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A box mattress 120 x 200 cm is one of the most popular beds in the Danish country. They are also called a bed of one and a half, and have the advantage of not taking up nearly as much space as a 180 x 200 cm bed. Read on to find out more before you buy your new bed.

Although you need to be prepared to sleep a bit tight in a box mattress 120 x 200 cm, it is perfectly possible to sleep two people in the bed. If you're sleeping in it alone, you'll enjoy having plenty of space.

Buy your new bed on offer at Better Nights. Remember you have the option of interest-free financing + 100-day trial.

When to buy box mattress, you can enjoy the fact that you can actually get a lot for your money. A box mattress 180 x 200 cm. costs only about half or less of what the more expensive continental or elevating bed variants cost.

🛏️ What is a box mattress?

In short a box mattress is simply a mattress. You can choose to place it in a bed frame, or you can put legs on it.

A box mattress 120 x 200 cm. is a good investment if you need a good bed, but you don't want pay for more than just that.

When you choose box mattress 120 x 200 you should - as with all other beds - pay close attention on the springs and the quality of the bed in general. Although some box mattresses are incredibly cheap, they are not necessarily the best bed for you.

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If you want to see examples of cheap box mattresses that might be the right box mattress 120 x 200 cm for you, read on to the next section.  

Buy box mattresses at great prices at Better Nights. Remember you have the option of interest free financing + 100 day trial.

💲 Cheap box mattresses

Good quality box mattress that doesn't have to cost a fortune. This model is available at Dreamland for DKK 3,950 - a good three-quarter bed for just under DKK 4,000.

The mattress has good pocket springs, which are the best to relieve the body. The bed is made in Denmark, which is your guarantee for a bed of good quality craftsmanship.

It is also possible to purchase legs for the box mattress.

Cheapest box spring mattress for only 1.999 kr. This is the cheapest box mattress of those we have looked at. It can be bought at Coop, where it is also on sale quite often. So check out the price of this single bed, and get a nice new bed at quite an affordable price. Check current price here.

Delivery is free and you get it delivered to your doorstep.

New bed for under 1,000 kroner?

If you need an extra mattress, or just need a very cheap bedthen this one from Wupti might be just the thing. Buy it now for the very cheap price of 949 kroner.

⭐ Box mattresses 120 x 200 cm on offer

The bed is one of furniture in the home, even more important than the sofa, coffee table or dining table. After all, we spend many hours in bed every night. In fact we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed! So in many ways to invest a little extra in this particular piece of furniture.

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That's why we've also highlighted some beds that cost a bit more but are, in turn, beds on offer. If you buy a box mattress on offer, you can get a good quality bed but without going broke.

This box mattress 120 x 200 cm is available at Bedtime. It's not the cheapest bed on the market, and that's because it's got quality. It has 5 comfort zones and 2 layers of super quality springs.

If you notice, many cheap beds have only 1 layer of springs. But 2 layers mean a lot for the support you get. So if you want a box mattress where you really get a lot for your money, this Norland bed is a good bet.

If you buy it from Bedtime, you get to try it for 40 days, otherwise there's a free exchange for another model.

This Atlas box mattress 120 x 200 cm is seen at Better Nights. It usually costs over 10,000 kroner, but is often reduced to a significantly cheaper price.

Better Nights can sell their beds so cheaply because they have no physical store and because they buy in bulk. So there is no cheating in their prices.

The price includes a wooden frame made of solid pine. The mattress itself has 5 comfort zones and pocket springs, providing the basis for a really good bed. The latex top mattress is very flexible and comfortable to lie on. Latex is a natural material so it wicks sweat and heat away from your body.

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Find out if the continental bed is for you here.

Worth knowing about box mattresses

As well as being affordable, box mattresses have many great benefits.

First of all, the bed itself is not so heavy, and it is certainly practical when you have to clean or move, and therefore have to move your bed around.

Secondly, it doesn't take up too much space in your bedroom because it's smaller than both a continental bed and an elevation bed. It is therefore a good bed for you who prioritise good space around you, or perhaps for you who don't have the biggest bedroom in the world.

Very bed for the money

However, most people will choose a box mattress, as you can get a lot of bed for your money. Compared to continental beds and elevating beds, prices are generally 30 - 40 % below these. And that's even though there are plenty of great beds with really good comfort.

Buy a new bed online

It is highly recommended to look for your new bed online. Remember that several bed sites actually offer free exchanges of your bed if it turns out not to fit at all.

But with good advice and a well-considered purchase, you'll be well on your way to investing in the right bed the first time. Read about what sleep actually means to you in this sleep guide.