A high chair is indispensable when baby has to sit at the table. The high chair keeps your baby safe and comfortable when she's eating. If you are in doubt about which high chair to choose, or want to see which ones to choose from, take a look here.

We've selected the best high chairs on the market and judged them on price, design and usability.

Scroll down and see the list of the best high chairs for children

Ergonomic Flexa high chair in nice design

A high chair that appears simple and classic, with a Nordic and classic design. The chair is designed as a 5in1 chair - i.e. it can be used from 0-12 years and then converted into a regular chair! So here's a chair you can use for many years. The chair is ergonomic with adjustable footrest and removable backrest plus harness.

Flexa is a practical and good high chair, which is not as "heavy" in its expression as many other high chairs. However, the lack of a baby seat can be a disadvantage, as the small child will be sitting on a large seat from the start.

High chair made of organic and sustainable wood

The best high chair for the discerning and conscious consumer. Plantoys high chair is made of organic wood in a sustainable way. The result is a very high quality chair that can last for many years. The high chair has high armrests that provide good support for the child. The footrest can be adjusted as the child grows. The disadvantage of this chair is that the footrest is quite narrow, which makes it difficult for the child to climb up and down by himself.

Hocus Pocus high chair - both practical and for play

A really cool and fun chair that can be used for both eating and playing. The chair can easily be converted into a rocking horse, or a low chair with matching table. At the bottom of the high chair is a steering wheel, so you can also play car with this high chair.

The chair is easy to clean as it is made of plastic. It also doesn't weigh much, so it's easy to move around. It does not have as high a guaranteed safety as the classic chairs on the market, including Stokke, Tripp Trapp and Nomi. So you need to take that into account before buying.

Tripp Trapp high chair

The classic Tripp Trapp chair

This classic never seems to go out of style. It's in a lot of homes, and many of us had it as a high chair when we were kids. It's almost impossible to wear out. Even old models can be freshened up with a coat of paint and used again. The Tripp Trapp high chair is one of the best high chairs for children, as both the seat and footrest can be adjusted in height. The chair has been thoroughly tested and stands very firmly without tipping over.

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The high chair will fit into almost any home, and you have the option to personalise it with both colour choices and cushions. The chair is certainly a classic, but perhaps a little traditional to look at.

The high chair is available in many beautiful colours. Dimensions: 78 x 49 x 46 cm, Weight: 7 kg

Baby seat for Tripp Trapp chair

This is a newer addition to the classic Tripp Trapp chair. The baby seat replaces the previous bar as this version is safer for baby. When your baby is still small and a little unsteady on the chair, he can sit in a baby seat so can not fall down. The baby seat offers extra safety due to the higher back length and the piece between the legs that prevents the baby from sliding down.

OBS: Can be used on Tripp Trapp high chairs produced in May 2003 and onwards. There is a serial number under the Tripp Trapp chair. If the serial number starts with 3,4 or 5, you can use the baby seat and the booster seat. However, if the serial number starts with 0,1 or 2, you cannot use the new parts.

Newborn seat for Tripp Trapp chair

Newborn booster seat for Tripp Trapp high chair allows the chair to be used from day 1. Baby can sit in the bouncer and be at the table, even if she is too young to sit by herself. With the leaning chair, you get a chair that can be used from newborn upwards.

OBS: Can be used on Tripp Trapp high chairs produced in May 2003 and onwards. There is a serial number under the Tripp Trapp chair. If the serial number starts with 3,4 or 5, you can use the baby seat and the booster seat. However, if the serial number starts with 0, 1 or 2, you cannot use the baby seat or newborn seat.

Leander high chair in nice design

The Leander high chair is another good high chair for children. It is made of FSC-certified beech wood. The chair is designed in curved lines that both give a beautiful look and create good comfort for your child.

The Leander high chair is available in several colours. The unique thing about the Leander high chair is that it moves when the child moves. This is part of Leander's design to make children more aware of their bodies and enjoy sitting at the table.

Babydan high chair

Babydan high chair is DVN approved and has won several international awards. It is an affordable high chair for only 999,95 kr. Here is another classic. Babydan high chair has been on the market for over 15 years and is still one of the most popular high chairs.

babydan high chair is available in many colours and you get a hanger with strap included in the price. The high chair can therefore be bought at a much lower price than the aforementioned high chairs. However, it is not inferior for that reason, as it is a safe and ergonomically correct chair. You can purchase a cushion for the high chair for extra comfort for baby. The chair can be used by children from 6 months. (or when they are sitting steadily) and all the way up to schoolchildren who need to do their homework at the table and need to sit comfortably.

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The new Stokke Steps high chair

Another great high chair from Stokke. Here with the new model: the Stokke Steps high chair in a beautiful Nordic design. The chair is different from the Tripp Trapp high chair, in several ways. In addition to the design of course has been updated, the chair is also a little deeper in the seat. The seat height cannot be adjusted, but the leg support can of course.

