En Toy cars have almost always been a very popular gift for children. There are for many hours of play. Here we look at the cool Bruder cars and some of the many different kinds of toy cars.

Bruder fire truck

Really nice fire truck with ladder, light and sound. Lots of hours of fun and games with the beautiful fire truck from the popular brand Bruder. The fire truck here can be bought at Lirumlarumlegwhich sells the beautiful cars.

Bruder garbage truck

Then the garbage has to be picked up. This beautiful orange garbage truck comes with both garbage cans and space for the garbage. The truck looks very realistic and there is, as always, plenty of opportunity for play and fun with the fine car.

Large truck with yellow load

Another nice car from Bruder. This truck is green and has a big yellow load. The truck is in really good quality, and is also obvious to play with outside, for example in the sandbox. The truck costs 445,95 kr.

Bruder Fire Truck - your favorite toyøjs brand. 

Bruder is a great toy manufacturer that makes toys that are close to reality. Bruder has been producing toy cars for over 90 years, and makes highly detailed toys that are made of ABS plastic that is approved for toy use.  


Bruder Fire Truck - a real fire truck! 

Bruder's fire truck is the closest your child will get to a "real" fire truck! Bruder develops toys that are durable and incredibly realistic. Bruder develops toy vehicles, of which the fire truck is one of many from Bruder. They also produce trucks, crane trucks, combine harvesters, tractors and much more! The toys themselves are sturdy and can also be used for indoor and outdoor play.  

The Bruder fire engine has everything a real fire engine should have. Including a telescopic ladder with basket and a fire hose with water depot, making it easy to simulate a real firefight! Some of the fire engines also have battery-operated sound and lights, which make a real emergency even more lifelike.  

Bruder's fire engine is the ultimate fire engine that will no doubt be a hit with your child, the coolest fire engine on the shelves. 


For playful boys and girls

With toys from Bruder, playing is easy. Children imitate what they see in their everyday lives, and there's nothing cooler than putting out a fire like a real hero! Bruder develops toys that make it easy for children to relate to the real world, such as how vehicles work with their crane, load or fire extinguisher.  

So if your child is a real fire hero, Buder's fire truck is the perfect toy and your child is guaranteed many hours of role play with Buder's fantastic toys.  


Toy cars from Cars

99,95 kr. for a toy car from the movie Cars 3. The cute little cars are fun to play with, especially if you have several of them. The cars are from the popular movie called Cars.

Small toy cars for the little ones - only 59 kr.

Cute toy cars in beautiful natural colours.The cars have four wheels so they can easily drive away. The cars are light and therefore ideal for the youngest children. The cars have no loose small parts. They have a hole in them which works perfectly as a handle for little hands. Beautiful toys with a sustainable design and look.

Remote controlled toy car - Audu R8

Super cool remote controlled toy car for only 249 kr. This is the fashion Audi R8 - a real racing car that can run hilariously across the floor. It can drive forwards, backwards and turn to either side. The car has an independent suspension system, which means it can drive over small bumps. It is made with official license from Audi! - It doesn't get any cooler than this. Buy here