Wooden doll carriage | See which doll carriage to choose

A doll's pram can be found in almost every children's home, as it is a classic and fun toy. It can be difficult to decide which wooden doll carriage is the best. A wooden doll carriage can last for years of play and fun.

See our list of the best wooden dolls and other great dolls, including wicker dolls or retro dolls. Click here to go to the list of the best doll strollers for kids.

If you're looking for the best wooden doll's pram or just want to see what prams are available, try Gucca, where there are plenty of prams to choose from, and even at a cheap price.

Why the doll's pram is a good toy

Playing mum, dad and kids is the classic role play that all children play at one time or another. It's fun to put the dolls and run around with them, or put other toys in the doll's carriage and run around with things.

See large selection of cheap doll strollers here

Although family structures have changed a lot, role play is still one of the most important games for children. It's how they learn how the world works. The doll has to be put, fed and wheeled around in the pram, just as the children themselves have experienced with their parents.


The classic Krea wooden doll carriage

Red wooden doll carriage.

Krea wooden doll carriage

This cute doll carriage is a true classic. As it is a wooden doll carriage, it is both nice in its design and very durable.

As the doll's pram is not very large, it is suitable as a first doll's pram for children as young as 1 year.

Size: L: 55 cm. W: 25 cm. H: 44 cm.


Choose the best doll for the doll's pram

Don't forget to buy a doll to put in the doll's pram. Check out our list of dolls to help you decide which one to choose. Here you will find a selection of dolls for both big and small children, and can read more about which doll to choose. → Go to list of dolls 


Organic doll handmade doll from Rubens Barn

Lovely doll for the little ones. The doll is nice and soft, and easy to cuddle. It is of course completely free of any harmful chemicals.

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Doll carriage - Which one?

It can be hard to know which doll's pram to choose when there are so many different ones. And not least, there are many different price levels. In general, wooden dolls are quite durable and are also a natural material that many parents like for that very reason. First of all, you should choose the doll carriage according to how old the child is. A little girl of 1 year old will undoubtedly get the most out of a small doll's pram, such as the classic red doll's pram from Krea. You can buy it right here.

If your child is a little older, the large dolls from Brio can be a good choice for the best dolls. More like a "real" pram, the Brio dolls have a lift, a front slider and a folding seat. See more about Brio dolls here.


Many young children love to play with dolls and the doll carriage.

Doll carriage - when?

Playing with dolls is the most beloved role play of many children. They can recognise the game from their own everyday lives. Dolls need to sleep, be fed, clothed and taken for a spin in the doll's pram. The doll's pram is a great gift for the first birthday. Putting the doll to sleep and taking it for a spin is certainly a fun game at this age.

The doll's pram can also be used to transport other toys around and is a great toy for both boys and girls.

Doll play continues to be fun throughout childhood, so in short, a doll carriage is just a really fun thing to give your child, and it's sure to be played with a lot!

Bedding for dolls

In most cases, the doll's pram does not come with a mattress or bedding and duvet when you buy it. However, for the vast majority of models, it is possible to buy your own. Another option, however, is to sew it yourself. It is very easy to sew, especially if you have a sewing machine. At Stofgigaten they have lots of great fabric, and a large selection of cute children's fabric. Go to Stofgigaten here.

List of doll carriages

Below you will find a list of selected doll carriages.

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The classic Krea wooden doll carriage

Red wooden doll carriage.

Krea wooden doll carriage

This cute doll carriage is a true classic. As it is a wooden doll carriage, it is both nice in its design and very durable.

As the doll's pram is not very large, it is suitable as a first doll's pram for children as young as 1 year.

Size: L: 55 cm. W: 25 cm. H: 44 cm.



Brio doll carriage - with lift and adjustable handleBrio Doll Carriage

  • Price 879,95
  • Retailer: Coop
  • From 3 years
  • Buy here

Beautiful doll's pram in pink. The doll's pram is best for children aged 3 or over as it is large.

The doll's pram has rubber wheels that won't scratch the floor. It's also easy to take outside if your doll needs some fresh air.

Brio doll carriagePurple Brio doll carriage

  • Price 599 kr.
  • Retailer: Coop
  • From 3 years
  • Buy here

Doll carriage from Brio with authentic look. Includes mattress and shopping basket so your doll can sleep safe and sound.




mallstuff doll carriage - cute wicker doll carriage

  • Price 769,95 kr.
  • Retailer: Gucca
  • Mattress included, bed linen to be purchased separately
  • Buy here 

Very cute wicker doll carriage. With its curved, soft shapes and retro inspired design, the doll carriage is both pretty to look at and fun to play with for little ones.

The Smallstuff doll carriage is available in several colours. Here it is shown in natural colour. See all colours here.

Sebra wooden doll carriageSebra doll carriage

  • Price 869,95 kr.
  • Retailer: Gucca
  • Good for the little ones!
  • Buy here

The Sebra wooden doll's pram is beautifully crafted with soft shapes and a very durable design. The wheels have soft rubber edges so the floor doesn't get scratched while driving.

The doll carriage is available in both grey and pink!

Moover doll carriageMoover doll carriage

  • Price 579,95 kr.
  • Retailer: Gucca
  • Timeless design
  • Buy here

The Moover doll carriage is a beautiful wooden doll carriage. It is made of birch veneer, which is a soft and durable type of wood that lends itself well to toys.

The doll's pram can be used from 10 months, and there is room for both small and large dolls in it. A small heart is carved into the shell, which is a nice touch.

Designed by Kåre Tofte.


Red doll carriage - Moover doll carriage in red

  • Price 579,95 kr.
  • Retailer: Gucca
  • Rubber wheels that protect the floor
  • Buy here

The fine designer doll's pram is available in both natural and red. The red doll carriage has yellow wheels and yellow details on the handlebars, making it a slightly more colourful doll carriage.

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Retro doll carriage

If you're looking for a retro doll carriage with a cosy, old-fashioned look, Sundleg has a wide selection. For example, this nice wicker doll carriage.


Antique doll carriage

If you're looking for a doll's pram that doesn't look like any other, consider this one from Sundleg.

It has an antique look, making it suitable for both decoration and play. And the price is at a level where everyone can join in.



Classic doll carriage in retro look

  • Price 1.149 kr.
  • Elegant design
  • Doll carriage in wicker
  • Buy here

Another doll carriage that looks like no other. The doll's pram is more or less silent when you ride it, due to the rubber on the wheels.

The doll's pram is good for slightly older children.


Doll's bed - a fun addition to the doll's pram

A doll's bed is also a classic toy that many children have in their room. It looks cosy and dolls can be tucked safely and snugly into their own little bed. The dolls' bed is also great in the nursery for storing dolls and teddies when the little one is asleep.

When do children play with a doll's bed?

  • 2 - 8 years

Most children will start playing a lot with their dolls' bed when they are 18 - 24 months old. After that, play continues to be fun until children are too old to play with dolls. Some are 8 years old, others 10.

Sebra doll bed

Sebra doll bed. 699 kr. at Pixizoo. See more here

It is very different and there is no specific age. But one thing is certain: a doll's bed is a hit with lots of children.

How much does a doll's bed cost?

The price of a doll's bed can vary enormously. In a second-hand shop like Save the Children or Mothrehjælpen, you can sometimes be lucky to find a used doll's bed for 50 - 100 DKK.

If you want a new one, and one of the popular brands like Sebra or Smallstuff, you'll need to spend around 800 DKK.