It's time to think about which bike lights to put on your children's bikes so they can ride safely in the dark of autumn and winter. It's important to choose a good set of bike lights for your children, so that they both have a better chance of being seen in traffic and also provide a proper view of the road so that they can see for themselves. The lights should be easy for the child to turn on and off, and you should choose a set that is both approved and meets all the requirements of the Swedish Transport Agency.

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We write about some of the different bike lights available for children's bikes. Some bike lights are battery powered, others are magnet powered and then there are some that can be recharged with a USB cable. After our guide to bike lights, we've written about some of the requirements for bike lights in general. Read on to get an insight into the rules and good inspiration for choosing bike lights.


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Below you can read about the bicycle lights for children that are battery powered

Light kit from Smart Superflash

This light set from Smart Superflash includes both batteries and light holder. The headlight is a test winner of the Politikken bike light test and has achieved good results in brightness and light distribution. The front light is mounted on the handlebars and the rear light on the seat post. The light kit provides both fixed light and flash and of course meets the requirements of the Swedish Traffic Authority for bicycle lights. The lights provide visibility of up to 1600 metres. Burn time is 15 hours on fixed light and 30 hours on flash. Batteries are included.

Bike lights from iFlash

This light set from iFlash One has a smart design and is also very user-friendly. The lights snap onto a magnetic base on, for example, the bike handlebars or saddle clamp. The lights will turn themselves on and off when they are clicked off and on the magnetic base. The lights meet the requirements for bicycle lights set by the traffic authorities. iFlash One headlights can provide 28 hours of continuous light and 320 hours of flashing light. The rear light can shine continuously for 5 hours and 60 hours with flashing light. The light kit is available in several colours, uses button cell batteries and comes with 8 pcs.

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Mini light kit from Giant Numen

Good quality light kit from Giant Numen. The light set is with LED and has 2 light modes that either have constant light or flashing. There is up to 100 hours of battery life and then they are super easy to install without the use of tools, but using the built-in rubber straps. Batteries are included.

Light kit from Lezyne

Light set in simple design from Lezyne that is only 25 mm. long and good for all kinds of weather. The lights are switched on and off by pressing the lens. The front light has a brightness of 15 lumens and the rear light of 7 lumens. There is 180 degree visibility with 5 light modes such as 4 flashing speeds and a steady light. The lights have up to 60 hours of battery life on flashing and up to 30 hours of battery life on steady light. The light kit mounts with a clip-on system and a rubber strap that provides multiple mounting options. Batteries are included.

You can read more about magnetic bike lights for children below

Light set from Reelight with magnet

This light set is battery free as they work by magnetic induction. This means that when two magnets move past each other, the current that the light shines with will be created. The light set is therefore very environmentally friendly. Both the front and rear light will flash while the child is cycling and here the number of flashes will depend on how fast the pedals are being pedalled. A magnet and bracket are included for both the front and rear light. The light kit is approved and complies with the Highway Code. The lights also have a built-in reflector.

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Bicycle lights from Mustang

This light set has a magnetic function, so that the lights flash in time with the rotation of the bicycle wheels. This means that they are battery-free and maintenance-free. The lights have a simple installation and then they have a back-up function that ensures that the lights light up even if the child keeps still. The lights therefore stay on for up to 2 minutes. after the wheels have stopped turning. The bike lights come with a 2-year warranty.

Reelight light set

Smart light set from Reelight for fixed mounting and without the use of batteries. The lights are powered by induction magnetism, but also light up when the bike is stationary. The light kit is approved according to traffic authority requirements. There is super brightness in the lights. When you buy the light kit it is including mounting.

Magnet light set from Reelight

This light set has magnet function where the rear light is with back-up. This means that the rear light flashes and is not constantly illuminated. The lights have 1 watt LED that makes the roads bright. The light kit is mounted on the front fork and rear carrier of the bike. Here, each bike light is connected by discrete wires to the generator mounted at the rear wheel. The so-called magnets are mounted on the spokes of the rear wheel.

Children's bike lights that can be charged via USB cable can be read more about below

LED light kit from Giant Numen+

This light set has powerful micro lights with the latest LED technology. The lights are relatively small, but each contains 10 ultra-powerful COB LEDs. That's 40 lumens of intense light, 5 different modes and up to 6 hours of burn time. Afterwards you can charge the light set with a USB cable.

Light kit from Lezyne

The light set from Lezyne has some good powerful lights. The headlight has up to 300 lumens of brightness, 7 light modes and a memory function. The lens ensures that there is also good visibility from the side. The rear light has 5 ultra-high-output LD with up to 25 lumens of brightness, 9 light modes and memory function. Also good visibility from the side and then the light set is cable-free, as there is an integrated USB connector.

Requirements for children's bike lights

  • The lights should be mounted straight ahead and straight behind. The headlamp can be mounted at a slight angle so that it does not dazzle others in traffic.
  • The battery of the light must be able to last at least 5 hours at 5 degrees heat. This does not apply to magnetic lamps. The really powerful lamps also have difficulty meeting this requirement.
  • Bicycle lights must be visible from the side and clearly visible from a minimum distance of 300 metres.
  • Children must have their bike lights on between sunset and sunrise. Also in fog and snow.
  • The colour of the lights is important. The rear light should be red and the front light white, yellow or bluish.
  • The bike lights MUST be mounted on the bike.
  • To do this, remember to equip your children's bikes with reflectors at the front, rear and on each wheel/tyre.