable, which is handy with the changing weather we have here in Denmark. At the sleeves and waist, the jacket has wide ribbing, which means it won't blow up under the jacket. A great jacket to wear on the playground and for fancier occasions.

Mini A Ture jacket with opening front

Lovely spring jacket from the popular Mini A Ture. This model has a practical zip front. The zipper runs diagonally across the jacket, which gives a good fit and a smart look. The spring jacket can also be worn as a summer jacket. It is both windproof and waterproof and has a water resistance of 8,000 mm. At the same time, the jacket can be opened, so your child won't overheat from running around and playing while wearing it. The front of the jacket has a handy pocket with a nice star patch. Shown here in the pretty colour light pink, but also available in blue and grey.

Didrikson anorak

Since 1913 Didrikson has been making great outerwear in really good quality. This anorak is both wind - and waterproof, and has a good fit. It is an anorak, which means that it must be worn over the head. The waist can be tightened with an elastic band to fit the child's body. The jacket has the clever "extend" system, which means that it can be extended as the child grows. This way, the Didrikson outerwear can most likely be used for two seasons. Shown here in pink, the jacket is also available in blue and black.

Softshell jacket from Reima

Softshell is a special material that is windproof yet breathable. It is also waterproof. The material is wonderfully soft and flexible. It is a matter of taste whether you like the material. Some people swear by it, others don't use it. Just try it out and see if it's right for you and your kids. This model has soft fleece on the inside, and a taped zip which makes it completely waterproof. Reima has been producing great children's clothing for all seasons for many years.

Softshell suit - perfect choice for the little ones

Children who cannot yet walk will benefit greatly from a softshell suit as an alternative to a spring jacket. At this age, children enjoy coming out to play, but quickly get cold from being on the ground a lot. This model is from Mikk-Line and is available up to size 98. The suit also has a hood to protect in case of rain or strong winds. The suit is also smart to use to and from the car, as it is not too bulky to wear in a car seat.

Rose Dust Mini A Ture Spring Jacket

Beautiful and feminine girls spring jacket from the popular brand Mini A Ture. Here with a cute pattern print and the color rose dust. The jacket closes with a slanted zipper for a chic look. The hood is pointed, which looks cute both when it's on and when it hangs down the back. The jacket has a kangaroo pocket at the front, and there is also a nice and practical star patch.

Peonies Jackets

Another MOLO girls spring jacket. This one in a new 2018 edition. It's a little short in model and doesn't have a hood, making it perfect for the warm days of May, June and July. The girl's spring jacket is kept in pastel colours, and the pattern is made up of large, beautiful flowers. A sure hit for a little girl.