A diary with lock has for many generations been popular among teenagers and pre-teens. Here, we have to admit that it is mainly girls who find comfort and entertainment in writing down their secrets in nice and secret books that they have all to themselves. The diary can be like a good friend who never tells. It's also a good way to get your child to reflect, and generally process their feelings. Writing skills are also practised, of course. Handwriting is a discipline that not everyone practices very often, and there is an obvious way to maintain handwriting.

Here we have highlighted a number of diaries with locks, all with different looks and locking mechanisms.

Nice diary with lock

Diary with top model on the outside. In this diary there are lots of pages to write secrets or other things. The fine book locks with a code lock that only the book's owner should know. An easy way to keep the diary locked as the key cannot get lost. The diary has been seen at Children's Cartel.

Diary with lock: Beautiful and girly diary

I think this diary is for a real girl. The front is adorned with a beautiful and feminine image of a pair of ballet shoes, and the style is completed with a nice and decorative pink clasp. Very nice diary, which is ideal for writing secrets in. Available here.

Cute diary with rabbit

This fine diary with lock is adorned with a nice picture of a girl and some cute rabbits. The girl seems to be whispering a secret in the rabbit's ear. Inside the diary there are lined pages which are perfect for taking notes on. The diary is perfect for both leisure and school.

Keep your deepest secrets safe væk. 

Who do you tell your deepest secrets to? With a locked diary, you can safely write down your secrets and avoid snoopers trying to read them. Maybe you need someone to tell about your crush, or that work colleague who's just really annoying! A diary with a lock is the perfect place to hide your frustrations or secrets away, because it can be the greatest release to get your thoughts written down, and store them away for a day when you can manage them better. 


A diary with lås is for everyone. 

Nowadays you can find a diary in most homes. A locked diary is the perfect tool to get rid of all the things you don't want others to hear or talk about. It could be your fantasies, or something you're going through. A lockable diary ensures that your secrets are protected, and the key can be kept somewhere safe, or carried with you in a necklace, for example.  


A diary is for everyone and can be found in many teenagers' rooms, but adults can also benefit from a diary. If you're a keen traveller, a diary is a great tool for preserving memories and writing down all your adventures. So a diary doesn't just have to be for your deepest secrets, but is also a great tool if you just want to look back on your life one day.  


Find the right diary for you.  

A diary is not a personal thing, and that's why so many are available with a lock. Many diaries come with sturdy locks that cannot be opened by prying eyes without a key. Diaries come in all colours and sizes, with lined paper or without lines. So it's super easy to find a diary that's just right for you.  


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