The chair is only available in a few colours and has a beautiful Nordic design and expression. You can get both a baby seat and a leaning seat for the chair, so it can be used by children from newborn upwards. The baby seat has an integrated harness, which increases safety for little bandits. Stokke Steps is definitely a good choice for the best high chair for children. If you are looking for a high chair with a nice design, durable and safe construction and which is easy to clean, then you should consider Stokke Steps.

The chair is really nice, and appears a lot more modern in its expression than the Tripp Trapp model. The downside is that you can't adjust the seat height and the seat is very deep when you remove the baby seat. At the same time, you do not have as many colours to choose from as the Tripp Trapp.

Weight: 4,6 kg. Height (seat): 52 cm. Height: 71 cm. Width: 43 cm. Stokke Steps available in white, walnut, black.

The chair is sold at Kære Børn.

Evomove high chair from Nomi

Best in test high chair: Evomove high chairs are voted best in test by consumer magazine Tænk. This stylish high chair from Nomi has become increasingly popular in recent years. Its lightweight design and high user-friendliness are a plus for many.

In addition, you can design your own high chair and choose from many different colours and designs.For the nomi chair, baby seat and newborn inclined seat can be purchased. The special design of the Evomove high chair appeals to many. It does not look like any other high chair. In addition, thought has been given to the details: the chair has stepless seat height adjustment and the footrest is made with a small elevation, which should stimulate small feet.

Which high chair to choose?

A high chair can either be quite cheap, or cost around 2,000 DKK. It can therefore be difficult to know which high chair is best for children and which one to choose.

Choose a highchair according to these criteria:

  • Security
  • Ergonomics
  • Comfort
  • Style and design

The choice of high chair depends on the needs and wishes you have for your child's high chair. Expensive high chairs can be used from the age when the child can sit independently, up to the age of 12, when a high chair is no longer needed. Other, slightly cheaper, models can be used for the first few years of the child's life.

Some need an extra high chair, perhaps to be placed with the grandparents. In this case, it may be a good idea to buy a cheap high chair, as it will not be used as much.

Which high chair is best?

In this guide, we review the most popular and best high chairs on the market. At the bottom of the guide, you will also find a list of high chairs that are NOT recommended by Tænk, as they have failed various safety criteria.

The best high chair is one that the child sits comfortably in and that fits the table it will be used at. First and foremost, of course, the high chair must be safe and ergonomically correct. Once these criteria have been met, the rest is a matter of choosing the high chair that you think looks best and fits in with your home.

The high chairs we review here are all good choices for the best high chair for children.

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When can baby sit in a high chair?

Most parents ask themselves, when can baby sit in that nice high chair we bought? The answer is when baby is stable, he or she can sit in the high chair. It is not recommended to prop up the baby with pillows and duvets, as the back is not strong enough. The answer is:

Baby can sit in a high chair as soon as she can sit stably.

The high chair can therefore be used as soon as baby is sitting up. This usually fits in very well with 5-6 months of age, when most babies start eating porridge and mash.

High chair without braces - when?

In the beginning, baby sits in the high chair with a brace or baby seat. The bar prevents baby from falling out of the chair and provides extra support. It varies greatly when children are ready to sit without a brace.

Most children sit without a brace when they are around 18 months old.

For some it is sooner, and again for others later. When the child is ready to sit in a high chair without a brace, he or she can climb in and out of the chair by himself or herself. It's not just a good motor challenge - it's good for mum and dad's back too! Win-Win.

VæChoose the right højstol for your baby. 

When your little one is coming to the table, it's important that they have a proper chair to sit in. A high chair for a baby is not "easy" to find, choosing the wrong one can lead to accidents either because the chair tips over when the child is unsteady or because the child is not supported properly and can fall out of the chair. There are therefore many factors to consider when buying a high chair for your baby, but there are also many different types that are super good for your baby. 


Why should you vælge en højstol? 

A high chair is a chair that brings your child up to eye level, making it easier for you to feed them and keep them under control. Highchairs are available for babies and until they grow up. One of the most important things about a high chair for a baby is that the child can be strapped in, as they have difficulty controlling their movements and can easily tumble out of the chair. Many high chairs come with an optional seat that can be adjusted to the baby's size and removed for when the child can sit better on their own. A high chair makes it easier for your baby to eat at the table with you, and for you to help them. A high chair is also great for baby to do all sorts of activities at the table, such as drawing, eating or playing. The whole idea of a high chair is to ensure your child's safety and make sure they are comfortable as they develop.  


Where is høchairs for babies? 

High chairs for babies are sold by most children's retailers, such as Babysam and Ønskebørn. There are also many well-known brands that make quality high chairs and even some that are easy to take on the go. Nothing is too good for your child, so a high chair is an important choice that needs to be made carefully. High chairs come in all colours, shapes and designs, but make sure you ask the retailer about the safety of the chair before you fall in love with its looks.