A remote-controlled car is a super fun toy for children of many ages. When looking for a remote control racing car for your child, it's a good idea to give some thought to your purchase so you don't end up buying a car that won't be used.

See remote controlled cars for children of all ages below

Remote controlled car - how old?

In fact, you can get remote-controlled cars for children as young as 12 months. At this age, however, be prepared for the fact that an adult may need to be present for the game to be fun for the child. It is a good idea to choose a very simple remote control car when it is for children under 5 years old. In addition, the car should be very robust and able to withstand a bit of everything. See examples of such remote controlled cars here.

For children over 5, look for a slightly more complicated and fast remote-controlled car. This also opens up possibilities for other remote-controlled toys, such as a speedboat, helicopter or small drone. For this age, it also makes more sense to invest a slightly higher amount in the remote-controlled car.

Also consider the possibility of other toy cars or maybe the best electric car for kids?

Large remote controlled truck - Mercedes Benz

Measures: 43,5 x 9,5 x 13 cm

Big and beautiful truck, which is really fun and exciting for the child to play with. The truck has a large load that you can play with. The truck can turn to both sides and drive back and forth. It also has sound effects and lights. It is a cool truck with a realistic look. However, if you are looking for a real racing car, you should probably choose another model. The wheels are quite small compared to the size of the truck, so it will have difficulty making sharp turns at high speed - just like in real life. The truck has been seen at Only4kids.

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Cheap remote control car - colorful gravestone

If you're looking to let your child play with a remote-controlled car without it having to cost the earth, this car is a great idea. It's an inexpensive remote control car for only 299 DKK. You can buy it at Kids-World. The Grave Cow is a bit different from other remote controlled cars, as it's actually the man who drives the car! You control the man via the remote control and that way the car can whizz around. A fun toy at an affordable price.

Remote controlled speedboat - fun play in the water!

This cool speedboat can sail quickly in either a garden pool, or on larger areas such as a lake or river. The speedboat can sail up to 30 km/h and can be steered remotely up to 150 m. This gives the opportunity to let the child sail with the speedboat on a large lake or similar. Be aware, however, that it can get caught in waves if you take it to the sea. It is stable enough to cope with smaller waves. The smart speedboat is available for DKK 555. here.

Cute little tractor - Remote controlled tractor for the little ones

If your little boy or girl is getting their first remote-controlled car, this tractor is a great choice. It can be used from 18 months. The tractor is designed in soft and simple shapes, and has a very lively and fun look that little ones are sure to love. The remote control consists of a simple control where one button makes the car go forward and the other makes the car go backwards. Seen at Children's Cartel.

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Small remote controlled racing car for the little ones

A cute little remote-controlled car that can be used by toddlers up to 12 months. The car is really good as a child's first remote control car as it is very sturdy and durable. The remote control is very easy to operate as it only has one button which makes the car move forward. The control has a strong signal so the car can drive quite far. In addition, the car can blink, beep and spin. A fun gift that is sure to bring joy. The little car has been seen at Children's Cartel

Remote controlled car for children 

Get up to speed with a remote-controlled car that goes exactly where and as fast as you want it to. A remote control car for kids can be many things, and only a true car geek will understand the difference between a Formula 1 car to control or a Monster truck. A remote-controlled car for children is sold in most toy shops and grocery stores such as Bilka and Føtex.  


Choose the right remote control car for your speed demon. 

The choices are many when it comes to finding the right remote control car for your children, and beware, it's not just kids who think a remote control car can be fun. When choosing a remote control car for your child, the first thing to consider is whether the car will be suitable for indoor or outdoor use, as some remote control cars are not suitable for outdoor use. Remote controlled cars for children are controlled by a remote control, which usually has a forward and reverse function, as well as the ability to turn. You also get many different kinds of cars, and of course in many different colours. Typically you can buy remote controlled cars for children in models such as; Formula 1 car, Monster trucks, Racing cars or characters from for example the movie Cars. Remote controlled cars can be used by children from a very young age, the only question is whether they can handle the remote control, the rest comes naturally.  


Remote-controlled cars for kids - and mum and dad.  

Remote controlled cars for children are a sure winner as a toy for all speed devils. But what about a remote control car where the child can actually drive the car? Remote control cars for children where the child sits in the car have become super popular. The child can sit in a "real" car their size, with pedals, steering wheel, seatbelt and all. While the child is in the car steering, dad or mum also has the chance to control the car remotely, making sure there are no speeding offences. A pure win win for both the child and the playful parent.

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